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He's talking about wins. Add despite our 15 year slump, we still have more wins all time which is a fact. I think that is all he is saying. Pretty obvious uga is in a better situation right now than UT but to say a school with this much history and money going around cannot ever get back to elite is more delusional.
Glad you can predict the future. I'll admit I quit reading after the first few sentences, but it's just another jab at UT. We've made bad choices over that last few coaches. That can happen to anyone. It's just happened to us multiple times in a row. The cupboard is not bare. We have talent. Just need a competent coaching staff and one we can keep longer than 3 years. We get consistency and no reason we can be back in the discussion. There is too much money going around to think we can't be elite ever again.
Nobody cares about Aaron Murray. You better get going, Kirby is calling for you. Don't want to be late to your next teabag session.
Everytime I look up moron, ignorant, bigot it always has your name in bold.
Won't be the first time a coach has been hired when previously been in trouble with ncaa.
So you automatically say that if Freeze is hired, he will commit the same infractions as he did at ole miss? If that is the case then look around and see how many coaches should not be coaching right now due to something they did in there past.
We've got a proven winner that seems would want to come to UT. Who gives a dam what people think honestly. Winning fixes everything. Hire Freeze. This should be no question. Hire him and move on from this mess. Try and get Steele as Dc.
I'll take "who is a 2nd grader for $500", Alex. Calm down salty pants. He calls us hillbillies all the time. No reason we can't call him the same.
You are correct. I just like to give the crybaby, aka kirby's biat*h, aka corch, something to to reply to. He gets lonely in his "holler". Only one team can win it all. I'd take top 5 season anytime.
Yeah that's true. Losing chandler hurts but him being a senior, we just gotta think of it as him graduating. We have a few young rb's that hopefully can step in.
The only transfer that surprised me was Morris. Other than that, all the guys on the list were a near given to hit the portal so may be reading into that too much. Chandler has one more year to play and his time this year was cut with Gray getting more of the bulk. So I don't blame him. Shrout and G should speak for themselves. They were not part of the future. Yeah, UT is out of control right now for sure, but to say they are "jumping ship" is probably not the best phrase. I could understand players leaving in the near future but the guys so far are just looking to find I place to play. Again, Morris is the only one. Hopefully he doesn't try to follow Friend because Friend did him no favors.
So Bama broke the rules and deserve payback for doing such? Ok, that makes sense...
Aren't mac jones and Trask both 3* recruits? I could be wrong on that. Either way, these guys developed into what the were this year. No matter the stars, you have to have a staff to develop these guys. We've not had terrible recruiting but look at the play on the field. On the other side, look at teams like Cincinnati. They don't recruit as well as us but yet end up in NY6 bowl. UGA has top classes last 4 years or so and they can't get over the hump. They are still a great team but you can see what I'm saying. The 4 and 5* guys do make a difference but you still need to have a competent staff to develop them, etc.
Having a good common sense coach to lead the program goes a long way as well.
I may be wrong but I don't think he really cares and is just attempting to be a smarta$$.
Yeah... It's Fulmer's fault. Just blame Fulmer. He also created covid-19 and started the 2nd world war.
No thanks, but based off the last few hires I'm sure he'd be on the short list. We tend to find the best of the best.
Just fire him already and get on with the search. We have a few options now to take his place so go for the home run hire. Otherwise, stop wasting our time and cancel the season next year. Just say it's "covid related". At least we can support basketball. Baseball not to shabby either.
Good luck with Friend. He had 4 and 5* talent to work with and you see the results... Hopefully he will be better for you all.
Well if he is this confident, I'd say there is plenty of merit behind it. What will happen is he will get fired and afterward it be will confirmed that internal personnel were pushing for this and dug up dirt on him to make it for cause. Furthermore, our coaching search turns into another fiasco because nobody wants to coach for a school in this much turmoil also knowing any wrong or disliked move they make will result in the university doing everything they can to get them fired without penalty. If they were paying players, that's not good per the rules, but let's face it. This has been going on for a long time for most schools.
Wanting to set the rules? No, the committee says to look at the total body of work. These are not my rules. How do you think a 1 loss a&m team or undefeated cincinnati team feels about playing a full slate and seeing osu play 5 games, see the big ten change the rules for them to get them in the championship and then get selected as a top 4 team. This was already settled before the season started.
Prior to the semifinal games, if they are looking at a "body of work" they cannot possibly see OSU as a top 4 team. They have played only 6 games for crying out loud and only 6 because the big ten changed the rules to suit them. We can all look at one game after the fact and say, "oh yeah, they are the better team" but they were not deserving and that's the bottom line. Otherwise, bama and clemson should only play half there schedule and then just call it quits and claim they deserve to be in the playoffs. It is name recognition. Pick another team in this scenario and tell me how you feel.
"Its lone impact win came against Clemson earlier in the season, who was then without quarterback Trevor Lawrence. As for the Aggies, they’ll get a chance to prove they belonged on Saturday against North Carolina." Clemson's backup played just fine so not like it was a big dropoff in production. Also, Notre Dame beat that carolina team that a&m can "prove they belong." Most everyone has trouble when they play bama and clemson. Saying Notre Dame does not belong is incorrect. The problem is the same teams are at the top year in year out aside a few teams. And it looks to stay that way. We can almost say that next year's 4 team playoff will be Bama, Clemson, OSU and then one spot for the outlier. A&m already got destroyed by bama so why set that matchup again for a semifinal?
Quite the salty one, aren't we? Kirby needs you back on your knees. Run along now.
Nevermind sounds like Lewis is gone. Oh well