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Haha still sore about last year?? How pathetic are you to be pulling for your arch rival? Sec sec sec!! Bwahahaha 44-16, 44-16, 44-16!! Clemson will do the same to the bayou bengals as they did to the so called greatest team in the history of college football beat them like a drum. What’s more delightful is they’ll get to celebrate on bourbon street.
Bwahahaha 42-28??? Remember a year ago?? Alabama was nothing like LSU, they were the best offense in SEC history. Nope. They were simply “The Greatest Team of All Time!” They we’re favored by more points than LSU is favored by. There was no way Clemson could score enough points to hang with the mighty Tua. Ooh ouch, right? How many people got that wrong. 44-16, a laugher for sure. A humiliating pill to swallow as Clemson became the first FBS team in line one hundred years to go 15-0. It will be the same again this season. LSU, it’s players and fans and administration has decided the outcome is a forgone conclusion. They’ve given the kids off Monday and Tuesday? Wow? I hope they get therapy animals for them or establish a few crying rooms because look at the rosters. Look at the skill position players. Look at who the teams played and where did LSU play a team close to as good as OSU? Bama? Fraud! Auburn? Bo Pix? Or how about that offense of the gators. Or the legs on that QBs at ole miss? OU wow they’re impressive didn’t they struggle to beat Baylor twice and lose to Kansas state. Clemson is the better team period joe put up crazy stats. So did Tua last year so did Justin fields. Look what venables did to both of them?? The game is not going to be as tight as some think. LSU is not as good as Ohio state. Clemson wins by double digits. LSU crawls back into the fake Death Valley and loses to Bama for eight years in a row again. Joe goes to Cincinnati and within three years carries a clipboard and tries to enter the transfer portal. Trevor enters the draft without a heisman but with a 45-0 record and three straight titles. Coach o stops going to the tanning salon and the media finally realizes the sec is overrated
So bitter are the SEC fans that hate that Clemson is the premiere college football program in the US. It’s the one offer kids want the most. It’s the place to play and it has the best coaching staff in the NCAA and y’all hate it. Little old Clempson took your lunch money like a big bully and their going to keep taking it. The SEC is going to go a while being hungry because y’all don’t have a team that matches up with this one. Scariest part is that there are 81 freshman and sophomores on this team. So we’re going to be a nightmare for years.
i guess Arkansas state and Murray state are a lot tougher. Or maybe it’s that huge win against a two loss ND team a team the tigers beat in January 30-3, or those powerhouses Vanderbilt and Tennessee. Or that brutal game against South Carolina those are all such great wins right?? Oh wait you lost to the coots at home? Right? I’m sorry I laugh out loud every time I say that. Was the starting QB knocked from the game? He was second string so you lost at home to the coots and their third string qb. Yeah I’m sure you’d be able to keep a game with Clemson competitetive?? Maybe for the first quarter.
Just as easy as Arkansas and New Mexico State and crap like Tennessee. Rankings by biased AP voters mean so little. UGA loses at hone to a terrible South Carolina team but Oregon’s one loss is to Auburn at a neutral site in a game decided by one score at the end of the game yet UGA jumps them? Silly. Florida is so overrated, that’s why polls mean. Nothing. Clemson played poorly against one team, they won the game but played poorly. AP voters won’t let that go, yet they forgive UGA for a terrible loss at hone? They’ll be 13-0 and in the CFP and where they’re ranked at that point won’t matter. It’s where they end up.
The 2017 team had Kelly Bryant at QB. A QB that was easy to defend. Stop the run. And he’s dead. This team returns the same offense that hung 37 on Bama and would’ve hung 44 but Swinney is a gentleman. After pounding the ball down Bamas throat eating up the final ten minutes he called off the dogs inside the ten yard line. This offense is a match up nightmare for LSU, UGA and Bama. Clemsons defense is actually better than last years and it’s the back seven that is so good. There isn’t an SEC team that matches up with Clemson. OSU is the only team with a chance.
At least if you lose in the sec title game you can complain about how you didn’t get into the CFP instead of making a laundry list of why you got pounded by 28 in the title game. The whole league is overrated. Looking forward to the CFP to show that.
