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I have never seen a UGA fan on here predict a Heisman for Newman. Even if he had a great year it probably wouldn't matter due to Lawrence/Fields.
I'm sure Jake would have liked to run more. But, Coach Smart probably reminded him that if he got hurt UGA might not win another game.
Just to interrupt the troll for a second MattyJ, I have to strongly disagree with any suggestion that UGA was poorly coached last year. Sure there was a slipup with USC, but it happens to good teams every year. Other than that, the loss to LSU is nothing to be ashamed of. You can now go back to responding to the troll.
He wouldn't be getting any on an SEC focused website. On a B1G focused site he would, as would every QB transfer around the country.
That comment makes no sense. Maybe you could restate it. What does YGA fans expectations have on actual outcomes?
Predictability was the biggest issue. Hard to run against 8 man fronts.
All we heard last year was how weak UGA receiving corp was going be after losing their Top 3 to the draft. Then everyone acts surprised when it became a reality and blames the "system". Actually, 5th seems like an overachievement. Anyway, it will be improved because they have much more talent at that position. The biggest question is will Newsome stay, assuming we probably won't play until Spring?
Certainly keeping his options open....
Have you finalized your travel plans for November yet?
Spring seems the best chance of playing. Even though that is not guaranteed. I wonder if everyone will have lost interest by then and just shoot for 2021?
Kudos for the effort. I guess no idea is not worth considering at this point. But, playing the Devil's advocate, no player who feels he is 1st round draft pick is going to play in the Spring. They are preparing for the Draft. Plus, March Madness would be in full swing along with the other Spring sports like baseball.
Boomer may regret making such an irresponsible comment if someone sues his rump. Pretty serious allegation.
The great Lewis Grizzard described Clemson as Auburn with a lake.
Not unless he immediately made the Big club. Minor leagues are kaput.
Yes, Bama should be better, but after continually reading the news these days, does it really matter anymore.
Coach Smart didn't have the idea of not rushing Burrow. As he explained, they had defensive calls that had a six man rush. They tried them all. Didn't work. LSU was too good. Always marvel when teams refuse to give their team credit and would rather criticize the opponents.
Hard to remember a time when UGA wasn’t solid in the kicking dept.
Have you seen their roster? Eight or nine projected first round picks again. If they don’t.......
That's the other bullet UF and Oregon have to dodge. If OK is undefeated or has one loss, they would probably get in over the other two. Having said that, I still think that Oregon would be the better bet.
Conference Champs. The pressure to put them in would immense.
I'd probably take Oregon over UF. Bigger payoff, and if the Duck's one loss is to OSU and UF's one loss is to Bama. The Ducks would be the 4th team.
C21, that comment makes no sense. If his Dad was fired he could still have transferred to his Dad's new school.