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It’s a political flu, media distraction etc etc plus you know it will quit soon it was “made in China”
The fact that he said UT would have to challenge UK for east says it all....
Nice hire, takes me back to wondering what Kirby has against Hines... :(
Lmao “Let me use my strong hand” “my germs!” Thanks for the throwback Thursday
kids those age make harder decisions, all this does is give the world more Antonio browns
A lot of y’all keep saying they aren’t allowed to transfer.... they are. What they aren’t allowed is to immediately play. Personally agree with the sit rule, as adults we have to face consequences of decisions, good or bad. This is and should be a learning experience for these young men. Sorry things didn’t go the way you want, but here is a do-over. What is being taught here? The fact that these kids go to these schools to use as a platform to get to NFL. these are institutions of higher learning first. I think the problem is waivers, period. Inconsistent rulings have people jaded and the blanket rule should be to sit for a year.
“ Does that result in overpaying sometimes? Sure. Ask Gus Malzahn about that.“ Jimbo comes to mind well before Gus...
“Illest” “Lit” “fire” .......wow just ..wow
I agree with both of you LSUSMC and timbo, my jab was not to take away from Mathieu’s accomplishments and obvious personal about face, it was the program that removed him was jumping back on bandwagon now
How close is Jackson to Burch...don’t they go to school together?
I think everyone is triggered way too easily, if the man had asked to eat with Ghengis Khan or even Leopoldo II no one cares.....a big issue with the world today is how everyone overreacts when an answer to question isn’t what they think it should be...and to those comparing President Trump to Hitler..shame on you, can’t decide if you really believe that or are trying to unseat the top trolls on this site, either way quit watching mainstream news and do your own fact finding to be informed
This guy gives fcs schools on the schedule too much credit t..also
Too soon, If he had said Nero or Caligula no one would have batted an eye
Lord I hope he goes so I don’t have to read the phrase “sweet Hawaiian prince” anymore...it gives me the willies...
Um...” we decided to take a look at the SEC’s top 10 “overachievers” from the past few years.”
Last year’s Thorpe award winner doesn’t make this list?
It isn’t that hard 11 wins > 10 wins. Especially with a head to head matchup.
What time did Alabama play last Saturday??
As a matter of fact, since 2000 UGA has been to more SECCGs than ANY other team in SEC East or WEST
Why would he? the kid got almost a whole game for responding to an attack...that is a whole quarter an half more than Jennings got for cleating a kid in the face, a guy who was laying on the ground without a helmet.
Lmao said same thing to my buddies this week
Legends says that the 1978 LSU v UGA pregame, UGA III did indeed cow Mike IV after Mike roared at him...rumor is he was trained to do the roar to try and scare UGA at the pregame but UGA III was a bit deaf and unphased even heard he hiked his leg after...Dawgs were a 7 pt underdog and win by 7 ...
You are both missing the fact Pickens was ejected in the third quarter, Jennings wasn’t
A lot of fans hated the same run run pass we see now....however his version worked to the tune of SEC career passing yards leader. other posters are so right about grantham and let’s not forget Willie Martinez while we are throwing stones at former DCs. All said so down with bringing back Bobo