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While I wish they would all play. I can understand why they don't. And getting hurt while working out for the combine, is far less likely than getting injured in a real live game. IMO of course.
Again, he is not predicting the winner. He is talking about the best bet. You not going to make much money betting on the favorite ( T-Law).
Probably depends on who has the most "cap" room left. (:
"I mean they have 2 losses to top 5 teams". It should be noted that they have only played 3 ranked teams all year. Having said that, I think they will be fine.
Like the Saints, the Wildcats had plenty of opportunity to win and didn't. Bad calls happen.
Come on LSU, I don't think UGA will blow you out (:
Yes, but isn't there usually a lot more prospects to choose from in Georgia?
Mostly about the QB. They have had great ones.
The "reviews" were written weeks ago.
I think he is right. UGA and OK took a lot out of Bama. Clemson, playing 7 loss Pitt and ND, would obviously be fresher.
It's very possible that UGA would have to beat 5 teams that would be ranked in the Top 20 (three maybe Top 10) when they play. ND, UF, AU, Mizzou, A&M. The SEC West Champ, and two other playoff teams. Tough.
You should have stopped at "Why do you say things like that?". That's a better question.
I think there are multiple "bamatimes". This particular one is a troll or a twerp. Best to ignore him.
Still too early! Check your spelling. Michele is the girl you dated in HS. (:
Losing on the last play of the game, twice? Talent level is even.
Talent level is pretty even. Coaching is the difference. Coach Saban has a 20 year head start on Coach Smart.
Yeah, and while he is at it, can he comment on the missed facemask noncall, the Roughing the passer call on Brady? I am sure there are others.
A Championship game inclusive of a 7 loss team is pretty substantiated.