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Brissett, Driskel, Murphy, Harris, Grier, Del Rio, Appleby, Franks, Zaire, and finally Trask. UF has a consistent starter since 2010 for 1 season and you call Athens a QB circus? How many of those names i listed finished their college career in Gainesville?
Kind of a weird jab.. but I guess its expected. Some facts, Jake lost 6 SEC games in his career, 2 of those in conference title games, 1 in National Championship. So I would call that handling the pressures of the SEC. By the way he lost 1 Non-CON game. 3-0 against Florida (explains the hatred). I do agree he probably will not make it as a NFL quarterback, but as of right now he is Active on a NFL roster, which is more than ANY former Florida QB can say.
The title of this article is Troll bait. It is kinda degrading to Tyson. Should more appropriately read "Florida Hires Ex-Colorado DC as DA" and with-in the article drop the little nugget that he has previously worked for Kirby. I mean the Dude was even a Head Coach at Georgia Southern, DC at UCF and Colorado State. So what he spent a year in Athens. Sounds like Florida is getting someone with a wide range of experience. Good for them.
Man, there are a lot of hypocrisies coming from UF fans in this comment Section. Some familiar names spewing “savior”, “5-star” and “portal”. Really reminds me of UGA articles leading up to 2020. Surprises me that no one has mentioned new OC yet.
I disagree, these kids see what Burrow (although he did transfer) Jones, Trask have done, Sit down for a couple of years, learn the system and receivers, STAY HEALTHY. Then ball out for a year, Heisman finalist/first round draft picks.
He’s probably there as a GA, since he’s still got them money bags from Carolina strapped to his back. He can afford a year or 2 of charity work.
He wont go back with no buy-out to support him. He will be a DC somewhere, with a really short leash.
@Marsh Looks like the media started that campaign about the same time the "Trask for Heisman" campaign totally went off the rails. All jokes aside, I'd be shocked if he is in contention at the end of 2021, even with a great year I still don't see a UGA QB putting up the kind of numbers to be a finalist. I'd like to eat those words, but doubt it. Then again who would have thought Alabama would have a couple of QB finalist Pre-Tua.
Sparky I call your poppy/Negan, and raise you jerome. That should put the chip count at let me guess "44-28".
Well he may win a National Championship, but unlike Cam Newton he won't win the Heisman.
Go look at all the players transferring to FSU this year. Norvell is trying to fix all his troubles in the portal. Does raise the eyebrows on why ALL these players are going there.
Wow, even for SDS this is atrocious. Even fans from other SEC programs, do yourself a favor and look up other articles that reference this interview with Kirby. Disagree with him or not he does a pretty good job of explaining his thinking during the whole process, not just "“And at the time, we had Jake Fromm, who was playing pretty well.”. Spencer, you'd do great at the "Daily Sun" or some other tabloid, or maybe you just missed you calling as a whole.
Kirby if you were the one holding Azeez's leash could you please let go of it before the 4th quarter. If he comes back? Big If.
They could have quit half way through the game, but what a bad look that would be for a Football Team.
Hey y'all cut jerome a break. He should be excited, he just finished what Gus Malzahn would call a "solid season"
By this logic should the game even count? That logic should The LSU game get discounted? Should Clemson's loss to Notre Dame not count? Did the UGA 2020 season not start until Daniels got healthy for the Miss St. game? The UGA/UF game should definitely not count since UGA had 5 defensive starters and Pickens, Blaylock, Milton and Daniels out. Good news for UGA is the bowl game wont count with the Opt-Outs they have. All joking aside, I hate it for Trask, he had a phenomenal season and still wanted to play in a game that some of his teammates did not think mattered. I hate it for the SEC and its fans because we will hear about this until next year when a SEC team in the playoff blows OU out. What I don't hate is that Florida fans will have to remember this in just about every article they read for the next couple of years, welcome to the club of letdown SEC teams who lost NY6 bowls(Miss ST.vs GT '14)(Auburn Vs UCF '17)(UGA vs. Texas '18) Wait Mullen has done this twice??
At first I thought he was ranking the Non-Con games/schedules for next year and was like no way! I had to re-read the little paragraph at the beginning. If I would rank them I’ve got Ole Miss at #1. Tough non-con schedule. Especially if Freeze hangs around and attempts retribution against his former team.
I wonder if the Bengals will sit Pitts against whoever the preceding year's Super Bowl Champs, you know, to keep him rested for the next week.
He is a senior... must want to use his extra year of eligibility to be the #1 OLB somewhere.
Deion should definitely be on the phone with Netflix. Last Chance U at JSU. Deion the HC. I’d watch.
Definitely not a 5-star. And also you do understand this is basketball correct? Or did you comment purely on the title? Typical troll...
I'm sorry to offend your intelligence which is fully on display with the last comment, it was a joke about the title of the article. "Todd Grantham evaluates Florida's defense". Like duh its his job. Solid Article otherwise.
BREAKING NEWS: Todd Grantham does his job, Dan Mullen impressed.
... and immediate click followed by immediate disappointment.
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