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Lol was it about the idiots who presume to write about a team and can’t even get their record right?
It’s like the third article haven’t really paid any attention to the authors to know if it’s the same dumba** over and over or if there is more than one.
I’m just saying that the players should no longer have access to the schools’facilities because they have quit. They didn’t move on they quit before the season was done. So no, no workouts, no pro day, nothing. Call your agent bye bye. Btw players are more than compensated for their time at these universities. That’s the key, everyone says they should get “paid” because everyone knows they already being compensated. But would be curious to hear ideas about monetary compensation. Do you pay skill players more? Or do you base it on recruiting rankings? What about D2/D3 athletes? Do you cap to give smaller schools a chance? It’s silly really but I do agree that if Nike wants to pay tua go for it, if EA wants to cut every player in FBS a check for their likeness/number I’m all for it.
Is Bama really that far ahead? I don’t follow the numbers or recruiting but to say they are untouchable at this point isn’t premature? Legit question not trying to troll
Every school should run them out of town. You don’t wanna play in a bowl game? Fine take your stuff and get outta the dorm, gimme the food card, GTFO.
An assistant fills out the ballots most programs most of the time....
Let’s play the game before we anoint Kylar the best quarterback on the Bama schedule shall we? The fella that played against them last had pretty solid numbers for his teams offensive style....We Honestly don’t know which one could been the better baseball player either....
Well they are a P5 school (technically PAC is P5) Cali and Texas aren’t too far away and they have won Natty since our Dawgs have so I can see his argument. Plus with success comes the money and enthusiasm, or have you not noticed all these Bulldog Bandwagoners... Plus pot is legal (not that the players are allowed)
Um It’s over I get it, not necessarily bothered by OU over UGA, but I am curious if the committee recuses themselves for rivals as well as “their” teams?? No one reported in all this hullabaloo that the ADs from UF AND GT are new to committee.... wonder if that played a role.....
Homerism aside....how does the best rushing attack in the conference one of best in nation have no representation at RB? Just wondering...I dunno Williams or Snell’ sYPC or receptions or any stats but surely you looked at something other than total rush yardage
And that’s with backfilling whoever, not a UGA scenario just be a funny move
I’d like to see the committee drop ND ala TCU for not playing conference championship...:
Well, UGA is the defending SEC Champ so it’s not like it’s unreasonable for the guy to say more than “Bama is better” I can get that at Walmart
Lol, so insightful this guy....really knows his football
Play them like you would a Big 12 team....pound rock limit their possessions can’t score if they aren’t on the field
Basically what conference championship week is supposed to be, but all the other conferences have lopsided divisions this year
I hate that if Dawgs win they are going to have to beat Bamma twice for a natty...W.T.F
IMO, UGA D makes honor roll for holding the Country’s top rush attack to less than third its output....but that would add too much credibility to the author
Officiating seems to get worse every year I don’t know if it’s pressure from media fans or the laxness of onfield officials relying on review to clean up their mistakes but it’s has been really bad on all levels these last two -three seasons
Not yet...:. One more year with this young team Mel, next year can be really special...