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Certainly seems suspect but SC was loading the box all day. Will be interesting to see when they play someone lack UGA or LSU that can match talent in defense.
Delete your account. SC played better than the score but it has nothing to do with the officiating and everything to do with Mushchamps hyper-aggressive playcalling. I understand taking some gambles against someone like Bama but Willy was calling plays like a 12 year old playing Madden. Saying the officiating cost the game is beyond delusional. Kentucky however ...
Georgia State and BYU have "85 four stars?" lol. What are you talking about. BTW Bama has a true freshman at MLB calling the defense. Lack of talent there?
Yeah. The Vols just don’t have the talent of a Georgia State or a BYU.
I’m not arguing that programs aren’t better with Saban than they are without. But the narrative that he is always leaving is just false. He is actually one of the most stable coaches in the league. He took a few jobs over the course of his career but, with the exception of the Bama job, they were always clear “promotions.” Can’t fault anybody for that. I also don’t think he is upset that his program is sending out coaches, but it has to be frustrating when you are trying to compete for a national championship and half your coaching staff has mentally checked out.
Yeah. 4 jobs in 25 years. Longest tenured coach in the SEC. He really gets around. FWIW the article literally quoted Saban as saying "I’m not being critical of those people." He just said it's challenging to stay focused when you are moving to another job and it's difficult on the team. This is reality.