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You think a five star player from Tennessee would even think about going to Vandy, Memphis or MTSU over UT??! Even with the miserable play this year, Tennessee is in the top 10 for 2018 recruiting
Tennessee has won the past two years, but Georgia won the previous five years before that. I wouldn't consider close wins for only two years in a row "dominating"
Auburn gave up 30+ to Idaho. No room to say anything
This is so stupid. This story and all of these comments. Everyone is just calling eachothers fan bases the worse. There is bad experiences everywhere so no you cant judge an entire fan base on individual incidents. There is also no damn formula for comparing badness of a fanbase so stop trying to. If you think Athens is a dangerous place and you don't want to go there again then don't, but I promise you I have had bad experience in other college towns. Im not going to let one bad experience or other people sharing their bad experiences deter me from going to a football game. And geez if someone is spitting on you go get security that's disgusting and I can't imagine the stadium security putting up with it.
Treon Harris scares me the post. Kid was amazing in high school. I was hoping Georgia would get to play the Driskel-led Gators, but we'll see how it goes. Still believe UGA will win, but Harris is definitely capable of going off.
Very true. That fumble on the goal line by Fournette (I think?) is one of those plays that would haunt LSU fans for years if they hadn't come out with the win.
Save the talking for the end of the year. You'll see who will end up on top
So that wasn't a penalty? I thought if you did anything to draw attention to yourself than it was.
Can you explain how Gurley got "contained"?
Anyone see the terrible officiating towards the end of the Oregon game? They should've lost that game and don't deserve to be ranked number 2.
The bye week hurt UGA I think. I know bye weeks are usually helpful, but I just feel like having one after your first game is a bit pointless. The one game we played we looked great in, so it's kind of hard to determine what needs to be worked on with only one game played. Also, a lot of teams take the first one or two games to get their jitters out and stop playing sloppy. I can't say for sure how it affected us, but just my opinion on it.
What part of a guy tearing his acl is funny to you?
Look at your name man. You're not rooting for a team or a conference, you're rooting against the SEC. It's pretty obvious that you're delusional and angry.
Please... that lineman jumped no more than a foot off the ground trying to go THROUGH the blockers. Not over. The blockers propelled him up, that's why it looked like he went over.
I feel like once we lose our momentum, it's lost for good. We had everything going right the first half and then after that Arthur Lynch mishap everything went downhill. It'd be nice to get some momentum in the second half since that's when the game is decided. However, I am happy with this win no matter how ugly it was.
You completely twisted his words
I'm sick of everyone blaming Richt. People have blamed him before and then they're the same ones praising him when we do good. And injuries aside? How do you put injuries like we've had this year aside? I know injuries are part of football, but our's this year are extremely abnormal.
I'm not saying he should be number one, but 7th? Come on, everyone knows he's better than that. I was just saying that if he's ranked that low because he has been injured and not played as much as the other backs, then why even rank him?
Why even rank Gurley at all if he's going to be 7th? That's just a slap in the face
Gurley is probably my all-time favorite back ever. That being said, I think Chubb has the potential to surpass him. He's ceiling is virtually limitless and he is exceptional in all aspects. Really can't wait to see what the kid brings to UGA
Mike Davis is the second best back in the country in my opinion (first being Gurley). Just been amazed watching him play the past few weeks. Being a UGA fan, I'm going to think Gurley is better, but Davis is definitely right up there with him.
I really think that if UGA played Clemson any other game besides week 1, we would've won. Georgia usually plays pretty poorly in opening games cause I feel it takes us that game to get our kinks out. Playing a tough Clemson team was less than ideal for week one, but our team has definitely grown since then.
Hope you guys can beat 'em again this year!
What's your point? No one else can make videos like these?
They both averaged close to the same yards per carry so Yeldon having "almost" as many yards in less carries doesn't mean anything. Gurley also had a lot more touchdowns.
Did anyone even touch the ball?
Yeah that would be a complete letdown to be cut after four years of hard work. I'm glad Richt doesn't choose to go over the limit so our athletes aren't mistreated.
If a player knew he was going to lose his scholarship, I'm sure he would want to go to a different school where he can have a scholarship. It's not an honor to play for them without a scholarship when you could be playing at another school and keep your scholarship.
How come there's no video of the Alec Ogletree tackle or Rambo's big slam?