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I don't see anything wrong with what he said. He made fun of her hair that's all. Not like he called her a "B" or anything else colorful.
I don't think this is a violation if it is out in the open and is just a present from a former team mate. A motivation as the Mizzou fan said. Do we have to demonize every thing? There is enough bad in the world now without this being one. Roll Tide! I respect the love everyone on here has for THEIR team . This is what it is all about. SEC football. The best of the best.
Seems to me that in recent history when some QBs won the trophy they became idiots. JM and JW did exactly that making the Heisman a joke. Hopefully this year Derrick will come home with the award. Not only did Johnny and Jameis shame the award but the schools they played for. No role models there.
I could be wrong but I really don't think they meant to destroy the state or the team just win. We have become way too sensitive due to political correctness in this country. When I was in high school the week we played our cross town rivals you saw worse than this. Each team wants to win and things are said but no harm is truly meant unless you are some deranged person. Heck yes I want to see the Tide win and win big but not at the sacrifice of the injury of an LSU player. These injuries are no laughing matter in many cases and can be life changing . Keep it clean and Roll over those Tigers Bama!
The game I dread most each season is LSU. Why ?....Because both teams as a rule are awesome and packed with talented young men ready to kick butt. Both teams have a great coach. One a little soft on punishment for bad boys and this leaves a bad taste in my mouth but Les is far better than the joke at FSU that lets them get away with anything. Both teams have fierce supporters that hate to lose. Yes I am one of those die hard Alabama fans that has almost gotten sick over a loss before. Sorry I just can't help it. Runs in the family and we go way back as Bama supporters. I don't blame the other team i blame US and sometimes bad officials and you know it happens both ways. LSU fans lets have a great game again this year and I totally respect your love for your team as I do all fans of every team.
Bad sportsmanship should have been called on you fat boy. That was not what a coach does. What are you telling your players. Your are a BAD roll model.
How sad for this team so far from home. I am not surprised though. Whoever did this thought it was so cute. People like this make me sick. Don't blame this on the bus driver.
Some idiot from Ohio I guess. Is he bragging or complaining?
I have no comfort zone when Blake is out there. To me the team just isn't as well organized. He has improved with the season. By far AJ was the better QB and has the record to prove it. He was the team leader and it showed. Sims will be better next year.
You disgust me young woman. Low Florida fan I see. You know I have really been upset about your team having such a bad year but I think I am having second thoughts. You know ALL Alabama fans are so bad, and ALL of us killed those innocent oaks in Auburn. No it was a person such as you that did that deed. That is what the propaganda machine is telling me.
You are what we all are trying to avoid. Why you have to act this way is beyond me and I am a very intelligent woman. You keep on raving and one day someone will bring you down. No class at all.
You must be kidding? Auburn. I don't think so.
Oh really Bama fans don't have teeth....funny. I know it's a joke. I'm a Bama fan and 66 and have all my own teeth thank you.
Those are strong words saying the STATE is a trash dump. I don't think so.
You know this really makes me sick. I don't quite understand this juvenile behavior. As I said on here yesterday it is great we have football rivalry but NOT hate. College football is the best game going but this behavior gets ugly quickly. We all love our teams and it is time we started respecting each others rights to LOVE their team and stop this horrid behavior. That goes for the words too not just the actions. There is enough HATE in this country already and fans do not need to add to it.
He is no McCarron for sure and he scares me to death with his inconsistency. Improved yes but I do think he is good QB. I have been around a long time and he just doesn't make the grade.
Ole Miss was undefeated at that time.
So proud for them. The best man at my wedding and high school friend played there in the 1967 and 1968 and maybe later too.
Hate is a strong word and I hope none of us really feel that way towards the other team. Life is short and football season is the best. I am 66 and love my Alabama team but I have GREAT respect for every fan out there and the team they LOVE too. Argue all you want but don't hate. There is enough of that going on in this country right now.
Hate those bells. They should not be allowed.
I totally agree with the FSU QB comment. What a joke and insult to all of college football. I think Heisman should go back to Seniors only. Younger winners make asses of there selves and a blemish on the school. Look at Johnny Mansel too. Bama fan.
I totally agree with you.
When you read this, yes we should be #1 but I doubt we will get it since FSU remains undefeated. I was hoping Miami would cream them but it did not happen. FSU never has the schedule the SEC teams have that is why they chose to be in the ACC. No guts I have said this for 40 years. SEC is the best and I love my Alabama.
Tastefully done Kenyan. I hope you are doing well along with all young men that have suffered like injuries this season. Roll Tide.
I don't understand why remarks like this by any team's fans are necessary. Why did the LSU player pull the pants down on the Alabama player? Rude crude behavior just takes away from the wonderful sport of college football. Maybe I am too old to understand down right bad sportsmanship.
Prayers for a speedy recovery from an Alabama fan.
That looked like the same kind of injury that the Alabama player got. Horrible injury. Hate to see these young men hurt like this.
I agree something smells. When Bama lost to Ole Miss we had a TD called back for being out of bounds but Ole Miss had the same thing and theres was good. Also some of the targeting calls all around the SEC do not look like anything but regular tackles. I had been saying all year something was wrong with the officials.