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If TN has to score that much then we will lose. That's not our game at the current moment.
Kc averages 28 a game so no, the Titans won't need that much. Especially if our run game continues.
They would have lost a lot of games with 530 yards of offense? Really? Get out of here. Everyone thought we'd have to score 40 to beat the Ravens too. I'll take Henry's 180 yards anyday over your "flashy" passes. It's called game manager, controlling the game, etc.
You are correct. So let's just let him go and we can focus on guys that actually want to be a part of the new culture. Plenty other options out there.
Maybe not within the next two years, but yes we will.
I think he wants Riley as the HC and keep Steele right where he is.
Do you feel the overachieved?? Well, they didn't. Let's just be honest. I don't think anyone would disagree with you regarding UT having nothing to do with underachieving.
Nothing wrong with being from the Appalachians. That's assuming you even know what a hillbilly is... But keep trying to trash talk, it's entertaining.
People overlook this because he's "Saban". If it was another coach there would have been more backlash.
Somebody is butthurt. Which fans were rooting for opposing players to get hurt??? I'm sure there is a fan of each school out there that has said this. But not the logical fan.
I with you on this. There are better options out there. Going to have to play defense to win in the sec.
You had/have passion for the game. And for UT. Wish you the best. I hate it had to end this way.
You are so far off it's hardly worth a reply. Curious what UT did to you to get you so upset. Nobody with any common sense would think schiano would have been a good fit. The program can thank there fanbase for keeping them from making a major mistake in hiring schiano.
Lol gatorboy upset... BTW nothing in my comment has me asking to give a bj. Nice try dumba$$.
The only "order taking" at BK would be telling you to get on your knees to scrub the toilets. Put your back into it lil fella!
He was far from the right choice. Hence, the additional backlash. Scandal aside, he was not going to be a good fit. This would have put our program that much further back. Sad the fans had to revolt in order for us to get a legitimate hire. Says allot about the program leadership at that time.
Nothing about your statement is truth. This is a troll job about as sloppy as your blow jobs...
That all you got? You're losing your touch lil fella. Tell Mommy to buy you some new books.
Valid point. Dude is obviously a punk so I'm not going to stick up for him especially if he can't just apologize. But I agree, how can you be the crap out of a woman and remain on a team? Makes absolutely no sense. The should be gone for at least a year. Put it into perspective, what if any of us did these things at our jobs? We would be gone.
Virginia is ranked...love the arrogance, just like a true Fl fan.
I can't imagine you do, but here we are. Should be an entertaining game for us.