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Not cool. The talking head should recognize Pruitt and his staff are coaching through Butch’s lack of progression.
Please don’t make me stop watching college sports too. These AD’s and President’s better have a conversation with Roger Goodell. Step two would be to fire every so called professor that’s taught them this action is protected by free speech.
Oh, now we’re friends? LOL! I hope he doesn’t go though. . Whether Louisville, Miss St., or UF, Dawg fans like having Grantham on the schedule
Not sure what you mean by promises but agree with the beware part. He has pretty low numbers after 3 years and both grades and stats very similar to JJ Holloman. In Kirby I trust. However, with only one season to play, problems with drops, questionable ability to block and the fact we have HIGHLY rated guys with 1-2 years in the system ready to step up, I just feel this scholly could go to a grad transfer TE giving us the depth needed there now while clearing the way for the 2 5 Star TEs were after this year.
Embarrassing few weeks how? Sure the Sugar Bowl was an embarrassing NIGHT but what else? SECCG? Nope? Tucker becoming a head coach? Nope. Chaney making more and moving? Nope. 4 Juniors to NFL? Nope. Replacing a 5* stud QB who couldn’t beat out Fromm and left for a 4* stud QB willing to sit, watch, and learn? Nope. C’mon man. In that same time UGA has #2 class and will replace both coordinators with coaching and recruiting studs. #3 and #1 classes mean plenty of talent and next man up.
I wouldn’t put much stock in the article. It’s an outside view. An opinion piece with no access to day to day info. Justin was given a chance to win the starting job. Spring, fall camp, every day at practice during the season. He simply signed with a team that already has an alpha QB. That required the mindset of being ok with spot duty and learning for 2 years then running the show for 2. It appears he’s no longer willing to do that. Nothing Kirby and Company can do with that. Tua said if he had not played in the ‘17 Championship game he’d have transferred. He was the beneficiary of a bad game from Hurts. Justin didn’t have that. Fromm had 1 bad game (LSU) then came back and lit it up every day from then on. That’s what an Alpha does. I hope things change and Justin stays because the writer is wrong. UGA’s pro style offense is a great fit. He’d leave with NFL knowledge, 2 years of stats, and probably 100% healthy given the quality of the run game and OLine. At 18, it’s hard to have that kind of patience though.
Current class is #3 even with 4 decommit (2 5 stars). Hasselwood Dean, and Webb are still on the table. 2 out of 3 there is HUGE , possible and even likely. This class will be HIGHLY talented. Maybe not #1 given the smaller size but will definitely grow the % of 5 and 4 star talent & depth.
1. Grabbing a face mask never hurt anyone. There are no safe spaces in football. The only tears allowed are championship tears. 2. Ever think Pruitt's lack of trust isn't with the QB but what the media does with the QB's comments?
“RB: The Tigers lost Kerryon Johnson and Kam Pettway, which is a big blow, but one should have faith in Gus Malzahn’s ability to produce 1,000-yard backs.” True but he gets them by running them into the ground. That’s not a positive as shown in the SECCG and Peach Bowl.
Ouch. When he flips back to UGA, Kirby will clamp down on that locker room material. No Freshman interviews or social media.
Logic not emotion? While using all those “!”s? Why isn’t all this logic going to support your team and new coach? 9k at your Spring game and you’re trolling another team. Assclown.
Lol! Title is “Why Alabama...” (with a pic of CNS) not, “Why Alabama fans...” I’m sure CNS could care less if fans are worried. The arrogance it takes to think the article relates to you is laughable.
You are spot on... if CMR was at UGA. This is CKS. This was his 2nd year. Look at Saban’s year 2. Look at Kirby’s. Definitely no guarantee of future success but on field and recruiting accomplish support a positive outlook. The writer is correct on all accounts. Saban, nor any other team, should be worried. Hell Saban taught Kirby to take care of your own stuff and don’t worry what others are doing. You’re reach back to the past is about as relevant as others bringing up Schula in Saban’s second year. Stupidity.
It’s done Chief. Kirby did UGA it. He out worked everyone else. Now let’s develop these guys so he can be #1 on the field. Congrats to Bama for this yeR and several in the past but you gotta admit, you feel Kirby’s breath on the back of your next. Hold on for a fun ride and can the Richt era fatalism.
