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IDK why fans act like this. You have a quarterback who has given you 26-2 as a starter and you have a freshman who plays 1 great half for you and BAM! He's the new messiah. Tua worked because he wasn't expected. Preparation in practice makes all the difference. Don't be silly y'all. Hurts is a great player and classy guy (he acted like a gentleman and a real team player last night after he got pulled). He's a leader and he's done great things for y'all. Don't go talking him into transferring.
Oh gosh. Kiffin, you are like the girlfriend who can't stop talking about her ex. Stop it. You're embarrassing yourself and your mascara is starting to run. You've got bigger things to worry about like how you are ever going to get any recognition in that embarrassing conference you are in.
Putting Tua in has got to be the ballsiest move I've ever seen in college football history. I see a lot of Alabama fans trashing Jalen (who's 26-2 as a starter now) and saying that they should have been playing Tua all yea rØ coach in his right mind would have done such a thing and even Sabin doing it was a 50/50 shot that almost didn't pay off. Tua threw an interception in his second possesion and was rattled. Alabama would be singing a completely different tune if Sanders hadnt blown his coverage on the last play because right before that throw Tua took a huge (and I mean huuuugggge) sack. I still say Jalen is better, but Sabin is a masterful psychological coach and took the chance the adjustment to the different quarterbacking style would demand too much from adjustment. It paid off... but with all the mistakes... it almost didnt. This loss is on Georgia. They failed to convert in the second half. They failed to capitalize on interceptions and a number of penalties resulting in first downs. The Georgia offense failed in the second half. With one more touchdown on the many opportunities they had, the game in the hands of UGA. Alabama had handed the win over to them multiple times and Tua is not the godsend that everyone is saying he is this morning. I'm not trying to take anything away from him or Alabama, just trying to add some rationality to the discussion. Sabin is GOAT, especially with this gorilla nuts move.
Auburn can't win against a ranked team without Kerryon. For more info please see Clemson game.
in b4 "no one can run against our no pass rush" Auburn fan comment
That didn't work 9 out of the last 12 meetings we've had against you. Y'all didn't rewrite your entire play book this year so stop being an annoyingly overconfident Auburn fan.
This was bound to happen. They have been running that boy ragged all year depending on him for everything. You work someone that hard they are going to get tired and get injured. Auburns lack of depth and depending on one player (as amazingly talented as he is) could cost them severely.
So what about... UGA @ MSST = 31-3 Alabama @ MSST = 31-24
The important thing here is that Auburn no matter what has to face Georgia again in the SEC championship and it's very very difficult to beat the same team twice in college football (statistically speaking). So it's just unlikely that if Auburn beats Alabama that they are going to beat Georgia in Atlanta on December 2nd. It could happen and if it does, wow what an odds breaker and Auburn should absolutely be in the play-offs because thats just a miracle.
C'mon... root for the east. Y'all should just let us win so that people can stop saying that the west is the only good thing in the SEC. lol
If we are worried about the pass rush against Fromm... it's gonna be a hell of a lot worse with Eason in the pocket... the boy ain't mobile at all.
I hope y'all spank the living crap out of them even if it means facing y'all in Atlanta and losing. Right now, silencing Auburn fans has become my season goal even if that sounds crazy.
I really wish SDS would stop posting his banter. It only gives him the attention he wants but doesnt deserve.
"Gus Malzahn will own Nick Saban"(2013) "Ohio State will house Bama in the title game"(2 weeks ago) "Auburn will beat Alabama" (11-13-17) Needless to say, don't base your betting in Vegas off Cowherd's predictions. He's a complete choad.
lol... these pendants get swept up in emotion worse than a high school girlfriend.
We've beaten teams that bad all year like this. None of our coaches are walking around acting like it's 2nd to the memory of their child' birth. 35yrs later... LMFAO.
Dude... you won a regular season game and act like you won the national championship. You're 8-2... settle and stop thinking you going to the CFP with two losses. The thing you should be worrying about is whether you wanna root against your biggest rival (Bama) or your second biggest rival (the Dawgs) when they play against each other in Atlanta on December 2nd - decisions, decisions. I want to let you know that we'll gladly accept your salty cheers (pun intended).
It will never happen. A team with two losses has never gone to the CFP and Auburn is definitely not good enough to set that precedent.
My favorite game all year was the game we played against you guys. Not just because we won. I just love your passing game... its really beautiful.
I'm gonna be pissed if Richt wins championship with them. It will be just the ultimate slap in the face that UGA is just cursed.
Don't start fighting with Alabama fans now... they arent the enemy... yet. And lets be honest, Alabama actually has earned the right to brag. Meanwhile, Auburn walking around like they going to the CFP with two losses... dream on. It's never happened and it aint gonna happen.
It’s pretty sad when a win in regular season play is the highlight of your career.
Auburn is the SEC's Miami in every way... except their cheerleaders aren't hot, they have less national titles, and they think getting lucky means they are good. So, basically they are just the thugs of the SEC.
Fromm is not the reason we lost the game... actually he was probably one of the only things that WASN'T wrong with the game. Cheney's play calling (run the ball up the middle over and over expecting different results) was a huge issue for the offense. Everytime they let Fromm drive the ball with throws we scored a touchdown (1st drive and last drive of the game). With that being said, I can't blame the fans for thinking he's the problem though because our own coaches don't have any respect or confidence in Fromm so how can expect the fans or analysts to.
Clearly after the ass stomping they received from them tonight. I heard ESPN is actually considering airing the rest of this seasons Vol games in the highschool football time slots.
Typical Auburn fan. They win one game against a ranked opponent and they think they won the national championship already. A behavior that shows how few and far between these moments are for them. So, slow your roll bud. The likelihood of you going to the playoffs with two regular season losses is slim to none (so slim that a team with two losses has never gone to the playoffs). You might have won the battle tonight but you already lost the war when you lost to Clemson and then to LSU (a team that is ranked 24th). And don't forget you still have to play Alabama and (maybe) UGA again. Enjoy your moment of the season because your season ends on or before December 2nd.
well... I'd rather be overrated than not being rated, relevant, or even noticed this season at all like Tennessee has been.
1. He does this for attention because no one who watches sports as much as this guy does can be that dumb about sports and 2. he works for Fox which has a lot to gain by boosting hype for B1G. The SEC is owned by a rival network so OF COURSE hes going to talk down to the SEC because as of now, it pulls something like 6x the viewership for its games. The more people think the SEC doesn't house the champion the more they will tune into Fox broadcasted teams. Just IGNORE him.