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Test more people get more results...hospitalizations are down, deaths are down....lunacy
The great thing about this country is that no one person gets to dictate anything to anyone, much less an organized democratic government entity. The man is fully entitled to his decision and choices, but to think that any 20 something should give ultimatum to a state government and expect it cave is ridiculous. This has been an issue for years and democracy has spoken. 49’other states in this country, although if any actually cared they would realize that MS flag is hardly the only one displaying its Confederate history.
You said spade, that is racial slur, by your definition of racism, the origin of the phrase doesnt matter you used it. Racist!
“And they probably would if not for the great hue and cry from a minority who simply don’t get it.” Quote of the year....
Spade comment pretty racist and entirely insensitive you tw@t get out of your daddy’s game room.
Stupid, Ignorant, the state of Florida’s flag is just as true to its CSA traditions as any other, take all the bowls out of FL too.....
The “cojones” in your name, are they referring Dan Mullen’s in your mouth? Or Kirby’s on his forehead? jw ....
So did he wear it to practice or did he wear it not at work... big difference to me in that distinction.
It’s actually in response to the articles in which they do push that agenda, but don’t allow the community to comment back, and while I know it to be naive, I would just like to come to a sports blog and read about sports, have the option to read about sports, as a distraction from the rest of the liberal media driven frenzy that assaults the airwaves and cables. On site such as this I fully embrace the Homerism of the fans and beat writers, but this isn’t a political forum nor do I think it should be, we, as I stated earlier, finally have athletes back on campus and I for one would prefer to hear Neil go on about how Trask and Mullen will take the world than one more socio-political op ed piece that belongs on the comment board of the times
How would these universities have treated the a flu outbreak during the season last year? Players are on campus how bout some sports on this site If I wanted to hear more liberal nonsense I’d go elsewhere this is not the platform for any of the writers political views stick to twitter and let’s hear about player led workouts
Fourth grade teacher told us to “Remember! ANY time you point your finger at someone, You have at least three more pointed back at you!” Seems like a lesson to be remembered and passed on
Thanks, it was exactly as a rational person should react in this situation glad I looked it up
Agree with the cats here, Trey Smith only plays one position at a time
1995 World Series was good to rewatch, the name recognition this time was crazy
Unfortunately it would only take one for this inane to stupidity reignite
The difference between the AU and UGA players was need, AU HAD to have those players on the field to make plays...UGA was giving its starters a breather when the names u mentioned were on field (minus Campbell who was hurt almost all year) You merely point out Malazhan’s inability to layer his classes so as to not have dire needs in one area thus giving the more “average” recruit the reps with the ones/2’s
I think a Blaylock’s injury was the worst single thing to happen to Dawgs in 2019, will certainly miss him at full health early this season