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What's the difference between SEC champ and national champ?
I know the saying. The author claimed, or at least insinuated, it was particularly true of Alabama. I missed all the calls to bench Tua last year, or even really Jalen when there was a top draft pick on the bench. Who else was the fan base calling to bench? Coker? Sims? McCarron? If your only example is a couple of games where people were eager to see a elite 11 champion and top draft pick take the field I question your "running joke for years in Tuscaloosa" narrative. If you want to see some people who love switching quarterbacks come on out to Fayetteville. We may switch out the quarterback in the middle of a play.
I wish Arkansas was adjusting to Mike Leach’s offense instead.
Yes. Who won 28 years ago really matters here.
"The running joke for years now is that the most popular Crimson Tide player in Tuscaloosa every season is the backup quarterback." Is this man for real?
Thanks so much! Keep it up! This is the kind of unbiased analysis I really need. I can tell you are really committed to wherever the facts take you. Also since I’m barely literate I need someone to tell me what to think. So far I’ve just been depending on FoxNews but now I have Volman. Huzzah! Thank you so much wise and learned man.
This guy sounds very rational and not biased at all. Listen to what he says. It IS NOT based on politics. Only completely rational and FACTS. Bravo Volman! You have set an example for us all.
Football is more dangerous to a healthy college age kid than COVID.
It's not moot, (and certainly not mute). Football is far riskier for a college age kid than COVID.
It’s called not being 90. Most of the players already have it.
Chad Morris did pretty good with the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs until he let that Red Beaulieu take his playbook. Maybe he can recapture the magic!
I would pay PPV to see any combination of Saban, Spurrier, Kiffin
Analyst > then long term DC > then successor for CNS
Hurt QB, hurt Middle Linebacker, hurt Defensive line, hurt kicker, not a bad effort from the second team.
Coached socks off? Ha. Did you get your idea of what a coach is from the movie The Little Giants? That last call was extremely clever but man it was Bush league. I agree not letting Bama sub is unfair. Who knows if they could have ever overcome the turnovers, missed field goals, etc. But those guys battled their tails off for the right to get the ball and one more crack at it. As a fan that’s what I want to see, can they do it? Not can Gus fool everybody by lining up a punter at wideout. The officiating on both half ended plays was a joke. Boy, that #5 from Auburn can flat play ball though, eh?
That pick 6 was gnarly. Other than that standing in there and delivering. The burst on that Waddle, goodness.
That was complete bull. You ready? Get on the ball now. Grip the ball we are about the blow the whistle. Ready. Set. . . Geez.
You really are going "I want neck brace Bobby?" Really? Wow.
Been saying it since mid-season (actually for years), #HireMikeLeach
I just do not understand the man crush Arkansas has on Gus Malzahn. I'm not saying he's been a terrible coach but I just don't see anything near the hype. His "offensive guru" status is seriously questionable at this point as his teams at Auburn are consistently in the bottom half of the league. Auburn is firmly a second tier SEC team right now. It's not like there are a ton of other programs lining up to dump money in this guys lap right now. But every time there is an opening Arkansas acts like this guy is the second coming of Vince Lombardi. His winning percentage as a head coach is tied with Joe Moorhead. Think about that for a second. You want to pay Nick Saban money for Joe Moorhead's record. That's quite a premium for a sweater vest and some trick plays.
This is journalism now? Look at what some people tweeted. What a world.
Haha. You’re “evidence” is that Butch’s wins aren’t really wins and Pruitt’s losses aren’t really losses. And somehow Pruitt’s losses are Butch’s. You haven’t debunked anything. The “objective” facts are the Butch has the highest win percentage of any coach’s since Fuller, that he went to 3 bowls in 5 years and was 3-0 in bowls. He also had high rated recruiting classes. Your “feeling” that Pruitts loss to Georgia State over a year after Jones left was somehow Butch’s fault is the opposite of objective. If you want me to evaluate on something other than wins and losses maybe sports aren’t for you.
I’m not sure you understand what the word “objective” means. BTW I don’t want Lyle. My point was not that Butch is great. It’s that he sucks. But Kiffin sucks equally and with character issues. But he probably sucks less than Pruitt. Which is probably a moot point since Phil will backstab his way in somehow soon enough. Enjoy all that.
You are seriously citing the Schiano debacle as evidence that your fanbase is NOT toxic? Lolz. You can’t make this stuff up.
So toxic that he had a higher win percentage than Kiffin, Dolley, and Pruitt, and in 5 seasons had 3 bowl wins and 2 9 win seasons. Butch’s biggest problems were Tenn fans unrealistic expectations. Face it, it’s the Tennessee fan base that is toxic.