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Bill Walton was a great great player, and left his mark on the sport of basketball.....R.I.P.
I believe Auburn would have been a better "landing spot for Cadillac to cut his teeth".
Hoping for a full and complete recovery for ChubbRock...man he just can't catch a break with these injuries, they all seem to be the worst possible with him. Good fortune to him!
Yeah, they should have just smoked stogies soaked in wild turkey or something, along with about 30 kegs of Bud Light...not a problem
If the Freeze guy can get a prestige gig then anyone can...Freeze, Petrino, Kiffin, Briles, Pruitt, Miles, Fitz, and a new clamor to bring back U M...wow!
Jim Brown was the greatest, not one of the greatest!
As shown in the video he is still having problem delivering the ball in stride. As was the case last year on his deep balls, the players often had to slow their strides, and wait for the delivery instead of being able to run under it...I'm talking on the balls he had to put air under the receivers often outran his arm, and had to adjust their pace. He had very good seasons the past two, but there is that...just look at the tape on the deep balls.
She has said nothing so we know nothing happened...otherwise the devil would have went down to Tenn. looking for Burton's soul to steal...you and I both know that Tenn police would have arrested Burton immediately, and with great glee, if he had struck her.
Well, think of it this way; if he had punched her as alleged, she and her family would have had him arrested, and the law suit against he and Bama would have already been served...hmmm, has any of those things happened...didn't think so, that was just more Caitlyn Clark stuff!
yeah, totally his fault he objected to racial animosity directed towards him...no race card to be played if someone else hadn't shown their hand.
THOSE 700-800 black players don't GAF bout all that MAGA B.S and what it supposedly stands for....I suspect that almost every last one of then are woke, and proud of it...and BLM supporters to boot! They wore their masks and took their 3 doses proudly, while wearing BLM tee shirts...now keep getting down and worshipping them!
Don't white people carry guns to bars or nightclubs, to restaurants, schools, city hall, Capitol Hill...hell don't white guys carry guns everywhere they go?...cause they're all afraid for their lives?
The majority of the problem solvers shows how it's done everyday...except they use guns that can kill many at once, every single day thousands of whts kill each other...they've killed hundreds of thousands in the last year alone, and y'all don't gaf...how many do you think will die in Ukraine today, you know, those wht on wht killing sprees?...but you probably don't want to talk about that, and we know why!...blowing up residential homes, shelling hospitals, attacking schools, etc. etc...18 yr old black kids aren't doing those sorts or things, but 18 yr old wkite kids are...every day!
Yeah, I don't see anything in there that described it as being an illegal handgun just that he was carrying it Illegally. Where did you see something otherwise?
...Yeah, best to put your trust in Fox...lmao!
No his job was just taken from him in a moment of pique, so he absolutely was kicked to the curb by Saban..."if" Tua were more talented whey didn't he take the job and run with it before the game began, and if Tua was better all along then why would Saban not play him until the 15th game of the season, if he was the better option...no he only received the job after Bama appeared to be losing to UGA in that title game, and if he was already better than Hurts then Saban did both players a disservice with his actions leading up to that point of the game.
The best band there ever was, and ever will be featuring the very best of musicians, the best vocalists, and funkiest melodies: ""Earth Wind & Fire", 2nd best band: Motown's "Funk Bros."
@Willybob...Actually, that sounds like a "Willie Lynch" quote. That character was the spiritual advisor to thousands of slaveholders in the old south, or so it's said!...lol...the Willie Lynch Letter/s!
Dude...you going all in on it too...all up and down this thread you're really going all in on how you feel...wow!
Yeah, the turf monster was laying in wait for McIntosh...he got em good too!
I'm curious as to when they've been counted out before...as far as I can tell they've been favored in every game they've played since he's been at OSU. at least they've been favored in every game over the last 2 years...he must have gotten a brain cramp or something during that interview...
"Texas A&M bought and paid for every player", those are the words he flung in Jimbo's face and now you people expect to give him a fly-by because of who he is...there is no leg for you to stand on, he's the same animal, no difference...if he could call aTm a cheating ass team, then the onus is on him to prove he's someone different, but he can't he's the same type cheater, just as "Jimbo" said. Now you have these same players(bama fans), and other Gump sycophants trying to push the needle away from the cheater label after it landed on the right spot, "Him"! BUT YOU CAN'T...and it doesn't matter what other teams are/were doing since your school was the one making all the noise, but now you want to act like maga's, make dumb ass excuses, and defend YOUR cheater as par for the course...you can't do it, it doesn't work like that...
Technically, as long as Coach Prime talked to his players about transferring BEFORE he resigned at Jackson St. it probably shouldn't be viewed as tampering. Over the last few years we've seen plenty of other players transfer to continue on with a specific coach.