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$15M indoor practice facility $85M Heavenly Football Training Ctr.
Weird time to go into the portal. Play the season out and then leave.
Another Saban disciple for Saban to beat up every year (:
When has Coach Smart "just thrown Bennett in there" when there were better options??
You guys played hard. Met a few of your fans Saturday. Great folks. Hope you all win out. PS. Please don't smear us in BB.
Monken's offense is definitely being undersold. He constantly is one step ahead of the opposing team's defense.
Seriously, I don't care who the opponent is. A message needs to be sent.
Amazing enough, there are some good matchups. Kentucky/OK. Bama/Notre Dame. OSU/Ole Miss.
Forget the rest of the season. There are your playoff teams. Let's go. Bring on Wake!
So your thought process is; play a really weak schedule and make the playoffs every year. Clemson is on Line one.
Small number? Did each have their own case of water?
Steward Mandel in the Athletic: "Why is the guy who recently won a national championship assumed to be a dead man walking, but the coach he just beat for a second straight year — who has nearly the same exact .740 win percentage but with no trophies to show for it — is in no danger whatsoever?" Good question.
Do you have any idea how stupid you appear to folks pursuing these articles?
In so many ways he was the perfect coach for LSU. Couldn't help but like the guy. Getting Joe Burrow was very fortunate for him. He'll be fine ( I hope).
I wouldn't bet on that. Depends on the records of the other contenders.
Tom, I might have misinterpreted your comment. Forget it.
You think Bama is mediocre? They would destroy Michigan, Penn State or Michigan State.