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Fulmer is PLANNING not expecting. What is he supposed to do? Wait for the last second decision and then scatter to have everything in place?
I think (I hope) he just means that Fulmer was past his prime and it was time to move on. He quit adapting. He was a great coach, it was just time for new blood.
Looks like Dwight, I mean Butch is ready to move on.
If your favorite schools price tag wasn't so high Maybe you would have that opportunity. Gotta get that money to pay of Satan.
Couldn't agree more. Such a shame how he was underutilized. I wish Hurd would have continued and finished his career with us as well. Quite the two headed backfield.
And seriously, what do people expect? There is no vaccine and we can't just stay in a bubble. Of course the numbers are going to go up. Especially if testing goes up as well. This is inevitable. How can everyone not see this coming? I also don't see how delaying seasons are going to help. Unless you delay them until we get a vaccine in another year (we hope).
I'm not in favor of grammar police and nobody is perfect, but if it was a contest, oh my. I think you just took first prize.
If we are going to keep everything open, the best they can do is make it a requirement to wear the stupid things. It may not be 100% effective, but can't we all agree that we really don't have anything to lose. Not going to hurt anybody to wear a mask. Then run the numbers a month or two from now and see what they say.
He's simply preparing for full attendance and protocols that would come with it. It's also a fact that we can all participate and help bring the numbers down.
Yeah he could be special. But definitely helps that we may have a good oline. Haven't had that in a while.
I'm biased but I think Eric Gray is going to have a good year.
I really can't wait for your account to get removed from this site. You're quite the embarrassment. But I guess at least all of us get good laughs at your expense.
Rash decision? So you think because he flipped (most ppl saw this coming) that the rest will follow the #16 safety who's flipped more times than you can count? Lol, ok....
Really? Next, we will have to rename "Smokey" because of the movie "Friday" and somehow will be racist.
Please whine some more, "hillbilly" lol! I've got some cheese to go along with it. It's called continuous under achievement. Leg humpers have the talent on more than one occasion. Just couldn't get over the hump until that year. Mizzou or 2013 Auburn.
Not sure what your point is. Makes him no less of a person.
That's pretty funny. Although, kind of weird Saban wanted him to basically stalk recruits for a week.
Not sure he'd start at UT either. Would definitely be in the competition but I don't think it's a sure thing.
Yeah he can go to corch's leg-humping Dawgs and win the sec east followed by a major letdown. Congratulations! Not sure he wanted to go with Bailey as a freshman and also Maurer as a sophomore. Although I'd say he would have a good shot in the competition.
Some have him going first round in draft so I'd say there was at least talk of it...
We play 3,4,5 & 6 on this list, lol.