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The SEC definitely wasn't the only conference that had games causing "what if" questions regarding the playoffs. Also, the fact that we went 9-2 in post season says more about our conference as a whole than Bama winning the playoff.
Exactly! I was reading where Reggie Ragland talked about the difference between last year's Bama team before the bowl game and this year's team. He said a bunch of players were out while in NO last year. I was shocked that Saban would allow that, especially before the first ever playoff game. It's nice to hear the team is focused this year, though.
He sure did. That kid is a nightmare! I don't care what the stats say, Ole Miss flat out beat us and Nkemdiche was a huge factor. The score nor stats tell the real story. I still love my team, and I'm not putting down their effort. We have things to work on, and I believe we can still do well this season. Ole Miss looks great and definitely has the potential to get to the playoffs. They should be #1 right now in my opinion.
Of course Amari Cooper would say what he did. First of all, he's a classy guy. I've never seen him post anything negative on Twitter or talk trash in any way. Second, what else can he say when asked about it? If he responds negatively, it might make him look bad to other players. The NFL and teams need to handle this type of thing, regardless of what the victim says when interviewed.
I laughed and then wondered if maybe the streak was some absurd amount of yards or something like that. I agree with you; it won't even be close. Boring, definitely, but not close.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a playoff where a team that doesn't make it in jumps two teams that do. That's ridiculous. Perhaps TCU "should" have been in, but they weren't. That sucks for them, but to put them ahead of teams that made the playoffs makes the new playoff system a joke.
With that being said, I agree that it was classless for OSU to push that last TD in. It wasn't surprising, but it was classless.
Nah, I don't think the sign is too far. It's a big deal to non-SEC teams to beat us. Let them have their time, because next season will come too soon for them. lol
I agree completely. Unless the game is a nail biter, I won't watch it all. If it is close, I may watch it all but only because my boss is a big Oregon fan. If it were a Saturday game, I'd watch the entire game, no matter what.
Florida will need a great offensive line bc there will be a ton of running up the middle.
The worst I have ever sat through was losing to LA Monroe in Saban's first year. Losing to Bob Stoops last year, as well as the Utah game you mentioned, weren't too fun either.
I would be shocked if Florida hired Swinney. He's not impressive in the ACC and would be less impressive in the SEC.
I assumed it was referring to the stone ages.
This is so funny! I have to agree with the thought about being glad technology wasn't so advanced when I was younger. lol
These are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.
I agree with him on preseason polls. They should not come out until at least week 5 or 6. I also agree with him on an 8 game playoff, although I'd prefer a 16 team one. This four team playoff is going to be so much worse than the BCS system.
I really like Bielema. How could anyone not love him as their head coach. He has definitely gotten the players to buy into what he is doing. They look like a totally different team this year. The fact that Bielema suspended Alex Collins for a quarter of a game this huge for being late to practice says a lot about the discipline expected of players. I love that and wish Arkansas all the best moving forward.
Glad to see Jordan Matthews have success in the NFL. I enjoyed watching him play at Vanderbilt.
I thought I was reading "What they meant to say" when I read Spurrier's comment.
Well, I've only read through the Alabama part so far, but I had to post quickly to say that I never dreamed Sims would be the qb he has shown himself to be....however, my brother did. We argued (not in a bad way) about it when Sims got the start against WVA. We also argued about Kiffin. I didn't argue that he would be horrible as an offensive coordinator, just that I couldn't (and still can't) stand him for everything he has done since becoming TN head coach. I had to text my brother and admit to being wrong about Sims, which I did happily. I still don't like Kiffin, but I'll admit he is doing a great job calling plays...and that hurts. lol
I really hope TN plays their best game of the season and beats OU. I was pretty aggravated when Bama didn't take care of them last year.
"What they meant to say" is my favorite thing to read. The comments for it are a close second. Y'all are hilarious!
As a Bama fan, I think Dubose, Price, and Shula should be on this list. Sad times for us, for sure.
The "What They Meant to Say" articles are my favorite ones y'all write. Always hilarious. The fact that people on Facebook think these are things that were really said is even better. lol
Haha! Now he can go on Spike's Tattoo Nightmares and have them hide it for him.
Auburn fans have been pulling for the losing team all year...must be hard to break that habit.
OMG! Every Monday, I can't wait to read this. Nothing makes me laugh as hard every single week. Thanks so much!