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Then quit being idiots putting games on a late time on monday. Its college football. Its supposed to be played on saturday.
You could see even in the defense they gave up after white got hurt. Only a fool thinks jf3 is a qb. He is as accurate as a sawed off with buckshot throwing and a db spy stops his runs. Johnson threw the ball the best overall, but telegraphs every move too slow and easy to read. White is great at short throws but has no arm for anything over 20 yds. Its time to send gus and rhett packing for someone who can actually coach and develop a qb, not use 3 in a game like did all season. Some offensive guru.
He just wanted something greasy to settle his stomach from the liquor.
On my twitter and probably most of them. These were probably the few who like the drunken fool.
Talk about biased. Anyone who is gonna miss this drunken buffoon is crazy. He spends most of the games talking about cam, tebow, manzeil, and oh did you know mark ingrams dad is in prison? Fat bastard cant be gone fast enough.