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Fromm goes to Bama. Tua goes to USC. Eason remains the starter at UGA.
Hope you do a “what if” on the ramifications of Fromm sticking with Bama.
I would be surprised if one existed. Clemson reported 13 not long ago. It's pretty much impossible with all the silly rules in place.
If they do it honesty, there will be three SEC and at least two B1G teams. The rest of the Country will go nuts.
Yes, Kirby should just stick with "coach-speak". We just do not get enough of that.
Technically it closes at the end of May following the vendor and caddie days.
Kinda surprised that living there you never knew the course is closed from May until October.
Yes. So the tournament loses the majority of their volunteers as well.
It will look great, minus the azaleas. But they have played out by the tournament start for a few years now anyway.
Going to be interesting for sure. Wonder where everyone will stay? Folks who rent their houses usually take their kids and head to Florida. Kids will still be in school and most vacations used up by November.
I get it and you are correct about them losing the easy path to the CFPs.
Boxster, No boomer fan here, but that's not really fair. Because they generally get beat by a better SEC team in post season play doesn't mean they would not be a fierce competitor in the regular season.
Yes. But, of course the most likely scenario right now is the eight team playoff. I don't care much for it. I think injuries, more than anything else, will affect the outcome.
You just have to be cognizant of the number of games these guys play. Semis, finals, and then eight team playoff schedule. Could be as much as 17 games.
I guess it depends on how you measure success. If Fromm holds a clipboard for three or four years and picks up about $15M for doing so, I'd say that was pretty dang successful.
It's way to complicated to discuss here with lots of variables. But the same teams do not make the playoffs every year in the NFL. Sure, the Patriots have dominated, but their SB opponents have been different. I would think that teams having to pick the lesser players every year would never have the opportunity to improve.