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Did you even bother to read the article before coming on here to question his lifestyle choices? He caught pneumonia while covering the Ohio State v. Michigan game. You know, while doing his job. Congrats on being the one person to comment with anything other than grace and condolences.
Um, how could I NOT admit we are playing with players Muschamp recruited? The simple fact is, he recruited them but couldn't win with them so he left. If you want to credit Muschamp for our defense, then you also have to give him the blame for our offense. Muschamp can recruit (except a QB while at UF) but that's just part of the process. Just re-read the stats I listed above to see what I'm talking about.
I love all this Muschamp "personal revenge factor" talk. No one on the planet - including Muschamp himself - thinks he was fired without good reason. A few highlights from his time as a Gator: In 2013, he led the Gators to a 4-8 season, the first losing season since 1979. He was the first Gators coach since the 1950s to have 2 losing SEC records. This also ended a 22 year bowl streak dating back to 1991. We also lost to Vandy that year, the first home loss to the Commodores since 1945. We also lost to Georgia Southern that year, the first loss to a lower division team in the history of the program. The following year we got our butts beat by Missouri for homecoming and ended 7-5. Muschamp said, "I was given every opportunity to win here and I simply didn't win enough games - that is the bottom line. I'm disappointed that I didn't get it done and it's my responsibility to get it done." So enough with the revenge speak. We handed him the keys to the kingdom and he blew it. Badly. And we're still recovering, thanks to his inability to recruit at QB.
Its teeth. It's = it is. Its shows possession. Just FYI, you brilliant UT fan.
I don't know how many times this has to be said, but holding the game in Gainesville on Saturday or Sunday wasn't an option because all of the emergency personnel - who provide security for the games - were helping people deal with the aftermath of a hurricane. You know, an actual emergency.
Hey Genius - Foley is officially retired. He stayed a little longer to resolve this situation because your AD is an incompetent boob. But don't let me confuse you with facts.
You'll be fired up until you realize he is incompetent as a head coach. Trust me, I know of which I speak.
It's actually 11 Florida wins in a row. Which means it's been 12 years since UT has won. But who's counting.
UF won't let the students storm the field. As previously mentioned, the field is lined with police officers before the end of the game. Spurrier even appealed to the school to let the students storm the field back in the day and they said no. The school just doesn't want the liability.
Keep patting yourself on the back, buddy. Your uncontrollable desire to have the last word is laughable. I guess when you don't have any sycophants, you have to serve as your own.
Maybe if your original article had been more in the spirit of this video, you wouldn't have received so much backlash. The original article was mean-spirited - calling him desperate and claiming it wouldn't make any kid's day. And in one of your first responses, you called a Tebow defender a sycophant. It was all just ugly, and quite frankly, after reading it and your "satire" article imagining injuries to UGA players, I have zero desire to read anything else you write. Being an ACC guy, you clearly don't grasp the fact that SEC fans really do band together. Other conferences make fun of us for it, but we don't care. When Tebow is unfairly bashed, fans of other SEC teams will come to his defense. When you imagine UGA fans suffering injuries, even those of us who bleed orange and blue will recoil at that sentiment. So do yourself a favor and either grasp that concept or move onto an ACC site.
Why would you feel bad for Manziel? He got himself into this mess.
Well, if pushing back the start date helps Bama's football team, maybe UK should consider doing the same. And start its Spring semester in, oh, I don't know - October?
When AU hired Muschamp, I said they will regret it. I know it's just business, but it sure seems he is burning lots of bridges at Auburn. Auburn will bounce back - he's SC's problem now.
Bcreek - Yeah, that's why SC was the one of the first with a vacancy and the last to make a hire. And that hire was reportedly not their first choice (or second or third). By the way, where the heck is Carlonia?
Certainly people are capable of change. But what has Muschamp done to show that he has changed? He is immature and lacks self awareness. By his own admission, he can "sell snow to an Eskimo." Do you think maybe he employed some of those skills during the interview? He certainly can recruit, but so could Ron Zook. Just ask yourself this - when he was bumbling all over Florida Field, did you think, "Gosh, I hope he's our coach one day." I actually feel bad for SC because if he does poorly, you're back to square one. And if he does well, he will jump ship for a better opportunity. So SC is screwed either way.
I don't think you know what "backed in" means.
I wasn't going to quote the score. I know you know it because it clearly haunts your every dream and every waking moment. And we've had exactly one qb suspended for a year for PED use, so let's not act like this is some kind of epidemic. By the way, speaking of players high on drugs, how's Nkemdiche doing?
What exactly has to stop? Muschamp and Meyer have both said for years the program needed cleaning up, so no, nobody think Muschamp is lying about that. And yes, I'm sure McElwain is expected to keep the program clean. We had one player test positive for PED's and he's serving a one-year suspension. I'm sure the NCAA took a good look after that, and if they wanted us to forfeit games, that would have happened already. Deiondre Porter committed some crimes and was kicked off the team. It doesn't seem like the Florida program needs "re-cleaning" more than any other.
I totally agree that Muschamp did his best to ruin Driskel's life. Driskel has handled the entire thing with class - never saying a bad thing about his time at Florida. I'm glad he got a chance to redeem himself.
It would be his fifth since 2007, having won that year at LSU."
There's really not much to complain about here. Spurrier quitting saved the university the money they would have had to pay him had they fired him. And then he donated his last paycheck. If you want USC to fire somebody, why don't you look to the geniuses that just signed Muschamp to a $16 million contract.
Florida's record is 10-3. But who's counting.
Doctor Larry - I understand plenty. The only reason UF played in the SEC championship is because we finally kicked that idiot Muschamp to the curb. The only reason. I also understand that our defense had better stats this year than last. I also understand that Muschamp picked Harris over Grier. And finally, I understand that Muschamp and T Rob totally used Auburn to get a job they really wanted.
Just ask yourself this - When Muschamp was bumbling all over Florida field for four years, and destroying practically every streak and record we had, did you say to yourself, "Gosh, I hope he's OUR coach in a couple years"? No. No, you didn't.
You'll get tired of his intensity after it doesn't lead to any results. Been there, done that.
It's my understanding that Grier is suspended by the NCAA, so there's no way UF could have held off on his suspension. As soon as the NCAA got the results, the suspension started. I'm sure if UF had done otherwise, the NCAA would be bringing down the hammer. Other parts of this article that are annoying - I love all the excuses for why we won. For example, we only beat UT because it was at the beginning of the season and they've improved since then. But yet, we don't get the same consideration for struggling in early games. And the implication that the UGA win was not impressive. Are you kidding me? We won by 24 points! What more do you want? Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about how we've been winning ugly. We've been winning by playing hard for 60 minutes and not giving up, no matter what the scoreboard says. So UGA, UT, UK, SC, Vandy, MIzzou and Ole Miss can keep licking their wounds and patting each other on the back all they want. Bottom line is, we won, with just as much - if not more - turmoil and inexperience. So, Go Gators.