Does it really matter?? Neither one of you match up with Clemson and we saw that in January.. Kirby just couldn’t handle the moment and called a ridiculous fake punt and Saban was so out coached and had no answers and he tried a Kirby smart like fake field goal. Whatever team wins is simply punching their ticket to get embarrassed in the CFP.
That’s a hard pill for coots to swallow but the sooner you do the less angry you’ll be. Grow to accept that you’re a coot and no matter what conference y’all play in or how fancy your locker room is, once a coot always a coot. Y’all will never be elite, never compete for a title in football and always be Clemsons little brother. Hey you’ve got basketball and baseball to be proud of. Stick to them. Leave the football to the big boys. Cocks. Y Ninety
Easy way out? That’s ridiculous the team plays the schedule they have. The easy way out would be what OSU does when they have an out of conference schedule that includes not one win over a power five conference. Clemson has two SEC teams added to their schedule to take up two of the four slots. Are wofford and Charlotte cupcakes of course they are. That’s why against Charlotte are starters were removed after the first quarter and the coach played 111 players. You’re bashing the ACC and it’s humorous because this season two of your losses will be to ACC schools so what’s that say about the gamecocks?? Our schedule isn’t why win just like yours isn’t why you lose. We win because we have more talent, and better coaching and recruiting. Clemson is a have, and South Carolina is a have not.
LSU and their quote unquote quality wins are against a ridiculously overrated Florida team, an auburn team that cannot score and a Texas team that’s mediocre at best. Use whatever excuse helps you sleep at night. South Carolina stinks.
Correct me if I’m wrong didn’t you lose to a team from the ACC? A team we beat? The answer is yes you did. And that SEC east schedule is so scary??? Tennessee lost to Georgia southern? They’re absolutely terrible but you’re right CLemson could never get through that conference. The team that won the SEC last year played Clemson for the title. Forget what happened?? 28 point beat down. Should’ve hung fifty on them but dabo was a gentleman. Stop with the schedule nonsense. South Carolina would be just as mediocre in the ACC as they are the SEC!! It’s a joke
It’s a great day to be a Clemson Tiger!!! To tell the truth as wonderful as a 45 point win over a power five team that averages 256 rushing yards a game and holding them to only 97 and allowing a mere 3 completions by their starting QB feels, the morning is so much more delicious knowing the Coots got thrashed by Tennessee. The Vols are awful. Cplease correct me if I’m wrong but did the fourth string QB come in off the bench and drop a bomb on your starters? Please please don’t fire will. He’s the perfect fit in Columbia. He’s a mirror image of Coot fans. He’s never really done anything as a head coach, he talks a good game. He’s a bitter envious weasel who gets his panties in a wad when confronted with reality and he’s got excuses for everything. Coot fans were strutting a few weeks ago only to go into whine mode after the Florida game only to bring them back to reality the next week. The reality is, South Carolina football is embarrassing. Who knows maybe they’ll get an invite to the weed eater bowl!! Cocks By Ninety!!! Go Tigers!
With the biggest game of the season looming doesn’t it seem like Alabama is already bracing for Tua to come up small?? Paul Finebaum is already preaching that “if Alabama were to lose to LSU without Tua or Tua less than 100% and they win out if they’re not in the CFP it’s a disgrace?” Let’s say LSU does something no one would dream of saying, let’s say they hang 44 on them? Burrows throws five TDS and LSU wins easily. Alabama should be done. Tua doesn’t play defense. So him missing or being hurt won’t matter. Alabama is a one man band and if they were any other team in any other conference they be judged the way Clemson is. Bamas defense just isn’t good enough to win a title.
Comparing Clemson to the 2014 FSU team is total nonsense. First of all Clemson has had one close game, one. They got caught in UNC, overconfident and thought they’d just show up and win. Throw that win out. Key word “win” their average margin of victory in their other six games is 32 points. They’re one of only two power five schools yet to allow an opponent to gain 300 total yards on them, and the defense continues to get better. The standard with which they’re judged is ridiculous as opposed to the rest of the teams that are highly ranked. OSU has an out of conference schedule with zero power five schools? Zero? OU struggled against Kansas and against Texas. Texas is a signature win for LSU but let’s face it Texas is mediocre at best. Alabama’s schedule to this point certainly is no more challenging than clemsons. Line Clemson and their coaches and their QB up against LSU, OSU, OU or Bama and you’d have to be a complete moron or plain old hater to think they’re not beating every one of them. Clemson doesn’t have a weakness. Period.
