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Your probably right. Get back to us after the viewership numbers come out.
Matt, it's a good thing you don't make a living gambling. (:
Ah, yeah... no. A one loss Auburn team would deserve it more than an undefeated Group of 5 team. Strength of schedule has to be a big factor.
Good Lord, what is wrong with you? This has nothing to do with UF.
Fine. Apparently that's the offer. Don't take it. No one outside of Orlando really cares.
I hope UGA players are not listening to this junk. The Sugar Bowl comes to mind.
The situation is similar to TCU a few years ago. After joining the Big 12, things changed.
UCF should jump at the chance to play UF under any arrangement. They are not in a position to play hard ball.
The line has come down. So, somebody is betting on UK.
Yeah, most of his 'moments" involved the Po Po. Too bad, he had a ton of talent.
I agree on the 1st half play. Bama -14?
The question was contenders for winning the award. He had Hurts as his top pick, not Lawrence. You make a good point about Lawrence's lack of a game that anyone not in Clemson would want to watch. But, people will remember his Natty last year. It really silly that the voting occurs before the end of the season. They need to change that.
Yes, that would probably do it. Sounds simple enough.
If both UGA and Bama are going to make the playoffs, does that not diminish the significance of the SECCG?
Sorta feel the same way. But, I think the updates are here to stay.