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I had this game circled b4 COVID when Dawgs were going to Lex late Nov, don’t feel any better going in after that opening month either
Don’t dispute that point, just the “equal talent” debate point.. I Personally am of the school of thought that believes any team can beat any other team on any given of course the homer in me says let’s make it 4 in a row in Jax Go Dawgs
Murray did all that with 250 lb lineman and Bobo’s 3 and long draw plays...and every offensive skill player (including Aaron himself) got injured his senior year just saying
Not to really get THIS fight have to interject that Saban’s 2008 roster was hardly the elite NFL factory it has been the last decade.. it was his 2nd year especially compare to who was on those 2006-2009 UF squads..
Everyone wants to forget Ben Cleveland was a freshman paving way after getting over a broken leg and the party bug, he about to run up some draft boards
Dumpster Fire?!? That’s just ....too easy...I hope damage was minimal... a literal dumpster fire Lol
More of an electric tone than sports whistle, plus I had hard time hearing it on tv
I would almost concede the week 4 game to take SECCG ala 2017...
Any of the fresh should take Landers’ spot, I don’t care how he practices, he can’t catch in front of a crowd
I take Les over 1/3 of either rankings...guy who actually has a ring didn’t make either list but Khakis and Malazhan did.. when was last time LSU won less than 8 games? O only been there couple yrs..
I just like he uses the term defections instead of “opting out”
What if...Bear with me now, what IF UGA by some miracle, becomes the first sec team to beat Bama back To back since Ole Miss?? I think this site would break at minimum.
Troll or not, he makes a point about author’s wording. I don’t believe coach O is dumb by any stretch,(Dummies don’t win NC) but the way I read the article makes me think Adam Spencer does...
Said same bout or game with UK, after Bama before bye
That’s because Mullen is best thing to happen to football since forward pass, haven’t you heard??
I’d call UK in Lex worse than AU, purely because it’s after Bama in T-town
Nix is too high, only so much Williams, Schwartz and co can do to help, plus he now has a Morris handicap
What about the walk-ons, student trainers and other unpaid student assistants that aren’t necessarily getting a free ride to begin with, do they get some or is it only the ones already getting all the free stuff listed above?
Worked bothers sides of that coin, union and non in construction in GA..The only time we siding work is when management said it’s too hot I’ve worked 90+ hour weeks in august in south Ga Go kick rocks
Definitely must have felt like Danny was firing shots at him to write this...whatever it is. (Bye might be first time I’ve ever agreed with Kannel
None of above, these leagues opted out of playoffs when they caved and went league only
Think they should cancel Iron Bowl and swap them out for another East team, should go for egg bowl, and UT/ Vandy Too...Enough teams to completely scramble the schedules and make it fair to all schools who lose chance to stick it to instate rivals...
Of course they should go to 10 n 1, but only because the schools out west sissied out
UF... D steps back and no running threat shuts down Trask I like UK to run deep, the UGA UK game late in Lex is the one I circled as one to watch