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I Would hope that every other program that can will use these issues against the Gundy's and Ferentz's, and other like minded coaches when on the recruiting trail...make sure these young black kids are aware of how these coaches and their staffs conduct themselves when dealing with their players everyday in practices..after the recruiting glamor has dimmed
He most likely already lacked a future in Mississippi so it's not like you're saying very much...
yep, you must be right because you said it!!!....I wonder how many of the UGA players you profess to love was called a racist name by you today...one, two, or 75 of them?
“If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket,” he said. “Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."....LBJ @1964..
A White man from Alabama trying to lecture others on race relations....that's really rich!!!
I'm glad to finally see all the racists on this site show their true colors...i've always had my suspicions on many of you and pulling back the curtains is a very welcoming turn of events...but there's still a few of you hiding in the dark like cockroaches, c'mon, let yourself be free, don't hide from the light
I would hesitate to say UGA is a racist team, but wouldn't hesitate to say it has some of the most racist fans and supporters in the entirety of the SEC....along with all the other incredibly racist people expressing their thoughts on this site....
Just fabricate something about Eason, then push that narrative as a truthism... For the record: how would YOU know these things about him that YOU'RE stating as facts...this is the same mentality that those like you used to slur Kap's protests from the very beginning..."facts don't matter, we'll make up lies and half-truths about you, and those will then become our truths".
Ughhhh Ohhh, Methinks he can kiss those 'Jake Fromm State Farm' commercials goodbye, maybe replace them with Morton's 'When it rains it pours' salt commercial....
Now thats good common sense! it's a good look too...but for some reason the look doesn't overpower you as much because they are already using helmets with dark shield inserts in them, less so for mouth and nose shields i guess...but all in all they have themselves a good useful product, and inexpensive to boot!!!
18 years of head coaching experience, never, ever, ever won anything. 2 seasons of double digit wins....yep, that's what coaching is all about...Miss St.= the perfect fit cause the hype matches. Miss St. what a juggernaut!!!
where's the beef? in other words he can't recruit or build a defense capable enough to stop other teams....."9 out the last 12 years his teams led the NCAA in total offense, at places where he didn’t have any talent." and he still won't have any talent...lmao, all of that offense and no wins to show for it...maybe he should come up with an air raid defense...but i know...avg 7 wins at that place would be reasons for building him a statue...
UGA > Miss. St....with or without Dan....please opine on how proud you are of landing a coach that averages around 7 wins per year....Ohhh my bad!, he'll be blessed if he averages 6 wins there
All i hear are people talking about how good of a system M. Leach runs, how no one can stop his air raid offense....all this for basically a .500 coach with a w/l record of 139-90....an 18 year head coaching career where he has averaged around 7 wins per year? Championships=2, 1 Pac12 North div championship...1 Big12 South div championship, 10 years apart...in 18 years he has reached double digit wins twice. 2 times!!! If no one can stop his system where are all the wins...all I hear is a bunch of hype with no substance to it....average 7 wins per year....wow!!! what a juggernaut
lmao..., just make up rumors, innuendo, and flat out lies about UGA and the Fla people will love you forever!...it's a proven fact.
In the U.S.'s litigious society this is a lawsuit waiting to happen...and so it's should be with the rush to put these players in harm's way because of the subpar testing procedures they'll be using...College sports isn't ready yet, the first athlete that tests positive and dies, their families will sue their socks off, because these voluntary workout are actually not voluntary...watch and see!!!
Weak side???...with Arkansas, Miss, Miss State!!! don't make me laugh, as State hasn't had or done anything since they got popped for cheating...you have Bama, LSU, and Auburn, and nothing else in the SEC west. 3 teams that matter in the west, and aTm isn't even close to being an elite team.....doesn't make the SEC west look that strong when you look at individual schools
I see the rethublican deflection krew is finding all the possible deflection articles and checking them twice...a bunch of closet racists is ruining this news site...the only good to come is when they'll decide to cut off commenting on these articles...it's coming soon...just wait and see
a lot of nasty racists chiming in on this trying to change the narrative of what the meaning of a noose in American culture is all about. Everyone knows that all of you a(r.r.) are very active in the deflection game department, it's like y'all's morning coffee, part of the republican mantra...well, y'all can sing lies to each other all you want but everyone knows the truth....a bunch of racists on these pages...old racists at that!!! this isn't the first time Leach has let his racist thoughts and leanings leak out, he is definitely not a novice when it comes to sharing hateful thoughts...
Because of the Coronavirus pandemic recruits may start locking in their commitments a little bit earlier this cycle. Visits will be down and it may turn into a free for all for players trying to get into their preferred schools before spots are locked down, so it may be a blessing for certain schools such as UGA, Bama, LSU, OSU, 'Homa....at the very least recruiting expenses should be way down this year from the 2-3 million dollar range of the last few years...the people who didn't sign in this years recruiting cycle are probably anxious as hell round-about-now
You sound like the person who lambastes everyone for trying to get a leg up, but when the opportunity for federal funds come along i'd expect you to be the first in line with hat in hand, every time a tornado blows a shed or a few roofing shingles down in your community....the argument you just used are the same typical arguments y'all make every time...until you need help, then you'll take more than what's offered....typical!!!
Man!!...you guys....he didn't sign in the first period or the 2nd period so that tells you he was having second thoughts about his commitment. Now all of a sudden when he goes somewhere else it had to be because he couldn't make the grades, instead of him changing his mind on where he wanted to play ball. If it was a problem with his grades he would have just signed with a Jr. Coll. or prep School in the 2nd signing period...you old guys should quit bashing these young men because they don't do what y'all want them to...actually you all should never be bashing these players for whatever reason!!!
Again @wolfpuppy, you cheated, you got caught! Whether it was 10 years later, or 20 years later, it came back to bite you in the ass. The tutor was a representative of the athletic program and got caught taking money from the candy tree.If the tutor was fired and the players expelled it still doesn't change the fact that the tutor and those players cheated, vis-a-vis Mizzou got caught cheating. When the NCAA didn't believe you when you cried your crocodile tears trying to get off the hook for your cheating ways y'all started attacking the system and whining about bias for not seeing it your way....bottom line: your team cheated, got caught, got penalized...in the books that makes your team cheaters!!!
You guys got nailed by the NCAA because you had people there cheating the system and not because there was some big conspiracy to bring Missouri down, and the sooner you all realize that the better off you'll be. If there were no cheating there would have been no probation..."but, but, but we self confessed, they're picking on us", no your asses got caught and tried mitigating the penalties and it didn't work...
Cheaters?....Missouri and S. Carolina....what's the defense? deny...deny...deny. eff the facts, just issue flat out denials, then deflect when the penalties come down..."it was rogue elements in the program, we didn't know".
Actually it's good to see the people on here show their true feelings, it's very enlightening.