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I've seen some stats on that somewhere and you're right. Explosive plays are a huge factor in determining the outcome. I think Kentucky will have to throw the ball. UGA will stop the run unless they throw effectively.
Ladd himself was double covered on one 3rd down play Saturday and turned both defenders around and made the catch. It was humorous to watch.
I agree, Stack the box against UGA and make Beck throw it to Bowers.
Haha. Ask your Grandkids! Or get Nashvillegator to visit you. Google “brave browser”. Then hit download button.
Doc, if you like, you might try downloading a browser named “Brave”. It allows you to reply directly to the comment as before. Good luck.
Thanks Doc, if I could remove the comment I would. Have a good Sunday.
Playing just well enough when needed. Dangerous way to live.
Just feel the need to point out the hypocrisy. Enjoying this time very much. Thank you.
Looks like the best team in the SEC at this point.
"The puppies will be calling for Kirby’s head in 2 years. How many OC’s has he gone through? How can he spend double the amount of money on recruiting and still have little to show in the trophy case?" . Maybe kirbster can learn to throw to his backs more often? I doubt it, but the more I see of cousin kirb the more he reminds me of Muschimp" These posts, by you Marsh, didn't age well.
Sorry Doc, but you have no idea of the c r a p these gator fans put on here prior to UGA winning back to back. I’ve been kind. IMO.
Good comments. Especially regarding run defense.
Hats off to the Auburn team. Congratulations to UGA. Bowers is unbelievable. Beck is doing just fine. Defense needs to improve.
Got to love the robust economy we are enjoying now vs Trump. Oh, wait….
GatorJose, you made me check this out. If the two deep roster I saw was correct. The offense has 6 Jr, 3 SO (two of which are RS, which makes them 3 yrs in the program), One FR and one SR. That alone makes all this seem incorrect.
He's also had a couple of nice ones dropped. Most notably, Smith last Saturday. And, according to Coach Smart, receivers are at fault on a couple of instances where they ran to the wrong landmark or open grass.
Orion, I wouldn't worry too much about Marsh when it comes to opinions on UGA. Usually he's pretty far off.
I doubt anyone predicted that the SEC would only have one team ranked in the Top 10 at this point.
Must have reviewed and overturned a safety.
We'll see how it turns out, but as a UGA fan, I'm glad we don't face Rattler again.
This isn’t a ranking. Its probability of making the Playoffs. I agree with Mountain .