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Probably reevaluate your position on your deathbed. Most do, just in case.
Clemson/FSU would forfeit 15 years of TV money. Not happening. IMO.
You hate to see these guys getting hurt. Hoping for a full recovery.
What the heck does “reportedly” mean? Ha. You never disappoint.
ESPN doesn’t care about the room. As Mountain said.
Sadly for us lovers of the SEC, if this trend continues to a Super league scenario, USC will probably be left behind and your schedule will get easier.
It wasn't. Now, if it is, forget it. Business is Ford trying to eliminate Chevy. The SEC can't exist if it eliminates every one else. You just don't seem capable of grasping that.
I guess the SEC can just go play each other and determine a Champ while the other conferences do the same.
Timing. Eventually yes. But before they join? If they join 2023, maybe not.
I think not. Going be tough to get two SEC teams into a four team playoff.
Actually, if this keeps moving along, USCe should prepare for life in the Sun Belt conference.
Yeah, break away. That $1B March Madness stuff is overrated. And who needs baseball?
Well, both. The other 4 conferences will work to keep the SEC in check. And, what we think doesn’t matter. Go Dawgs!
Dave, I am not trying to say you are wrong about entitlement vs merit. I am just saying the other conferences will decide and they feel differently. What we all think is of no relevance.
Actually, as usual, it’s money. More teams from a conference means more money for that conference.
I was typing a note. I see that 2021 was 91M. Down from 100M in 2019.
NIL trumps it all. Texas has lot more to offer than most.
Have you seen the commercial where Shaq and the kids are playing pickup basketball and Shaq is the 1st one picked. He gets so excited. That's apparently what some people want.