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Nice job. Good luck. The SEC is better when TN is strong.
Not feeling bad for him is one thing. Taking joy in his demise is another. I suppose he deserves to be fired. But why are so many posters overjoyed about it. What did he ever do to them?
Always amazed at how much joy some people get out of people losing their job. Wives and children’s lives uprooted.
Coach Saban has always rolled with the changes easily. But, the next few years are really going to chaotic. Just depends on his willingness to put up with it.
Not much to disagree about. However, one reason for leaving not mentioned is EGO. Winning the Super Bowl is light years ahead of winning the National Championship. And most great coaches have a big Ego.
It is interesting that when Mahomes went out everyone in the world knew the Chiefs would try to run the ball. Everyone except the Browns I guess.
Hard to compare to other professions as there are only a very few Head Coaching positions at major universities in existence. 65 jobs. Supply/Demand.
Heard this interview. Guy’s very poised and funny.
Probably the best word description would be "exhausting".
Where is the proof it would change anything? The reduction to 85 didn’t help.
So, eliminate approx 3000 scholarships. Perfect.
More a refection in the changing of the game. Defenses cannot stop offenses any longer.
How does what you show indicate that the SEC sucked in passing offense?
Not sure what record books are. But, if you go to ESPN's website, they show UGA beating #7 Auburn, #14 Tenn, #25 Mizzou, and losing to #2 Bama and #8 UF. I suppose some site will recognize that UGA did not beat a ranked team in 2020?
Yes, but it doesn't solve the bigger issues. Kind of a band aid approach.