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The answer to your question should be obvious.
Not sure about the argument about how many fans live in either city. The tickets are evenly distributed.
On several occasions Coach Smart was asked about AL and Coach Saban. It is very obvious how much respect Coach Smart has for Saban.
"Georgia fans would certainly argue that it makes more sense to move the neutral-site game out of the state of Florida." Not all fans.
Great responses. "Has my check cleared yet?" "Go ahead and block me". haha.
They could very well be ranked in the Top 10 when they play UGA.
Looks great. I like that they honor the players of the past in such a manner.
Shouldn't expect anything else Kirby. Of course they'll complain about "corch", as they should.
You might consider Sinkwich or Trippi. Moreno, Hearst. I understand that if you go strictly on stats it's a different story, but sometimes stats are misleading. Just my two cents.
Yes, hopefully at some point we will get posters smart enough to discern between one or two posters and an entire fan base.
"All the Chaney hate from UGA fans". Again, one guy.
Hot Rod might have done the interview with his helmet on.
OK, but a really small sample size. And there is no one around that lost that game in Athens (I don't think).
Could be Mizzou for UGA. It's sandwiched between UF and Auburn. But, the fact that is at Dooley Field makes it unlikely. IMO.
Not to enter the fray, but it should be noted that UF would not have beaten AL or TX either. So, these "ranking" can be tricky.
It does get old. Makes it boring for others visiting the site. I dislike the gators as much as anyone, but, really, you should consider how it reflects on you.
Yeah, kinda what the article says. "This season will go a long way toward helping NFL scouts decide who they want to draft, but both Tagovailoa and Fromm are solid prospects. We’ll see how they progress throughout the 2019 season."
Pretty sure none of us want to know what goes on behind the scene at our beloved University with regard to our Athletes.