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While we ponder that perhaps you could tell us how the University of Tennessee with all it’s resources could win a total of 26 SEC games over the last 10 years?? 2.6 wins per year?
How much would it take for you to go away...completely? I will start a GoFundMe page.
It was great to see Zeus running hard. Some said he wouldn't have the lateral moves because of his surgery. Tell that to the two defenders grabbing air on one of his bursts. And he blocked a punt!!
As I mentioned last year. The first UF fan I saw the morning of the game was wearing jorts. She wore them well. No complaints.
So Joe, you don't have any problem with Nash saying Bennett has to prove it against a better team but I can't mention the obvious as well?
I thinking that probably went over his head.....
Kinda hope Bo has to throw it 50 times again this year.
Yep, Ole Miss finished ranked 113th in passing yards allowed last year. Looks like they still have work to do.
OK. I will give the benefit of the doubt. But, anyway, got any link to that 4th place finish?
Arkansas. We must have lost. Are you saying we won? Covered the spread? Had the largest margin of victory in the SEC?
You pegged LSU to finish 4th in the West? Are these not your picks from 7 days ago? SEC West 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Auburn 4. Texas A&M 5. Ole Miss 6. Miss State 7. Arkansas
I don't know about "won the game", but overtime for sure. Which is what I wanted.
Cut him some slack Boxster. He's basically working with only has one chopstick in the chow mein.
Think I might be buying Miami.