Man you are the ONLY classy Bama fan I’ve seen today. To you Sir, congrats on the Natty and 7 #1 classes along with a few years of on field and recruiting competition between the Master and Disciple.
What an Ahole. 7 straight and you can’t respect another team with a coach you wacked off to as your DC hitting No. 1 for the 1st time. You’re the kind of toothless wonder f*** that gives any fan base a bad name. Bama isn’t in anyone’s head. Year 2 Saban = Sugar Bowl & UTAH. Year 2 Kirby = CFPNC Game and overtime to Alabama. F*** you you toothless turd. Today is Kirby’s day and I guarantee your savior Saban had more class in giving Kirby a than you’re GED, Pomeranian turd kicking ass can. Food stamp licker.
I think if Quay Walker flips to anyone it’ll be UGA. Hoping for Campbell, Walker, and Bush to add the the 2 DL commits signing tomorrow. Glory Glory!
The terrible coaching job was riding Conway into the ground so he wasn’t available for the SECCG or UCF. That’s your coaches MO. He’s earned it. You own it.
Yet he’s still paid less than Saban and makes the hot seat article every year. Kudos.
I love me some Eason and my Dawgs but I think you’re stretching it with the “picking apart” thing. If memory serves, UGA’s only TD was a defensive TD in that game. Dawgs won but Eason did little picking apart.
I hear you and agree but not for the same reason. The 6 year argument is moot. Saban has what? 1-2 NCs at 6 years? Kirby Year 2 beat Gus on the bigger stage and when it counted then went and beat OU while AU lost to UCF followed by OT in the Championship. College football is now what have you done for me lately AND how do you compare with Savan’s success NOW. The reason he’s not going anywhere IF that contract is signed is the buyout. AU is going to watch Gus ride the same horse into the ground year after year just as he did with a GREAT running back this year. 1 trick pony is the rep he’s earned.
Think I’d switch 3 and 4. If we’re talking talent/performance alone, Ta’amu has pretty great numbers with a larger body of work than Tua and I don’t think anyone believes Hurts would be as successful (wins) surrounded by Ole Miss’ 2017 talent.
LSUMC - You are 100% when talking total numbers. CA, TX, & FL put out the most. GA has been gaining for several years and now if you factor in population, the state has more “D1” talent per capital than any other with no major in-state competition from other schools. I believe that’s the primary reason CNS said UGA was the best job in football from a coaching perspective. Shined a light on why Kirby held out then jumped on the UGA opportunity.
Lol! Go worship fresh fruit and leave the insider prognosticating (look it up) to the insiders orange boy.
UA is 0-1 against Utah under Saban. Utah is a powerhouse.
^ and last year’s the # 3 recruiting class with # 1 so far this year. Plus player development is far better than in the past. Look at this year’s OLine compared to last. And still Undersized center & left guard. Freshman R guard & tackle. Now look at the last two OLine recruiting classes for UGA. That’s what we call stacked. That’s also what you call how Saban has been THE BEST at getting on top and staying in the running every year. This is what makes these 1 and done comments like this and “Homer Simpson’s” below so short sided, amateurish, and embarrassing.
How about Saban’s 2nd year? Tebow & Utah anyone? Here’s the facts of last night. 1. AL is a better team in terms of depth, fixed, and strength 2. AL’s 5*s were on the field. UGA’s on the sideline or in HS still 3. Saban’s 10th year. Kirby’s 2nd. 4. 1 more game played + the energy expenditure of the Rose Bowl for UGA + the first time on this stage and still razor thin for AL. In the past UGA would have lost by 30. 5. UGA’s DBF 2 & 3 Star kids. Parrish is 5’10” and all heart but the last of that CB size and talent level you’ll see at UGA under Kirby. 6. UGA ain’t Clemson (check recruiting) and Kirby ain’t Dabo...he learned from the master. You cussed and cried 80% of that game. When’s the last time you saw a team go toe to toe with the mighty AL without a running QB, weird luck, or pick play in the end zone to win? So congrats on a great game and title. But don’t sit there as an outsider who doesn’t play a snap and dismiss what Kirby is building. SEC Champs. Rose Bowl. See ya next year entitled one. GO DAWGS!