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Everything that UT does, classy or not, gets ridiculed by media. Whether it was a phrase by a previous coach 3 years ago or the school trying to help a bullied kid. That was my point. G doesn't get anything bad discussed about him personally, it's only his play that gets disected.
OR get stuffed like they did previously and turn it over on downs. You kick the field goal. Happens all the time.
The head coach also says they need to run the ball better. RPO or not, ya didn't run the ball well. But thanks for attempting to be a smarta$$.
Stoops didn't lose this game. It was a tale of two halves. Uk looked like the better team overall though. But a win is win.
4th and 1 with a very feasible fg try, down 1, you kick the field goal! He made the right call. Why on Earth would you go for it? You make the field goal, we aren't having this conversation. It happens... But not stoops fault.
I wouldn't be so sure. Bama was pretty one dimensional themselves today. Can't do that against UGA or even LSU.
Classy but I'm sure someone will have something bad to say about him.
Yeah, he's not my favorite, but don't ever want to see a guy get hurt. Especially like this.
I wanted to say the same thing but knew I would get blow back. I can't stand that guy. Like your QB. Doesn't play like a freshman at all.
They should have reviewed, but I really don't think it would have been overturned. Just not conclusive. The fumble didn't help right after.
Losing to BYU is not quite the same as Georgia St. , Portland st., Appalachian at., Etc. Just my opinion. The loss is no good of course but more likely.
Every team in football has had a bad loss in their history. It's statistics, it's going to happen. Our loss is no different than those. Even bama has had these type losses. I guess live it up while you can. No team stays on top forever.
Not sure what their angle is to continuously bash one of the most loyal fan base. And if we don't back our team, we get ridiculed as well. Either way we just need to avoid the noise.
Yeah, give it a try. The set up is better imo compared to sling and direct TV. Haven't seen Hulu. But with YouTube you get the locals as well so you can watch cbs, abc, etc.
My goodness, you are so lame! You should have spent your time doing something constructive instead of writing that post.
Never gets old laughing at you
You have problems. I hope you can figure it out. Poor fella...
Really classy. Hope you guys feel better about yourselves.
And yet here you are calling him a thug, etc. Claiming he's guilty.
Again, I don't think one db coming back will change much for us. But if you want to argue, I'm sure there is a brick wall around you somewhere that you can discuss.