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I'd say the prospects for UF are light years ahead of A&M's chances in 2020.
The next shoe to drop will be Bill Busch.
Oh I agree. But, you'll be here raising heck next year if it falls apart.
I remember commenting that Coach O shouldn't have been flicking this in Saban's face. Revenge in coming. Same with Malzahn. Glad Coach Smart hasn't said anything to make him particularly angry. You saw what he did to Harbaugh.
What is there to lose? The East. Top 10 finish. Double digit win seasons. But, maybe it's worth it.
I think Coley will change roles. Which might make him leave.
I hope you stick around. You are a good addition to the gator posting crowd.
Good summary. I think the Smart/Mullins reaction/overreaction by a couple posters is more about previous articles than this one. It's a sore spot.
My only complaint is his assertion that UGA underachieved by not beating LSU.
Again with the unreal expectations. The man has won double digits games two years running. Folks definition of success has become unattainable for everyone except the National Champion.
Yes, he has been scrutinized more. I wonder if any other head coach has played in more high profile games as Coach Smart has in his tenure. It's not like he had a "training" position like most before him.
Taking your example of Coach Saban, if he went to Kentucky tomorrow, the recruiting rankings would jump 20 spots (not literally). Better results would soon follow. You just can't brush off recruiting skills that easily. I will concede that some places can attract recruits better than others.
Gutsy calls always look terrible when they don't work. There isn't a successful HC alive that doesn't have calls he would like to have over. Kick6 comes to mind. Also, remember, that was Coach Smart's first year as a HC. Compared to the other coaches on this list, he is just getting started. I was glad to see the fake field goal against Baylor. Shows he hasn't lost his nerve.
Yeah, but this is based on who he would want to run his program. IMO, Mullins would be a better choice over Fisher.
Evidently, the NCAA Playoff committee did as they were ranked 5th. Which, I would guess is "any business".
The semi is in the Rose Bowl next year.
"didn't live up to my expectations" 12-2. #4 ranking in every poll. 4-1 against Top 15. East winners. Missing the playoffs by losing to what most everyone says is probably the best team in 150 yrs of play (LSU). I get the USCjr thing but really. I can only imagine how bad the other 125 schools in the country must feel. Tough room.
They had a pretty good QB at the time.
I disagree Bill. Scrimmage? I have sweated thru way too many UGA/UK games. Take Kentucky lightly at your own risk.
Thought the UF vs VA would have been one. You never know.
Corch sure knows how to rile folks up. (:
You have to admire the passive aggressive nature of this article toward UGA. Hopefully, UGA can manage to get by with what they have left.
You think Bama would have beaten Clemson in a fictional ACC champ game?