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LeghumperU, I was going to give you crap about the TrunksnorterU crack until I saw tour handle. Nicely done sir.
What about the game where Zach Mettenberger had to crawl off the field?
Your comparison is ridiculous. I do not recall Saban leaving any team one game into the season, so yes, Blake Barnett quit on his team. Teams are 1 year deals. At least Cooper Bateman had the class to play out the season. I am still a Bateman fan because of that, I hope he does well at Utah.
They are not being let go because they do not do their job well. This is how Disney operates. They let talented people build it up, then when it comes time to pay them what they are worth, they let them go and hire someone who only makes half as much.
I would say that considering the type of Bowl games they were, 11-9 is not terrible. 6 of the 11 were for the title, 1 was a national semi-final. That's 7 games that meant something, when most Bowl games in the last 20 years have meant very little.
He definitely has the talent to play in the league, and I am pretty sure he will be in camp somewhere this fall.
With SdS desperate for clicks, I would not doubt that this is made up.
Ohio State won, but I would hardly call it "waxing the floor".
You are right BBNWildcat2012, and mustard1, they should just let the school suspend them after they had been cleared by a police investigation. Yep, that is sarcasm.
SDS - getting less credible with every click bait post.
I would like to see what Watson's numbers would be against the competition faced by Jackson. I think Watson should take home the award.
If he wants to play on this day next year he better sign with a SEC East school.
The Clowney hit was indeed more violent, but he wasn't blocked on the play. Allen had not only beat the guard blocking him, but the RB that tried to block him as well.
Hey Kenyan Drake made it back last year after breaking his arm. Stranger things have happened.
I think he alluded to it by what he said. I think the local PD was shady, but no one wants to come out and say that.
Why do you guys keep bring up this loser? Cowherd is a 2nd rate Jim Rome.
He looks like Jeremy Johnson did in High School.....
Yep, unless there is some strange circumstance not being reported, I would say the Tide has lost their left tackle.
I believe USC had to vacate 2004 due to Reggie Bush
Not really. Your guy is great, don't get me wrong, but I am pretty sure he put up his biggest numbers against weak defenses. Henry only played half of Bama 2 games against weak non-conference, while your guy got normal carries against your weak non-conference opponents. That is really the difference in their yards per game average, and not showing up against Bama hurt him too.
Have you lost your mind? Called and uncalled penalties? What game were you watching?
Who is going to lose their mind first I wonder?
The order of the 4 is really irrelevant, this is a non-story.
Take the subjectivity out of it. The playoffs should consist of the power 5 conference winners, and 1 at large selection.