A one loss Alabama has a better resume than an undefeated Clemson? That’s silly to say because the one good team Alabama will have played in your one loss scenario they lost to? The nonsense about the SEC being such a grind is laughable? The only reason anyone would push for Clemson not to get into the CFP is because plenty of people in Tuscaloosa know that the 28 point shellacking wasn’t a mirage. It didn’t happen because Tua wasn’t healthy or had the flu. It didn’t happen because the SEC grind? (Remember how everyone laughed about Tua never having attempted a pass in the fourth quarter last season? Doesn’t sound like a grind to me?) it was because the Tigers were just plain better and the same can be said this year. Bama won’t be in the CFP this year wrote that down. The good news for them is that they’ll get to watch someone else get humiliated by Clemson! Go Tigers.
Georgia will not be in the CFP again this year and I cannot wait to hear the Whiney reasons why.! They’re going to lose a regular season game and then LSU will beat them in the title game. There won’t be two sec teams in the CFP because there won’t be two sec teams good enough to be in it
Well coming into the season one would be hard pressed to move Georgia ahead of Alabama or Clemson when Georgia finished with three losses as opposed to Alabama, who beat them, with one loss and Clemson with none. Georgia has played Murray State, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas State and ND at home? Why would you move up for beating a 15.5 point underdog at home? I guess if you’re a Georgia fan that’s a great win
Similar to Saturday’s game? Clemson best ND 30-3? Clemson has 538 yards of offense to ND 240? Nd has almost exactly the same amount ofyards as UGA did last Saturday? This game was nowhere near like the Clemson game. The Clemson game was over at halftime. This game ND was winning at the half? I guess if that makes you feel better but Saturday night once again showed Georgia just isn’t elite
Yes yes yes. The comments are like the comments the Bama players made after the beating
Alabama plays 8 or 9 games they have to get up for? Who? Lsu? Okay then who? Ole miss or Arkansas? Oh that Tennessee game is scary? Who? Give Clemson Alabama’s schedule and their path to the playoff is just as easy. This year LSU May be tough but the last four years they stink they can’t sckre. C’mon just stop. SEC fans just cannot come to grips with the fact that Clemson is king and the SEC teams are riding the ROY bus
Stop it clemson is obviously better than Georgia. In the last three years how many times has Georgia beaten Alabama? Wait for it wait for it... NONE! They had their hands full with ND at home last week, a team Clemson demolished 30-3? As far as Alabama goes I guess beating them by 28 points doesn’t prove that? I laugh at the physicality comments. In the title game with ten minutes to go in the fourth Jalen hurts threw the final incompletion for Alabama in the game and Bama punted to the Clemson 4. What happened next had nothing to do with SEC grind or executing. Bama knee Clemson wanted to run and run clock and Clemson just bullies them. Took their lunch money then their souls as they marched 92 yards and ate up the last ten minutes of the game. Get over it. Clemson won’t lose again until Trevor gets drafted. He’s going tos be 45-0 during his three years
Thays laughable listen to Alabama after the best down Clemson put on them? We didn’t execute wenwere tired we weren’t fooled coaching changes I had the flu. Wah wah wah. Look at the four games including in three of them Clemson had their way with the greatest defense ever? The outlier was the sugar bowl when Bryant was the qb and Clemson wasn’t explosive on offense. Watson had his way with Bama as did Lawrence what makes you think thatbwill change?
In the last six years that would be the ACC? Last year the SEC had the most nfl draft picks in 64, Alabama has 10, A&M had 7, UGA 7, Auburn 6, then the rest of the teams had a few and Tennessee had zero. The SEC had 9 1st round picks the ACC had 7. SEC had five different schools with a 1st round pick, same as the ACC. Alabama, LSU A&M and UGA year in and year out produce the most draft choices. So the SEC is top heavy after that the SEC middle of the pack teams and bottom feeders are no different than those in the acc
They’re 2 and 1 in title games against Alabama. That’s not cherry picked that’s true. In 2017, when Alabama didn’t even deserve to be in the playoff we had Kelly Bryant and that year we looked like a typical sec team that Bama plays. Running QB who isn’t an elite passer who Alabama can easily make one dimensional. That’s what they did and they beat us. Clemson’s players and fans didn’t make excuses, we didn’t say things like we didn’t execute or players were thinking of individual goals or talk about coaching changes. We lost. Alabama has a good game plan that they executed and Clemson couldn’t stop it. Fast forward a year and you saw a different story. Clemson dominated both sides of the ball, Bama fans watched our better athletes running around and through and over their athletes. They heard their coach say at halftime “they’re doing things we didn’t expect” and panicked and runna fake field goal or go for it on fourth down at their own 30?
