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They get the 100M and playoff money. No brainer.
He is proposed location is 9 miles off campus. (apologies for posting on a gator article)
You think that’s the reason? I think it’s $100M per team yearly. The PAC 12 could never negotiate that amount.
20 million or so folks who watch it every year.
Pretty easy prediction here. I mean, being better would pretty much be impossible. Plus, with so much turnover in personnel and facing better offenses in 2022, worse was pretty obvious. Still, no worries. The defense will be fine.
Going to take some settlement. Clemson would have to pay $26M per year remaining on the GOR. Do the math.
It will be free to host CFB Playoff games on Jan 1st.
Sadly, I agree with much of the sentiment present in this article.
Penn State and Maryland leave the B1G? You're way smarter than that.
No argument. My point is that they could have pulled the offer if they were so concerned about AAU. And again, they have pursued ND before. It’s not a factor.
Yeah, they hate them so much they have invited them twice.
Nebraska officially joined the B1G on June 12th, 2012.
Saying that UGA has been irrelevant during the 6 years of Coach Smart might be the stupidest comment I have ever heard on this message board which is rife with stupid comments.
They lost it before they were officially in the B1G, so there is precedent. Additionally, ND has been invited on two different occasions. I don't think it's a factor any longer.
Fortunately, the SEC/B1G don’t need the needle moved. The ACC certainly does. But even adding ND wouldn’t generate enough money to make sense for ND.
ACC teams, at this point, are going to be hard to poach.