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Probably better that day. Which is all that matters. Rematch might be totally different. Never know.
Hines Ward. BTW, I don't think I have ever heard anyone say anything nice about Jay Cutler.
As long as there is Delta I don't need to move there. Doesn't seen to be much support for In-N-Out on this blog today. Sorry about the lack of interesting letters crack. Uncalled for.
Safe to say you must not get many requests in your mail. Having said that, In-N-Out is very overrated.
Funny, Clemson fans wanted to fire Dabo every year and then along comes DeShawn and saved his butt.
Lighten up Frances. I am sure it was an oversite. T Law is probably the best of the bunch.
The question now is depth. Last year UGA, Bama, Clemson, Tx...… all had quality backups. This year, not so much. All these teams are just an injury away from being out of contention.
Wonder if this is the best crop of QBs playing at the same time ever.
Stuart Mandel put this out yesterday for the Playoffs. Fromm vs Fields Tua vs Hurts
Actually, UM is ranked ahead of OSU in National College Ranking. UF is ahead of both of them.
Coach Saban, " the heck with it, I'm leaving too"!
Sort of a dumb comment considering you clicked on it.
I agree with the notion that much of GameDay is mundane stuff. But, as mentioned, they usually have some interesting back stories. Unfortunately, you have watch the whole show to catch them.
Yep, absolutely falling apart was UGA. Players leaving, coaches leaving...….
Only 5 teams won more games than Atlanta over the last decade.
Got to love the double standard going on here. But, it actually is silly. Silly season they say.
Did anyone associated with TN or UGA confirm he was offered OC?
Underperforming in big games? Funny, I gave Bama the credit for showing a Champions heart.
Kind of hope it gets closer. Seeing the Florida side half empty during the UGA/UF game last year was sad.
Fields doesn't transfer unless he was absolutely sure he would be eligible.