Yes but they had the one rank that mattered. Does anyone care who was ranked 22 at seasons end? Please tell me what grind? Alabama and UGA play South Carolina. They lost to UNC Clemson okays UNC. Tennessee, Arkansas and Ole Miss, a grind for those games? Wake forest hammers all three of them? Missouri? Oooh I’d be awake all night worrying about that squad? MSU?? Kentucky? Oh wait I forgot about that football factory down at Vanderbilt, nothing strikes fear in a man’s heart more than the commodores? Overrated Florida? Where is the grind? Alabama plays one semi difficult game a season in LSU. A team that only plays defense the last few years. Bama never had to worry about their offense? So where’s the grind? Tua never played in the fourth quarter last season? Is that a grind? Stop it.
That’s the most ridiculous comment. It is an arbitrary statement and there’s no way one can say that? Obviously the AD and the board of regents saw Swinneys plan and they allowed it to play out. So what you’re saying is the AD’s and the board of trustees at SEC schools have zero vision for the future, they don’t believe in building a program on building a culture they believe only in wins and losses? Well if that’s the case why aren’t more coaches fired every year? In an attempt to knock both Clemson and the ACC conference you instead make the SEC look silly. To scoff at Swinney and say “he’d never have been able to build a program in the SEC, he’s be fired” shows the ignorance of SEC fans. Kirby smart is building a program at Georgia so if by year five he hasn’t beaten Bama and won a title he’s out? UGA hasn’t won since Hershel Walker and Vince Dooley were there? It’s going to take jumbo Fischer five years to get that program the way he wants it, but he’s going to get canned in four because of his record? Swinney would have been a success at any program in the country. If the SEC has no visionaries doing their hiring, if all they care about is totals in the wins column is the SEC Really that wonderful then?
The competition you face has absolutely zero to do with injuries. Most ACL tears that occur are non contact injuries, an offensive lineman who is blocking, and has two three hundred pound men rollup on his ankle again has nothing to do with competition. A helmet to helmet hit against a defenseless receiver that causes a concussion has nothing to do with competition. Although when playing against Alabama the last one you might have a point because it sure seems like those boys try and try and try to go at the opposing teams star players head, early and often in games attempting to take them out of the game. Almost never seeing targeting flags for such hits. But that’s another story. What everyone seems to be missing here is the point of the story. SEC fans, which by the way is the most ridiculous thing ever I’m a Clemson grad and a Clemson fan i don’t ever chant A-C-C. SEC fans like their teams just cannot admit nor can they grasp the fact that the Clemson Tigers are better than y’all. It is “The” college football program in America. The 2020 recruiting class will go down as the greatest recruiting class in college football history with Clemson pulling in four of the top five ranked players in the country and at least Ten, yes ten five star recruits!! That’s more five stars than Alabama, LSU, UGA and Auburn combined. Kids want to play here. When they’re here they want to stay here. Coaches want to coach here and when they get a chance they stay here. How many times do you see Bama or UGA players come back for their last year when they’re graded out as first rounders? We had three in one year. Coaches don’t even want to stay at Alabama. SEC fans use every excuse they can to make themselves feel better but the fact of the matter is, Clemson is the best team in the country and it has the premiere program in the country. SEC fans are right, Clemson isn’t an SEC team, they’re better. 15-0 baby Greatest team ever! Go Tigers!
Read the article. The author clearly says “in two of the last four years Alabama was tripped up in conference play...” then he points out since 2016 they’re 9-1. Being that this was the second game of the season he obviously wasn’t counting this year as one of those four years. So that then takes you back to the 2015 season and in that season Clemson entered the title game 14-0, and Bama was 13-1.