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The best band there ever was, and ever will be featuring the very best of musicians, the best vocalists, and funkiest melodies: ""Earth Wind & Fire", 2nd best band: Motown's "Funk Bros."
@Willybob...Actually, that sounds like a "Willie Lynch" quote. That character was the spiritual advisor to thousands of slaveholders in the old south, or so it's said!...lol...the Willie Lynch Letter/s!
Dude...you going all in on it too...all up and down this thread you're really going all in on how you feel...wow!
Yeah, the turf monster was laying in wait for McIntosh...he got em good too!
I'm curious as to when they've been counted out before...as far as I can tell they've been favored in every game they've played since he's been at OSU. at least they've been favored in every game over the last 2 years...he must have gotten a brain cramp or something during that interview...
"Texas A&M bought and paid for every player", those are the words he flung in Jimbo's face and now you people expect to give him a fly-by because of who he is...there is no leg for you to stand on, he's the same animal, no difference...if he could call aTm a cheating ass team, then the onus is on him to prove he's someone different, but he can't he's the same type cheater, just as "Jimbo" said. Now you have these same players(bama fans), and other Gump sycophants trying to push the needle away from the cheater label after it landed on the right spot, "Him"! BUT YOU CAN'T...and it doesn't matter what other teams are/were doing since your school was the one making all the noise, but now you want to act like maga's, make dumb ass excuses, and defend YOUR cheater as par for the course...you can't do it, it doesn't work like that...
Technically, as long as Coach Prime talked to his players about transferring BEFORE he resigned at Jackson St. it probably shouldn't be viewed as tampering. Over the last few years we've seen plenty of other players transfer to continue on with a specific coach.
Dude....you printed an entire article about the weather, but in your managing of he news you managed to go the entire article without once mentioning the forecasted temperature...not once!
...Rememberences to Mike Leach, "The Pirate"...Rest In Peace!
Yeah, Lea did an excellent job with the available talent. I could absolutely see him getting some love behind that...I was rootin' for Vandy to get bowl eligible because those guys played hard all year.
The Dawgs are aware of all of that, but That's not a concern at the moment, because this is a moment for celebrating step 1...your team lost, so all you're passing around right now is sour grapes & red slushies. Just take the loss, process it, and start planning for the future.
In my understanding the top 4 conference champs get the bye not the top 4 teams. Also no reseeding of teams after the rounds, they're all bracketed into a slot. Sounds like it should be quite interesting, with all of the jockeying for position, leading up to the'24 CCGs...a bunch of teams coming down the stretch, instead of just the 6 or 7 as we have now for most of the season...
This time of the year will be great in upcoming years, because of the large amount of teams that will still be in play for the playoffs this late into the season. CCG runner-ups that will likely be seeded between 5-8. All these teams, or many of them anyway will still have something to play for...that's great, I'm really looking forward to when the expanded fields started beating each other up coming down the stretch...Go Dawgs!
He doesn't want to play another college season, that is what he's figured out, good for him that he's made his decision! And too hell with any NIL issues or offers, he can make more in the pros than he can make at almost any NIL org.
But...not as bad as Scott Frost, Mario Cristobal, Clark Lea, Jimbo Fisher, Brian Harsin, Billy Napier, and most of those guys still have their jobs.
I've seen you on youtube with these same type comments, making these same type statements and getting laughed off of various sites..."Top Billing" calls you the dumbest mf(his words) he's ever seen, when you were talking your Tenn purposely losing stuff...I think he savaged you so much you're afraid to go back...at least in his eyes...just wanted you to know that a lot of people across various media sites look at u as a ..... they don't have your back on these takes...
I don't know, Kirby hardly ever tries to run up the score...but there is that little problem of calling a time out, with only seconds left in last year's game. That might be a little problematic...
@UGA Grad 1994...I have a keypad I can plug into the phone( when I don't forget it ), and it helps quite a bit...
and that's a fact...no doubt!...I'm always wondering why they spend so much time clowning with that guy...crazy!
You say teams like Tenn beats UGA every year. Yet your team isn't one of them. Did you beat them last year, or the year 2020, the year 2019, in 2018, or even in 2017? Nope, you didn't! Actually over the last 5 contests the Dawgs have won all 5 while beating your team like a dirty rug...just whackin' on them. They've beaten your team to the combined scores of 207-64, an average of 41-13. In some games they've literally shut TENN completely out in the score Yet here you post up, stating that a team like Tenn. beats UGA every year. Except Tenn doesn't do it, haven't even come close to winning a game, and only won 2 out of the last 12 games played....what a juggernaut you've become...lol
Words are powerful, especially if they're words that aren't necessarily factful and are being passed around as legit. His described actions against her wasn't criminal, and if anything were probably accidental from him trying to block her camera. Have she pursued assault charges as of yet? I haven't heard her actually say she got punched but maybe I missed the latest news on that. are there any charges, any anticipated charges, to be filed against him in connection to the accusations of: A fan named Emily Isaacs posted a TikTok video after the Alabama-Tennessee game and wrote, “Jermaine Burton smacking me in the head while walking past him after their loss Saturday.” ...is what she described as "smacking" the same thing as "punching", a slapdown? How could she have continued walking past him if he had actually punched her in her head?...I'm curious about that.
Yeah, but Jameis ain't got nothing on the real thieves in America...