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Ahhhh!!! That was gold! I was embarrassed for the whole SEC watching that game! Thank God Trask, who sat behind FRANKS for 2 years and one game came in and now he’s the best in the SEC, gimme a break.
Here’s some evidence for you... Kyle Trask Couldn’t Beat Philippa Franks. Let that sink in. The opposing team’s MVP, in most Florida games, literally had to break his leg before Trask could get a shot. I’m not saying he isn’t good, that is obvious, and he’s on top of a very short list of “returning” SEC starting QBs, although I do predict Hilinski at Carolina will have better numbers at the end of the season, than any other “returning” SEC East starting QBs, because he will fit well in Bobo’s “screen pass on 3rd and 10 offense”. Mullen and Co must have not liked something about Trask, or liked something about Franks better, I couldn’t imagine what. () SEC DC’s now have a full season of tape on Trask and ALOT of time to watch it. So I’m sure someone has figured it out. Maybe he just isn’t a Mullen type QB, but the Mullen-prophet Jones, has been there going on 3 years and he has yet to see meaningful playing time. So who knows. I do think it will take UGAs offense a couple of games to gel, but I really don’t think that will matter by Halloween. I don’t know what the offense will look like, but does anyone at this point? With all this extra time for Coaches to scheme and game plan, the unknowns might have an advantage. But again who knows! Hopefully everything can be answered for all of us this year. Sports media, keep writing and talking this, I’m sure the clippings look good in UGAs weight room and locker rooms.