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The Mich player deserved it...he was the aggressor throughout the entire incident....#8 collared #22 and never removed his grasp even though the play was over...he should have had his helmet yanked off and then pummeled like the Steelers QB was....LMAO...just joking about being beaten with his own helmet!!!
What was the line in the Ga. game....i don't think the Hawgs covered in that game, not unless the spread was -28
It really matters because even if AU had recovered the fumble, as some claim would have happened, the FG dynamics would have been altered due to the change of field position, adding at least 10 additional yards to the FG attempt...
I'm not sure if it should have been I.G. because the snap had already been muffed(taking I.G. out of play)?...everything after the ball hitting the ground the first time should have resulted in a fumble ruling after the ball went backwards.
Hmmm...when things aren't going well and you're circling the wagons, what to do?....hmmmm, let's do what i always do, take a page out of the political handbook and do our due deflection....."malcontents....i say malcontents...it's all the fault of a few malcontents"...lol, i've seen this process before. But in all seriousness; for the sake of the Miss St. players i hope they get it fixed soon...
Imo Jerry Jones hasn't done anything right since he jettisoned Jimmy Johnson...I can understand being frugal minded but you've got to keep your QB in the right mindset, and not have him quibbling over contract money...
Hoping for a successful quarantine protocol for the affected players, and the Vanderbilt team as a whole...and to all the other teams and players...y'all be safe out there!!!
So why didn't you go into one of your racist diatribes, as you so often do when the arrestee is of a different color than Ms. Kitts?...quite telling of you, isn't it!!!
"PS. But I say it’s Antifa and BLM. But I’ll bet some other story is told."...YO' Mama and Daddy should be absolutely mortified, not of you, but themselves, because of the values they installed in you.
Hahahaha...now that is what's known as a reply!!! lmao
In 5 years The Hogs will have finally gotten things crackin'...no, it won't be an overnight thing, 3 years before they'll start feeling good about their level of talent.
You know who the cowardly ringleader will be also...the one who's always talking right-wing politics when it suits his purposes but denigrates it when anyone goes contrary to his talking points....that guy that claims LSU, he and we, all know who he is and what he's about...
If you listen to many of the SEC West fans they'll tell you the west div. is the best there ever was and the best there will ever be, and they will whip ANnny SEC East team always and forever, no doubtaboutit!!...it just doesn't sit right to hear them whining about the conference draw now....but really, it doesn't matter anyway, UGA is going to run the table!!!...13-0(if they play)
And it won't just be the renumeration issue but also overhauling the transfer portal by no longer being tied to a letter of intent, and no having to sit out a year after transfers.....they're going to take the NCAA by the shoulders and shake some fairness into the process....
College Athletes Bill of Rights.....it will be here soon. Congress is about to lower the boom on the ncaa model of one-sided amateurism where everyone gets paid except the players.....timmmmmmber!!!
Ohhhh, by the way, don't y'all just hate what's happening? lol...you can scream, cry, and hold your breaths to y'all turn blue in the face but it still won't stop the train of progress... the times, they are achanging. The same way all you right wingers are losing your traitor statues, the treasonous Confederate Flag, etc. etc, even your president it's still only the tip of the iceberg of what's to come in the future as many of the changes for the future hasn't been proposed yet, and it may not be exactly what those guys in the PAC are proposing right now because that's how negotiations are conducted...but they're coming, you can count on it. Those kids in the Pac12 WILL be successful, in one form or another, afterwards spreading this player's union across the rest of the country, even down and throughout Fortress SEC...Y'all can either bury y'alls head in the sand or get ahead of the curve....makes no difference because change is coming either way! "Come on get aboard...it's coming through...don't you want to ride the choo choo"
ooops...my bad!, i was remiss in my comments...in my defense i was maybe getting a little too conservative because of the nature of the beast here at SDS...I only said "lie", when i should have said 'lie, cheat, and steal'...the three most endearing qualities of any candidate to be in the "red party"...as laid down by the 'liar in chief', and seconded by so many of the names above mine
yep...all those liars in the other party set a good example in the years leading up to now....they became so good at it that the #1 trait they look up too is how often and outrageously can you make up a lie and repeat it amongst the party masses
Yep, those ungrateful bas!^rd$, who the H do they think they are!!! I'm tired of them, and their ungrateful friends and families too, now get their asses down on the field and entertain me...jump, to it....and don't say another word about your likes, dislikes and wants....and by god...don't let them infect these kids from the traditional 'jump to it boy' states
The Trump boot lickers can whine and toss around aLL the disparaging statements they like, but these players know that they're the bread, and the butter, winners and have determined that they want more than a heel of bread and pat of butter....just like everything else, whether to play or not is up to them....and you guys may not like that they have this leverage, and are willing to use it in such a way, but who cares if y'all don't like it or agree with them...if they don't listen to, and meet, or compromise on the players demands then those players may very well strike and sit out!!!...it is not outside the realm of possibility for those players to say EFF IT, they want their piece of the pie and the talk about scholarship expenses isn't enough any longer...The PAC12 may be just the first domino, and others may follow their lead......WHAT A YEAR 2020 HAS TURNED INTO!!...I believe these players are serious in their intent to change the status quo...I don't believe this can of worms can be closed and placed back upon the shelf then go back to business as usual....Football moneymaking 101 is taking over the narrative
There will be No cf this fall, none at all....everything is trending towards no football now...K. Herbstreit is sitting back laughing his butt off, CAUSE HE WARNED EVERYONE MONTHS AGO, but everybody rose up in their righteous, and false indignation and attacked him for his comments, but it seems to me that he is being proven correct....The SEC is holding out over principle for the moment but in early August they will fall in line also....
Yep.....everyone knows it's because Daniels is so much more Smarter than Newman.....isn't that right "shouter man"?....
I Would hope that every other program that can will use these issues against the Gundy's and Ferentz's, and other like minded coaches when on the recruiting trail...make sure these young black kids are aware of how these coaches and their staffs conduct themselves when dealing with their players everyday in practices..after the recruiting glamor has dimmed
He most likely already lacked a future in Mississippi so it's not like you're saying very much...
yep, you must be right because you said it!!!....I wonder how many of the UGA players you profess to love was called a racist name by you today...one, two, or 75 of them?
“If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket,” he said. “Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."....LBJ @1964..
A White man from Alabama trying to lecture others on race relations....that's really rich!!!