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SEC will most likely go along with everyone else.
FPI had Clemson ranked ahead of LSU at the end of the 2019 season AFTER LSU beat Clemson by three scores. So there's that.
You mean the pro league player's union. The owners would have no problem with younger players.
Don't see the Eddie Haskell reference. I think you mean Eddie Griswald.
You know your team better than me, but it seems they lean on a primary ball carrier pretty often in the RB position. Najee had 250 carries and 26 TDs vs the next closes at 95 and 6.
If you read the entire article you will realize that Milton is talking about the offensive philosophy, which featured the RBs. UGA has always been a run first team. He is not referring to any individual RBs. He was asked if he watch film of his great runs. He said no. He watches the ones in which he failed. Kid is going to be a good one.
I suspect Lane Kiffin will eventually make his way to Gainesville. Dreading that.
Clueless was making room for the Trask Heisman stature with 3 games left in season. Oops.
There is no proof that Coach Mullen is a better coach. Just your opinion. To which you are certainly entitled.
Maybe, but not always, President Marston to Coach Pell `We`ve got to have a winning football program. I don`t care what you do, come up with a winner.` But, I am not throwing stones. Only saying the gators shouldn't be either.
UGA saved 3 spots open for portal possibilities. They filled one so far.
It’s a double edge sword. Training and Developing employees is very expensive. Doing so and then seeing them leave is disturbing. Better to try and fine someone who already has the training. Vicious circle.