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I feel like every player they mentioned in the broadcast for UT-M was a transfer..crazy.
How is only repeat not on the list…invalid
Spencer Rattler doesn’t get a mention? Gross negligence…but it’s SDS
If it were to truly go to most outstanding player sure, but he won’t get enough touches to get the media machine behind him.
Admittedly a homer, but losing 30 players and repeating would be the coaching job of the year..finally getting your talent to play after week 5 is good, but really…
Dude obviously hasn’t seen 19 run block yet.
Why didn’t they just rush 8 during that 9 minute drive in the 3rd quarter?
UGA Kentucky couple years back Bama also blew our backs out in 15? In a flood
‘94…we did in 2000..after beating Tennessee. Go figure.
*at home, because of a missed FG… and allowed 49 points.
We said the same about Troy…
Lololol Atlanta’s Governor…I love that. I’m in Mid GA too!
This sentiment is probably the only time aints fans and falcon fans will agree..
I like Prime’s take that Nick was telling his boosters to pony up or get left behind..
That 2020 average comes waaay down with if Senior day shutout of Vandy had been played that season
There were some beautiful balls thrown in that Arch clip, but there were some amazing catches too…number 2 could be a stud and if 22 hits a growth spurt watch out..
Don’t disagree with this sentiment, Nolan Smith isn’t some guy buried in the roster..that omission was glaring to me
I know it isn’t football BUT…A guy named Tom Crean comes to mind…
Name a team not named Alabama that you believe would beat UGA?
As many as Bryce Young, and every other player mentioned on this list will (likely) never get the chance…