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Eli is a great recruiter. Doesn’t matter if the best recruits ride the pine and transfer! Resign! To wolfman and Eli apologist you don’t write checks like we do. Move on. Who’s the MO state coach?
Everyone calm down!!! We got Sam Horn valuable playing time, put extra tight end to fix the line and did real well on east, west and south plays. Bet anything tigers win next week!
Mizzou has a coaching problem and it’s about to get him an extension!
I don’t wanna write checks to bush league schools! Callin timeouts with no chance to win,,, BUSH!
When did we throw the ball deep before halftime wolfman jr.?
Coach pinkel never called timeout with 5 seconds left down 34 to eek out a td. Don’t want him representing my school anymore
Our coach would lose to Kansas with the kc chiefs
Y’all got Missouri in a couple weeks. They will make y’all’s boys look like nfl superstars!