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Conner Moore Really Ark beat him 30 to 0. Ala shut him out too. Didn’t score an offensive TD against DAWGS in a 17 to 10 lost. Also had losing record in SEC. Oh yea TCU 42 to 3. LSU 10 to 7. Fla 38 to 10.Ga 37 to 10. Mo 24 to 10. Vandy 38 to 17. Cal 27 to 16. Ala 66 to 3.Aub 44 to 23. AM 31 to 24.
Not sad as the DANGERFIELD CELLAR DWELLAR BEARS.You only won about 30 of your last 100 SEC games.But on the rise.LOL And BEARS have no NC Actually one was 3rd place.
He has my vote.I saw him Saturday.He is the real deal.He has got to be the MVP of his team more than anybody else.You can't help but to like him and his effort.Hard to believe he has 3 more years.
With no timeouts it should have been automatic to pooch.If it were still 5 min I would understand.Very bad call.
It was a great game and Miles had them well prepared.It was bad to see the players lose this game.It was a bad call to go for field go instead of pooch kick.Game was over if he got it inside the 20.Noway ALA could have won if he got it inside the 20 and no timeouts.I guess pressure got to him.