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Hey dummy... Congratulations, you have received the participation trophy. I think I may have struck a nerve. Are you gonna make it? You name-calling son of a gun.
Disagree with your idiotic statement as usual. But not surprised by your comments. You have quite a trend going. The only thing entertaining about your game would be to watch UGA lose all hope of the playoffs and waste all of that 5* talent once again.
I'm just hoping for an opposing players safety and I'm the dumb@$$? No, Tennessee dumbA$$? Yeah, ok...
Read the headline of the article and read his comment! This is not about the playoff, it's about Tua's health. Grow up. Yeah, I'm the dimba$$.... Feel sorry for you.
You just don't understand. He had surgery 3 weeks ago. It's not just another player. He has already been injured. Your up 4 TD's and he's still in? Why is he still in or playing to begin with provided his past? Why?
Are you serious? All I want is for him to come back healthy. He should not have even been in the game. Your coaches fault, not the UT fanbase. Who is the trash? You bama fans so greedy for a win you won't stop at anything. But yeah ok, it's our fault.
SMH... Keep telling yourself this is justified. I give up.
It's the fact that he was injured 3 weeks ago. He should have played against Tennessee, he got hurt, had surgery. Should not have played against LSU and especially miss St. Give me a break... Are we still discussing this?
There are multiple reasons he should not have been playing! He literally had ankle surgery 3 weeks ago. Beyond that it was the 1st half and you were winning by by how much??? Against who??? What a joke.
He should not have played in this game or the LSU game! Give me a break. Hawg is right. Dude literally had surgery how long ago and you they're him in 2weeks later. For what?
He could have easily sat tua for this game and still won. Grow up!
I'm with you. I truly hope he comes back 100%.
You're a joke. I'm losing respect for Alabama fans by the minute.
And how much were you up? Are you seriously trying to defend Saban? This is a QB who just underwent surgery how long ago? And hes playing in while your team is up by how much?
Your completely missing the big picture here and that is the problem. Especially when someone points it out to you. In this regard, you and Saban do think alike.
Pretty sure this is beyond bama's chance at a playoff game. This kids career may be over and for what? Your 2019 playoff chances? While up 4 TD's? Great call Saban. Now go defend this bama fans.
With a better oline you don't get hit like that.
I know your just trying to be a smart@$$ but it really doesn't show much in Knoxville. Especially in November.
What games are you referring to. I would like to see them. The ones where players are using helmets to hit opposing players.
I've seen helmets pulled off but not pulled off and then swung at a guys head.
THIS has not happened before. What Haynesworth and Sue did was bad. But this was a different level. And this is not the first time Garrett has been "out of line". Even this year. If there was nobody there to push him back, what do you think would have happened? How do you know what he was thinking at that time? He was literally out if his mind and seemed like he really wanted to hurt someone. Usually when people fight it out in public, outside of a ring, charges are pending.
Anywhere else that would be assault/battery with deadly weapon. That's years of jail time...
I'm with you on this one. I get it he went to a&m but come on guys... It's beyond that.