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Does it matter what weapon it was either? Most likely a pistol. Inbreeding is starting to catch up with these Bammers.
I would be more excited if I knew that JG was a decent QB. You can only win so much with poor QB play.
If JG starts next year, we won't win more than 8 games. Dude is not good QB. I can't think of any team last year, except maybe Vandy, where I would not take their QB over JG.
This game proves that without Alabama's bagmen bringing in consecutive #1 recruiting classes, Nick Saban would be an above average coach. I guess Alabama will need to step up their payments if they want to stay at the top.
I've been to SC a few times. Beautiful state. My uncle played on the 82 Clemson team. I think it was 82. They won a national championship whatever year it was. Anyways, I've been to both schools and I don't believe I could ever go to USC. Clemson is way nicer. Not as nice at UT but nice.
Butch is an intern right now. A well paid intern. Lol
Coaches are judged on W/L. I hope we don't give him an extension and raise. His recruiting is average, and frankly we are 3-5 in his second season. I'm just being reasonable here. I'm looking at the long game and not just a victory over USC.
If you want fans to show up then give us a program worth rooting for. We have been in the dumps for over a decade, and we keep hiring lame duck coached. I hope Pruitt works out, but so far in his career I'm just not seeing it
Learn how to properly reply you ancient dinosaur. Surprised you even know how to use a computer. I'm even more surprised you don't start every sentence with, "Back in my day...".
Dude, go cry to your wife/sister you inbred hick. Did you even attend Alabama? I highly doubt it. I doubt if you even graduated high school.
With Tua out, we had a legitimate shot at winning this game. That is until the offensive black hole known as JG came in.
This game isn't really a rivalry anymore. What's funny is that I remember thinking Alabama wasn't much of a rival in the late 90s because we had beaten them so many times in a row. I was a kid back then. I hope to live long enough to see UT not consider Alabama a rival again.
Butch has no self-awareness. It's a shame. I would have never smoked a cigar. I would have used it on Saban's daughter like Clinton used it on Monica.
I knew this was a Dave Hooker article just be reading the title of it. Dude is the Jerry Springer of journalism.
People like violence. They enjoy watching a team get murdered.
I hope Toyota is paying this guy and not just the radio station. Lol. Sounds like an awful means of promotion for him. Hah
The only thing that matters are wins. I'm glad he is talking about improvement, but it sure isn't translating to the field.
I never believed that UT would fire Pruitt after two years. I will say this though, if our record doesn't improve next year and recruiting stays down, then Pruitt will be gone.