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Am I the only one miffed at the SEC website referring to Clemson as Death Valley?
If you are gonna reference a 40 year drought..let me ask you UF fans something..when was last time UF led the overall series?? Don’t worry I’ll wait
Can’t be much of a sports fan CO if you don’t know who Herschel is....LMAO at you knowing seacrest tho, that was news to me. Lewis Grizzard is one of the funniest men that God ever put on this planet. Too many people have missed out on the likes of Lewis Grizzard and Jerry Clower.
If you are gonna add the drink then it should be everyone or none
so why DONT you give a similar article in relation to non-revenue sports, I’d be curious to see any correlations.
UW will definitely have to run the table to get in the playoffs I think it’s single elimination for any PAC team
Muschamp purely based on coach O’s age....take a decade of him and I’m with you.
Hurd didn’t win anything but a “champion of life” banner
You keep saying the same thing, Darth, the article I read stated that he raised character concerns with staff, yes, BEFORE the attacks, which looks way worse on Mullen imo.
That game (UGA/UF)last year was closer than the one before,but not near as close as the author Implied...nowhere. near. as close
David Andrews only has two rings keeping Brady upright...dumbass
I am having trouble coping with the “Browns being contenders” talk...it’s just a little surreal lol
Who knows what Kirby’s success rate will look like by the time Nick retires, but this deal is more about 44-16 than “who is replacing Saban” To my knowledge, that is the worst score differential for Saban at Bama( no I didn’t bother to google) I’m definitely seeing it as much reward for Dabo as anything else
Forget the draft, after all the cool so this site wrote about Justin Fields transfer, none of you hacks are going to bring up the utter trash decision the NCAA made about Luke Ford?? I mean all your readers know how bad this site is attatched to the BAMA teat but come on no reporting on the NCAA’s totatl lack of consistency in allowing transfers.. Fields and martell can play but Ford and That Brock dude from VT can’t...the opposite of how this should have gone down...
And Fromm has owned UF just keep on 3rd and Grantham you Florida Gators
Lol both were technically drafted..one of them still on NFL roster but who needs facts on SDS