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IMO a close game with UK and some dominoes and they have a decent chance of backing in the playoff with a two score UGA win in ATL…some big ole IFS but this season is the one for it. Stoops with a couple top 10 recruiting classes via CFP exposure scares me a little
Fromm played some of his best games against Bama…Fields not so much
So this is a season long thing, not weekly standouts otherwise a backup with 4 tds in a quarter of play gets a nod.
The only reason they suggested 12 to begin with was to throw the PAC a bone...there is a reason Scott said “Autonomous 5”..If you are worried your champ won’t be one of top 6 conference champions, you aren’t a “Power” conference.
The only reason they went to 12 was to throw a bone to the PAC and keep them happy...a PAC CFB champ(or qualifier) and this is still stalled..good ole boys take care of their own
I think the Dawg D rushing stats under Lanning deserve a mention if you are going to
The one he had in 13 was a converted DB...
Quit reading and scrolled to comments when I saw Tenn. listed as conference heavyweight...really
Smh if you are going to reference a website at least get it right...247 has UGA at 3....y’all are worse than the AJC, and that is saying something
In a week by week ranking, 3 picks drops you no matter what, so quit calling this a power poll and call it your SEC QB rankings
Neither are best on their teams.. Jones is 3rd (Smith, Harris). Trask is at best 2 behind Pitts
Unfortunately Mcgarity bent over for Auburn and SEC and now Auburn and UGA will be playing in October...you would think a guy who “covers” SEC football would recollect that things like this...and if that didn’t kill credibility (for this week) Cade York’s Honorable mention is garbage, school record could barely see uprights and it’s his third kick of night near definition of clutch...hope someone else takes this column next season..
Wouldn’t surprise me to see them temporarily Expand to 6-8 teams in playoff just to justify inclusion of OSU
I’ve always wondered if Dan’s pitch includes “...and you get to kiss my wife!”
That’s what copy and paste gets us...
I took it more like the cure to “rat poison”...“best defense in the history of defenses” got humbled sort of thing, not, the group of players trying to sleepwalk thru games type...
Most woulda thrown that gnat into the wall... my disappointment is he is a freshman no longer
No they can’t make it unscathed you idiot they play Saturday
If more people REALLY knew where Blackshear GA is, they would get the lack of stars.. Saban and Kirby’s chairperson would have hard time find place
Nicky gonna push for Nov. he want that bye before the Dawgs come to town