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Having read your predictions on UGA these last few months, I feel better about UGA’s chances. (:
Of the one loss teams, who would you bet on to beat Bama on a neutral field? Exclude UGA because it is not relevant.
Of course Bama would not get in over a 1-loss UGA, who would be SEC Champs. No one is even suggesting that.
Whose ignoring them? I see Oregon mentioned above. Baylor isn't making the playoffs. OK might.
Bama should be 4, but the "nation" will go completely nuts if they are.
If the story is true, then this is ridiculous. If the players needed any help with their argument to be paid for their "likeness", this is it.
He's ranked 98th all time in the position for NFL receivers. He has about 1/3 the career yards of Jerry Rice. But, he was good.
I don't think so. If Hillary won Saban would have to share his 5*s and his rings with Vandy.
Outside of the regular Bama troll screaming at UGA fans, the "regulars" have been nonexistent. Good to see you are OK.
That makes no sense. Have a good day and good luck Saturday.
I thought the article came to the same conclusion. Are you in a MickyDs?
Unfortunately I think the portal will have a couple Dawgs in it.
UGA had a 14 pt lead with 10 minutes left. UF used 7 minutes to score. UGA was playing so loose that UF actually started running the ball.
Well, I am in the 10% range. Probably won't find a single jab from me on here. But, if I was in the 90% range I have to admit it is a target rich environment.
They have had a rash of injuries. I heard that they are getting 10 players back this week.
Sorry, didn't mean to rile you. Just pointing out that you said you thought they would win.
I'm not going to revisit the ND argument. But, what if Clemson wasn't the Clemson we know today. Do you think the Champ of the ACC should be there. After Clemson last year, the next best record was Pitt.
1-5..that's pretty bad.... LSU might win, but like Judus, I got to see it first.
No offense Joe, but you did say you thought UF would win. I guess there is a fine line between predicting and guaranteeing. I also remember you dogging Fromm earlier in the year. He must read SDS :)
The part about "nothing to play for" is real in these kid's mind nowadays. UGA saw it in spades last January. It's playoffs or bust. No reason to believe that UF won't win out. They have a really good team and will win on pure talent alone. But, watch, the enthusiasm will not be there.
Coach Smart is still young and will only get better. Coach Mullins is a good coach. But he is what he is.