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Thank you, Hayden. I am not sure why the guy felt he had to make a personal attack on my state's educational institutions. In my opinion, the SEC has some of the finest universities in the country academically. Each school is a world leader in their respective areas of study. I work for the University of Mississippi and I am damn proud of that.
Also, the onside kick should have been called back, Bama penalized 15 yards and made to rekick. A player cannot swat and/or bat a ball intentionally forward. And yes, the Bama player intentionally batted the ball. Also, fumbles and interceptions are a part of the game. Oh, that fluke play started with a fluke snap. Can't help Ole Miss wanted more than Bama.
Aggieband, you are a sad clown. I did go back and watched the game twice. Alabama torched the Rebs D? Since when is 100 play and 503 yards torching? That's a little over 5 yards a play, correct? Ole Miss ran 65 plays for 433 yards. That's 6.66 yards per play. That's pretty good considering Bama's D was supposedly an NFL defense masquerading as a college D. And Ole Miss' Offense did that in Bama's house. You know, Confucius said, "man who stands on toilet is high on pot." Get down off the toilet.
I agree. Ole Miss will love to have you in Oxford. The thing is I don't see an issue if your team is down by three scores and you leave with 4 or 5 minutes left. Especially if the offense was really stinking it up. There was still 10 minutes left in the game when the mass exodus began. I love my Rebels and had faith, but I knew Bama wasn't going to just roll over. I was still nervous as hell. Hats off to two very good teams. Alabama showed why they are Alabama and Ole Miss did a great job of stepping up and making the plays when it counted.
I live in MS. I received my undergrad at Belhaven and my MBA at MS College. My GPA was a solid 4.00 throughout. I am a proud Ole Miss fan through good times and bad. I understand that this is simply a sport and, hopefully, we will all go home after the game and have memories to share for years to come. However, an idiot like aggieband tries to get clever and take a shot at a group of people simply because his pissed all these Mississippians are blowing his little mope head off the road. That's why he knows all the different license plates.