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I don’t have a preference for names or not, but the coaches I have had that haven’t allowed names on jerseys was because it individualizes players and can take away from the effect of being a team rather than being on a team
Wah wah wah coach is mean lmao, so he is harder than last year’s coach cry me a effin river...
The shortest road trip a gators fan has to make is Jax....not AU or USC
Tbh I’d give LSU nod over UGA in the power rankings...but they DID give up 38 to Vandy
^^^ comments are definitely more stimulating than the articles...everyone gets mad at opinions and the trolls win
Require the head coach and DC to attend player with medical staff and a lot of it will stop
We don’t know that’s why the games are played...but i bet your team would lose to every team mentioned in your post unaffiliated =salty
Hot garbage, this could have been a summer clickbait opinion piece, don’t want this crap during season...wonder where Tom Brew went to school and wait world beaters his team has played so this deep into the season...
Well Jake, Ima wear a black for you...CAN NOT WAIT for Saturday! Go Dawgs!
sure, pay them a salary, then charge them for tuition, room and board, medical care, gym fees, and every other bill that normal people pay
Were the classmates who made fun of him the same classmates who got the swag???
Meyer is headed to SoCal or Free shoes U...my money on SC, there’s no juggernaut in that conference
So...why is this NOW an issue..it’s not like September in the south hasn’t always been hot...
Already got mine, either way, I think the fans are gonna blackout the Sanford
Still wonder why Kirby didn’t hire him
Don’t often read posts days later so glad you were willing to wait
He was at the time and if I had “power” ranked QB s that week Burrow and likely lock would have bumped him...for the week that’s the point of power rankings they are supposed to take the most recent trend and rank, not a career call...either way it’s just an opinion
Need to clarify and simplify the rules, not give the game refs something else to worry about... these last few years of football officiating has been atrocious, could be the rise in technology/social media making the bad calls seen by more eyes but I still feel there has been a trend
Garbage laziness, if you aren’t going to write about all the sec players on list why write about any of them, much less TWO players who have not played a college down or an at bat
I guess I should have said Fromm outperformed Tua when their teams last played each other
IMO Fromm won the head to head with Tua last year....
Every group that saw the field was sloppy Except maybe UF d line, refs were at a pretty high level of bad too
That man should have got a mention I the “10 things I miss” article he was DGD and his comedy is still funny