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I think you are interpreting recent compliments of Coach Smart in a way that fits your frustration.
Minor point. The author is saying pay him the most. Not that he is the best. We all know Coach Saban is the better coach. This is about potential. If Smart was a stock I’d buy it.
It wasn't the players complaining so much. It's folks who figured out how to make a buck off them. Same as always. They are being used. This NIL and Transfer stuff is great for about 20% of the players. The other 80% will pay the "bill". Last count there were 1500 players in the portal with nowhere to go.
Still going to have a formidable defense. Bama 2021 wasn't as good as Bama 2020. But they were still pretty darn good.
Well congrats. I guess 4 years of probation and suspension of your slimy coach was worth it.
I don't think you really follow UGA at all. AD Mitchell (recipient of the go-ahead touchdown against Alabama), Brock Bowers, Ladd McConkey, Darnell Washington, Arian Smith, Dominick Blaylock, Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, Arik Gilbert, and several incoming highly rated recruits.
Everyone said that about Coach Swinney. I don't see Coach Smart leaving UGA even for Bama. But stranger things have happened, I guess.
I don't hear UGA fans complaining about UF fans posting on their articles. Bama fans don't complain, LSU fans, Auburn fans, they don't complain either. Just seems one fan base is bothered by it.
Fortunately for UGA, I can’t remember anything you’ve ever said that came to fruition.
He seems to quit the column when he got to “key recruits”. Must have hit his number of words requirement.
auphinphan, we are talking regular season. Of course I see a possible loss in the SECCG. UGA beat every SEC team in the regular season by three TDs (except KT) in 2021. While I don't see that type of dominance, I sure don't see anyone beating them. Of course, stuff happens. We'll see.
He was terrific last Monday. Good luck in the NFL.
I doubt Washington is on the team next year. Gilbert should be.
Whose KD? I’ve read articles about Pearl at every school he has coached. None are flattering. But, maybe he changed.