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Lord I hope he goes so I don’t have to read the phrase “sweet Hawaiian prince” anymore...it gives me the willies...
Um...” we decided to take a look at the SEC’s top 10 “overachievers” from the past few years.”
Last year’s Thorpe award winner doesn’t make this list?
It isn’t that hard 11 wins > 10 wins. Especially with a head to head matchup.
What time did Alabama play last Saturday??
As a matter of fact, since 2000 UGA has been to more SECCGs than ANY other team in SEC East or WEST
Why would he? the kid got almost a whole game for responding to an attack...that is a whole quarter an half more than Jennings got for cleating a kid in the face, a guy who was laying on the ground without a helmet.
Lmao said same thing to my buddies this week
Legends says that the 1978 LSU v UGA pregame, UGA III did indeed cow Mike IV after Mike roared at him...rumor is he was trained to do the roar to try and scare UGA at the pregame but UGA III was a bit deaf and unphased even heard he hiked his leg after...Dawgs were a 7 pt underdog and win by 7 ...
You are both missing the fact Pickens was ejected in the third quarter, Jennings wasn’t
A lot of fans hated the same run run pass we see now....however his version worked to the tune of SEC career passing yards leader. other posters are so right about grantham and let’s not forget Willie Martinez while we are throwing stones at former DCs. All said so down with bringing back Bobo
It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone scoring more than 20 on UGA defense..
First time I’ve seen the Barf quoted on SDS, never would have expected it to be Romeo and Juliet but it fits so dang well. Well Done.
These people think USC should be ranked?
In that situation, the margin of victory in both UGA’s second loss, and their win against LSU would definitely play a large role...but as a UGA fan and a fan of other GA sports teams, UGA acquiring a second loss and the winning the conference only to be the first SEC champ left out of playoff would be actually be par for the course
If the offense that played in Jax shows up, that game in ATL will be wild..
Think he said since Malzhans last SEC title, which would remove the ‘13 wins over Bama and UGA
Is the S.C. loss that much worse than some others in playoff history tho?? OSU, Clem, Bama , have all “bad losses” in their championship runs
SEC site, no one cares...what IS amazing is how everyone is ignoring that UGA defense..
Maybe the SEac should drop army and pick up app st? Move Mizzou to west and it’s done a brand new 3rd place East team plug and play