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There's something very 'on brand' for Tennessee fans burning mattresses and rioting with the departure of a mediocre football coach, after completing a very mediocre season. Tennessee was mediocre when Kiffin got there, mediocre when he left, and has been (mostly) a dumpster fire since he left. Neither Kiffin nor Tennessee has been in an SEC title game since the failed marriage....I believe with a W over LSU this will be the first time since 2011 while at USC that Kiffin will have beaten a P5 team that won 9 or more games in a season -- woof! It's honestly bizarre that this union didn't endure
Something tells me Kirby is just fine collecting natty's and SEC titles. He's the best coach in the sport right now by a pretty wide margin, whether the writers who vote on the coach of the year awards recognize it or not.
'...to think Florida is not prepared to be in this environment is a joke' ^ That didn't age too well
This is a Billy Napier or Scott Stricklin burner account. Please, for the benefit of those of us less educated, could you please list a single silver lining from last night? Can you point to a single player that gives you reason for optimism? How about something the team did well? Could you point out a single area in which they performed better than they did a year ago? Can you provide a single shred of evidence that Billy Napier isn't in over his head? The recruiting class next year is his only positive, and that won't hold together either if the team goes 5-7 or 3-9, both of which appear to be distinct possibilities after getting smoked by a team rotating between their 2nd and 3rd sting QB all night. The 'tomato can' Vandy might just 'paste' the Gators again this year
Is this a Billy Napier or Scott Stricklin burner account?
Saban's comments last year about Jimbo and aTm were not a tantrum; they were calculated -- calculated to encourage Bama boosters to step up to the NIL plate in a bigger way, and calculated to undermine the class Fisher had reeled in by getting under his impossibly thin skin, and they worked to perfection on both counts. I'm not a Bama fan, but Saban is a master manipulator and motivator; he doesn't care if it sounds like double-talk to some SDS writer, he only cares about winning and doing whatever it takes to give himself the best chance to win.
Well Dan, considering Florida is 31-0 against Kentucky since 1987 whilst being coached by anyone but you, I'd say that's a solid pick
Is this a Drinkwitz quote? Kinda Spurrier-esque though I think the ole ball coach wouldn't have bothered to remain anonymous
You have to respect the heck out of what Kirby Smart has done for the UGA program, but seriously any list like this without Saban at #1 is totally wrong (and I'm not a Bama fan fwiw). Saban had zero (yes, zero) of the same assistants on staff for his 2020 national title that were on staff for the 2017 title. Bama goes 1-1 against UGA last postseason and suddenly Kirby is a better coach right now? Sorry, but I'm not buying. I think any program in the country would trade their head coach right now for Nick Saban straight up and go home thinking (correctly) that they got a hell of a deal
Give me all the petty in college football. Not a Bama or aTm fan but I'll be watching this game now
Tennessee post 2007: 'It will be our mission to be the most complete, all consuming, raging dumpster fire in the entire country. This will be a multi-sport effort but with particular emphasis on football' Auburn: 'Hold my beer'
Kirk Herbstreit, who never even so much as sniffed an NFL practice squad, much less a 53, and never mind an early round pick, offering insight on players who stand to make millions in guaranteed life changing money in the event they stay healthy is utterly asinine. We get it Kirk, you love college football. So do we. But get over yourself trying to make emotional arguments regarding business decisions. The bowl games actually are meaningless. And it’s on college football to fix that, not the players, and certainly not the fans.
The last P5 Head coach to leave an SEC job for another job without being fired or resigning was Dan Mullen wasn't it? Was the HC at Miss State and left to take the UF job
Really nice of the ‘sophisticated’ academics to give local businesses around LSU time to plan. I don’t own a restaurant or root for LSU, but I feel bad for those that do. Everyone should be able to make their own decisions about whether or not they get vaccinated and whether or not they choose to participate in activities that may feature crowds or large gatherings.
'I prayed hard on it....and then Shad Kahn called and offered me $10MM/year and the #1 pick in the draft, so I said sure! If we find a way to win a lot of games, great (for 2/3 seasons). If we don't, I'll be out of here faster than Tate Martell can transfer again' -What Urban actually meant
You're exactly right! How in the world is the 'other corner' the only reference to Florida's defense? They were putrid all over last year. I can see putting Emory/QB situation #1 for some people, but the overall health of the D (And Grantham) can't possibly be lower than #2
Maybe the new 'Alliance' can sign the Paris Climate Accords too while they're at it
The B1G is a joke. If I were a booster of a B1G program I would be insisting on cleaning house in the conference leadership. Look at what a joke Michigan has become; at least credit Ohio State (as much as I don't like them) for landing Urban Meyer and catapulting themselves into the modern day. The rest of the conference hasn't just been passed by, they've been lapped. The biggest B1G headline I can remember of the last year was Nebraska actually trying to use COVID as an excuse to duck playing (and ostensibly being shredded by) Oklahoma. It's no shock at all they would be completely oblivious to the changing winds of college football -- that's basically their national brand at this point. AAU accreditation? Really? Someone please tell me the last blue-chip recruit to pick a school based on their AAU accreditation status
Bring 'em! 'Horns down' is my favorite celebration. I have no opinion on Texas honestly but it would be hilarious watching Nick Saban beat the brakes off Sark for two years before they fire him and write him a check for $25MM not to coach any more. Texas and the Vols could have a cute rivalry about 'the real UT,' Oklahoma would be a fun 4-loss team, I don't really see any downsides to this
The idea that Dan Mullen is 'trending up' after the way last season ended is utterly ludicrous. He's reeling in the 4-5th best recruiting classes in the SEC with the 2-3rd 'best brand' (Bama no doubt #1 and UF/UGA a pick em 2/3), he's 1-2 against UGA, he's the only coach to lose to Kentucky at UF in the last 34 years...is the program better than when he took over? Probably. But to say he is trending up after going 0-3 to close out the season and then underwhelming in recruiting (again) is pretty far-fetched
One thing you have to respect about UF: if they're paying a coach millions and he doesn't win big, they won't settle for a decade of mediocrity and face-planting in big games before they get rid of him and give someone else a shot.
One thing you have to respect about UF: if they're paying a coach millions and he doesn't win big, they won't settle for a decade of mediocrity and face-planting in big games before they get rid of him and give someone else a shot.
I am admittedly not a fan of Tennessee, but to be clear are they going to be 'ok' going 6-6 as long as the losses are all to teams that finish the season .500 or better? Is that where we are with Tennessee football? Sugar coat it any way you like, but here's a nice fact that can't be ignored or denied: Central Florida is in worse shape after three years of Huepel as HC than they were when he was hired as HC.
Josh Huepel at Central Florida: 2018: 12-1 2019: 10-3 2020: 6-4 2021: Lauded by his old boss as a great hire at Tennessee I want to laugh....but given the state of Tennessee football is this even funny any more? Guess it'll be a fun 3 years until we are all back here again lauding the hire of whatever G5 coach they bring up next