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Get this guy his own column...and sitcom. He laughs a lot.
Crashing economies? No. However, there’s been ample evidence over the past 4 years that the US media and those who oppose Trump will spread misinformation and exaggerate to disrupt or slow the economy until November. If you don’t believe that by now you’re the idiot. FACTS.
Corona virus is now AIDS? Geez. This is why it’s been blown WAY out of proportion.
Correct...when they change the rules allow the players to have contracts and be paid. Until then, you stay within the rules you agreed to when accepting the offer to play football in exchange for a free education, food, facilities, world class coaching, and membership into an alumni network to leverage in the future.
He is talking to a UT guy. Leave him alone. They were 0-2 against the state of GA and THE Pitboss has earned it. Fire away HogFan.
Crowell yes. Holloman...gone Harvey-Clemons...went Pickens...still but hurt, huh?
I’m sure you remember your last off season. Joke of college football.
C’mon man! Take the Jorts off and be real. Kirby/UGA have had fewer TEENAGERS do stupid stuff than UF these past 4 years. Look it up. There’s always going to be a couple out of 85+ Young, alpha males doing something stupid. Your Joey boys (more than any other school) should shut the hell il when it comes to player misconduct. Credit cards. Payments. Sexual assault. HERNANDEZ. With that said, if he had signed with Flo, you’d be touting Cousin Eddie’s morals in telling him no. #HouseofTurds.
I see where you’re going with that. Lol!
You missed (or ignored) his point. The same point millions of sports loving Americans agree with. He shouldn’t have to tolerate a sports commentator or athlete pushing their beliefs/agendas. Sports is (was) an escape from all that. The network & team owners (not employees) have the right to allow it as it’s covered by work place law and not the 1st amendment; however, those millions of people watching have the right to tune out. Hence the drop in NFL ratings & attendance. Kneeling cost them millions. That’s why it’s not seen now and that, in part, is proof positive it’s a work place policy and not constitutional right. Let’s see how Karpernick’s new Nike shoe sells. I doubt it’ll be in every closet. He gave his commentary and opinion on a comments & opinion board without attacking and going in the gutter. You didn’t. Merry Christmas.
It’s actually, “MY God, a freshman” and that stare line flows both ways.
Congrats to LSU. Man that’s a great team and coaching staff. I’m not an SEC homer. Never thought it fun to cheer for other teams who use it in recruiting. However, you can’t help but hope LSU’s kids and coaches are sitting at the top when it’s done.
1. Spend a ton of $ on facility upgrades. 2. Contract to use AT&T stadium starting in 3-5 years if you don’t want to spend $ on the stadium. 3. Hire the support staff needed and budget to compete in recruiting. 4. You’re in Nashville. Use it. 5. You’re a great academic school. Use it. Unless you do 1-3, 4 & 5 won’t matter. Unless you do 1-5, X’s & O’s won’t matter.
That all sounds good but UGA’s margin of error is a lot less than LSU’s when you compare offensive production to date. Add to that a banged up RB & OL plus top receiver out and you’re asking the defense to hold dynamite in a box for a long 60 mins.
Sorry. Just not seeing it. All this seems like safe space sh** to me. He didn’t know it was a young woman(why does that matter today any way?) History (not profiling) led him to assume it was a guy who had his bell rung, would grab a new lens, and get back to work. He’s 4 stories up, crowd surrounding, and can’t see. He’s filling airtime. Once he finds out, his demeanor changes. This world is in trouble if that causes mass gnashing of teeth. Idiots.
Yet that team had you cussing Gus for 3 Qtrs. Went soft zone for 2 drives in the 4th giving you hope just to go back to Junkyard defense and ruin your pathetic weekend.
The day after: I made note of your reply to dawg man’s sarcasm. How’d that prediction turn out? Feel like polishing up that Gus bus?
...and only 23% of Americans are on twitter so they have to make it appear all are and have the same opinion.
I’ll allow that. 10 for taking the time to Google it. Nice!
Exactly. A possible benefit may also be bringing the separate divisions closer to the same level over time and bringing teams within the divisions closer as this would also give a shot to “mid-level” teams’ recruiting. More opportunity to compete with AL, LSU, UGA on the trail. More revenue from big/unique games to upgrade facilities leading to more blue chips on more teams. THAT would be great for all. As a minimum, seeing teams play more regularly would be fantastic.
Fromm went 20 of 26, 1TD, 0 INT against the strongest unit the Irish put out there. Their secondary allowed them to stack 8 and even 9 in the box throughout keeping the running game “in check”. I wouldn’t call that game managing. The stat drop off you use to basically say UGA isn’t that good is a product of going from lesser to better competition. Just like bama will when playing LSU or had they been on the field with ND last night. A young receiving corps is growing up. Backs are staying healthy. O line depth is already paying off and every red shirt on defense when ND scored their TD after the muffed punt was a Fr or Soph building big game experience. 4 games in and against the first real competition, that’s what you call on track. Props to ND for coming in with a chip and game plan and maintaining both for 60 mins in that atmosphere. Kirby is playing to win the current game and prepare for those ahead. A lot of kids are getting the reps needed for big games in Jacksonville and Auburn. That’s a key element he learned from the GOAT and is a big part of the culture change at UGA. Under CMR UGA probably loses last night. That didn’t happen. That’s what’s “scarey” about last night’s win.
Well that explains the dumpster fire of your players wanting to strike and falling admissions. You really are an idiot.
Great young man who did a lot for the Athens community and continues in KC. His Momma raised him right. I wouldn’t say underutilized. The Freshman year at DB was arguably a mistake so he didn’t start learning the offense until his Sophomore Spring. Had he stayed for his Senior year, I think What people refer to as underutilized would simply be Sophomore & Junior years and the growth that takes place during that time that leads to the holy crap senior year. However, his game is speed. Not size. Going pro now was his best play. That speed doesn’t last forever and that extra $M year will be big for his financial future.
We are indeed fortunate to have Sentell’s intel. I’d throw Rusty, Jake, and Kipp from 247 in there. I don’t visit other team sites often so I couldn’t swear to it but if another team has 4 guys like that I’d be blown away and then raise them the DawgNation guys.
Definitely. We had 1 year of having a weapon punting the ball. Hopefully an off-season and last year’s experience produced the same for Camarda.
Agreed Connor. This guy has no credibility. When your wife (ex?) is taking the time to say you’re an idiot that’s telling. Dan’s not exactly the man in our world but that’s 2 parts fun rivalry and 1 part Dan’s motivational efforts. The man started at the bottom like 99% of coaches and made it to head man. That alone says something. He’ll be judged and stay there by only one thing, performance. Not the opinions of someone who Threw away the trust and credibility needed to coach and mentor young men.