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Just curious how much you have give to the UK athletic program?? Stoops wants to run with the big Dawgs he’s gotta have the facilities, if the school can’t raise the money they get a sponsor, hate on your sorry self for being an armchair fan
It’s the whole of the east gets way less attention than the west,
Uf fans (and these writers) seem put a lot of stock in Mullen’s 10 win first season, while totally forgetting that Muschamp had 11 wins his first season there...
What about the layout, though lol
I waited very patiently while sds went through the west, while barely reporting anything but that days team articles, then when it’s my Dawgs’ turn the stream is filled with trash about Tate martell and coach O....and the layout still sucks
Lol, and then there is corch, trudawg/vol whatever, and that paris guy for UK
The AU move sucks, UGA shouldn’t be punished for winning(per the author’s reasoning) it’s not the end all to be all, but still BS...still wondering what UGA supposed to get out of this back room deal that went down
This is the type of things that doesn’t get enough coverage, sports personalities will spend weeks talking about the negative things a player does.... found this article at bottom of comment section among the ads...
Stetson Bennett over Mac Jones any day..
I was at the original 2007 Auburn blackout Sanford Stadium BLEW UP! Personally on the fence regarding ND I got my ticket just need to know how to dress!!
Bit of homer, but I’d take 2018 Bama out for 2012 UGA, that Defense was loaded DC was just garb
Katy Perry made this list but yeah literally largest college game played and not even an honorable mention
I don’t know I think I would have put an “offsides” blocked punt call, and a couple bonehead fake punt calls but I think anything is preferable over Katy Perry and Greg Schiano
This crappy “upgrade” to the site and still no edits for the comments?? Smh What I meant to imply was that is like saying Gus doesn’t run the offense at AU because he technically has an OC those defenses are all Nick and Kirby’s and Muschamp etc it is extremely rare for the HC not to run the side of ball he graduated from publicly or not
I am by no means trying to belittle the tragedy of lives lost, but the charges are trumped up because of who they Bramblett were not because they passed.
he is going to be unfairly be made an example of. Fairly familiar with traffic accident investigations(admittedly not in AL) and this arrest and manslaughter charges are due to the celebrity if the individuals who were tragically killed. Unfortunately this kid will have his life ruined because of who was involved in the accident, not the factors that led up to the incident. A better word choice would have been “politics” i guess
My mistake I woke up thinking it was 2018 I guess...was gonna dog on you about Surtain..Natterdays what can I say...
Any list of top 10 anything that has true freshman who haven’t played a down of college football is a joke
I have a question that I’m too lazy to look up and the author should have...how many kicks were actually returned last year giving the Dawgs such a bad average??
I think Andrew Thomas makes trip myself but I’m too lazy to look up if he and specs went last year?
Personally I would have used the term “contenders” instead of “Heisman winners” for Swift and Fromm IMO ...