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"Mountain Dog. Good point. Our VP has a special get out of jail free pass for those people."....and you all will come here and say that's not racism...wow!!!
I can't really speak to that...but I can drive by private christian schools and wonder how many parents OF THE NO PLAYING STUDENTS broke laws to afford those F150s...Criminal minded parents and especially tax cheats...and we know how far a certain demographic will go to amass wealth...corporate fraud anyone!!!
Actually Georgia has passed California now and is 3rd behind Fla. and Texas in the state by state rankings...that's amazing considering Cali has about 4x the population of Ga.
"Justice Department warns NCAA over transfer and name, image, likeness rules"
I don't know why you people aren't reporting on it but the justice department sent the NCAA a reply that isn't at all good for the NCAA prospects of getting their way on this issue...it was a tough letter, and is being reported in many placed but not this site...hmmm, why is that?
The same way he can call out players, he in himself can be called out for his Tomfoolery...
Sadly, many of them are...the comments section shows their thought process.
Give credit to the Ball State reserves, they didn't involve themselves in the play as far as getting in on the tackle and getting penalized and maybe causing offsetting penalties on the play?...
Good for the Aggies....it's good to see them at or near the top teams in the Sec, and landing these type of recruits are the means of them staying there...it's good for the league.
Well said!!!....well, except for the "Tide" parts in there, but all the rest were spot on!!!....lol
Yes now that blacks are playing the political games that whites have excelled at for the last century things are becoming rather tricky. No one likes to see their own methods being used against them, why it's downright unamerican!!! "What gall... for them to look out for their own best interests, we'll give them what we think they deserve"
Yeah, that is so funny,. hahaha.....you just continue to show your true colors. Not that anyone didn't know you for what you are!!!
For those of you interested there is a fantastic article on ESPN.Com about the 25th anniversary of the demise of the old Southwest conference. It goes into great detail about what was going on around that time with the quotes and thoughts from coaches in the conference at that time; I won't link it(in case SDS doesn't like it) but here's the title 'I don't wish either of them well': The demise of the Southwest Conference, 25 years later.
****opting out over Sara Fuller's role on the team....not even one article....but i would dearly love to see a link to what you alleged..see i'm a glutton for news of that sort, it's like apple pie!!!
wow...you guys are good...i just did an internet search and didn't see one article about players opting out over
"Arrested for DUI and disorderly conduct" isn't minor...that was the first thing you said...then to say you didn't say it?
Man, you guys absolutely amaze me....to come somewhere and with no regards for what the truth of a matter is, just start saying stuff...He was arrested for a DUI CHARGE, yes, but he was not arrested for disorderly conduct, and I think you know that. The disorderly conduct charge came from a combative passenger and i don't know her reasoning so i won't comment on her role in the saga(?) Also while any arrest is not advisable, know that a 1st time DUI in Ga. is only a misdemeanor....such peccadillos aren't anything that should follow a person around the rest of their lives...as proven by Maryland
This one may end up as the most entertaining game of the week...
Get smart and bring back Damon Evans.....He has done his penance for that minor discretion from so many years ago. He did magnificent work during his tenure and deserves to be allowed back where he belongs
People sign up for the military all the time...what's so brave about that?...millions have signed up for military service over the years, good men and women, and a lot of bad men and women...millions more were drafted, and a lot of others got deferments for one reason or another. I've even heard of people who are in high positions that had their doctors lie to get them out of serving...but that doesn't mean others that didn't weren't as brave as some who did sign up....that's how i see it anyway...
It seems like no matter the performance or the scenario, she'll get no credit from a lot of guys on this site. Whether PR stunt, necessity, bucket list for someone, or even a conference wide conspiracy, let the girl be...at Unless it's proven that she's unfit as 'A KICKER' then; No Harm, No Foul....I've heard far worst examples of guys being given certain jobs because of connections instead of competence....
Finebaum is Finebaum and is rated highly in college football circles!!!...ya' know; when i was a kid there were these guys who played ball that we referred to 'as like a girl', but actually there were a lot of girls who played better than those guys, they didn't run well, wasn't very coordinated, very soft as players, and were always the last guys picked when sandlot teams were being rounded out. In other words they were guys that were throw-ins in the neighborhood; it was like 'I'll take June, and you can have Softboy and those other 2 over there'. They weren't good players at all, which they knew, and sometimes had to be shamed into actually playing...but let those soft guys stand over on the sideline and they could pick their opponents apart...with their mouths!!!!...all those guys eventually quit trying to play, 'it's much easier to tear down everybody else', and they ended up on sites like this one...if nothing else they're still excellent with their sideline standing!!!...they'll pick a player apart
The Mich player deserved it...he was the aggressor throughout the entire incident....#8 collared #22 and never removed his grasp even though the play was over...he should have had his helmet yanked off and then pummeled like the Steelers QB was....LMAO...just joking about being beaten with his own helmet!!!
What was the line in the Ga. game....i don't think the Hawgs covered in that game, not unless the spread was -28
It really matters because even if AU had recovered the fumble, as some claim would have happened, the FG dynamics would have been altered due to the change of field position, adding at least 10 additional yards to the FG attempt...
I'm not sure if it should have been I.G. because the snap had already been muffed(taking I.G. out of play)?...everything after the ball hitting the ground the first time should have resulted in a fumble ruling after the ball went backwards.
Hmmm...when things aren't going well and you're circling the wagons, what to do?....hmmmm, let's do what i always do, take a page out of the political handbook and do our due deflection....."malcontents....i say malcontents...it's all the fault of a few malcontents"...lol, i've seen this process before. But in all seriousness; for the sake of the Miss St. players i hope they get it fixed soon...