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Hmmm....I read somewhere in the past that his folks(grandfather, or something) came from Oil money and he was being paid via an annuity through his grandfather and would never have to worry about money....I guess that was an old Texas myth?
I was stationed at HHB 10th ADA group on Ernst Ludwig Kaserne in Darmstadt...We had a line unit in Giessen...3/59TH ADA.
You really like calling him that don't you...that's the third time, and we get what you're trying to say about yourself...
you say he's a Gorilla....hmmmm, very telling!!!
He ll Rankin Smith, Sr.( R.I.P.), the Falcons former owner who is/was a UGA graduate, wasn't high on drafting UGA players either. The Falcons have drafted about 6 UGA players in the 50 plus year history of the club..., and the ones they have drafted were low round picks...the why of that I can't answer but I've often wondered.
Tennis, softball, swimming, soccer, equestrian, golf, volleyball, gymnastics, etc....you know the college welfare recipients...the Ga. republican party made sure to look out for those folks...doesn't matter though, the state has already turned blue and the reds are on their last legs in control of this state...
yes, that's why I asked...while he was very quick and elusive(at least on the first video) it seems he had to work harder to get up to his top speed, which is different from his quickness. Grimes seemed much faster but Toney could have been cruising once he got clear of the traffic. But Grimes jetted up to him like Toney was barely moving
He's a good player, very quick and elusive...was he the fastest player on the team?
and the guy that came out jumping and pirouetting like Tinkerbell...cracked me up!!!lmao
Lol...it was pretty funny...and with all the different elements to the video made it seem like a bonafide comedy skit...he literally knocked the smirk off my man's face...I'm still crackin' up behind that video...
If you don't know his story then why'd you make insinuations as to his familial life...almost all these mass murderers coming up out of the conservative ways of thinking had a dad around growing up...but look at them..."I’m just sayin in general it starts with a father figure in the house."
All of those black fla athletes are BLM supporters...want to kick em' all out?
yeah, he should...everyone knows he's one of the goodun's.
"Mountain Dog. Good point. Our VP has a special get out of jail free pass for those people."....and you all will come here and say that's not racism...wow!!!
I can't really speak to that...but I can drive by private christian schools and wonder how many parents OF THE NO PLAYING STUDENTS broke laws to afford those F150s...Criminal minded parents and especially tax cheats...and we know how far a certain demographic will go to amass wealth...corporate fraud anyone!!!
Actually Georgia has passed California now and is 3rd behind Fla. and Texas in the state by state rankings...that's amazing considering Cali has about 4x the population of Ga.
"Justice Department warns NCAA over transfer and name, image, likeness rules"
I don't know why you people aren't reporting on it but the justice department sent the NCAA a reply that isn't at all good for the NCAA prospects of getting their way on this issue...it was a tough letter, and is being reported in many placed but not this site...hmmm, why is that?
The same way he can call out players, he in himself can be called out for his Tomfoolery...
Sadly, many of them are...the comments section shows their thought process.
Give credit to the Ball State reserves, they didn't involve themselves in the play as far as getting in on the tackle and getting penalized and maybe causing offsetting penalties on the play?...
Good for the Aggies....it's good to see them at or near the top teams in the Sec, and landing these type of recruits are the means of them staying there...it's good for the league.
Well said!!!....well, except for the "Tide" parts in there, but all the rest were spot on!!!....lol
Yes now that blacks are playing the political games that whites have excelled at for the last century things are becoming rather tricky. No one likes to see their own methods being used against them, why it's downright unamerican!!! "What gall... for them to look out for their own best interests, we'll give them what we think they deserve"
Yeah, that is so funny,. hahaha.....you just continue to show your true colors. Not that anyone didn't know you for what you are!!!
For those of you interested there is a fantastic article on ESPN.Com about the 25th anniversary of the demise of the old Southwest conference. It goes into great detail about what was going on around that time with the quotes and thoughts from coaches in the conference at that time; I won't link it(in case SDS doesn't like it) but here's the title 'I don't wish either of them well': The demise of the Southwest Conference, 25 years later.
****opting out over Sara Fuller's role on the team....not even one article....but i would dearly love to see a link to what you alleged..see i'm a glutton for news of that sort, it's like apple pie!!!
wow...you guys are good...i just did an internet search and didn't see one article about players opting out over