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No it won't happen. But it makes sense logistically unlike having Missouri in the east.
Maybe not today but looks like he's basing off of location which makes sense.
No it wasn't. You are correct. It's tough to be asked all these questions while the public is just hoping the coach slips up and say something they can twist around.
Just start Bailey and work around his strengths. If it doesn't work then go Milton.
Will be surprised if we make a bowl. If we do, it should be considered a successful season honestly.
“I wish Maria Taylor all the success in the world — she covers football, she covers basketball,” Nichols said in July 2020. “If you need to give her more things to do because you are feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity — which, by the way, I know personally from the female side of it — like, go for it. Just find it somewhere else. You are not going to find it from me or taking my thing away.” she called out espn and thinks it's not right she loses her spot because they bump Maria up because she's black. That's her opinion, but these comments should not make her racist. She's stating what she sees to be a fact but may or may not be the reason to move Maria into that role. I think Maria does a good job honestly. Rachel has also probably had to fight hard to get where she is as a woman and feels it to be unfair.
If Jones is legit, you all will be fine. At least you have an almost guaranteed W when you play UT.
You are right on. We've not proven to be able to develop recently and that needs to change.
Yeah well we had an all time bad season last year. So I guess we will see.
Yeah that's gonna be one of the tougher teams to play in the whole tourney,honestly.
Thank you. I like the type replies better than "viles", etc. Congratulations on winning another football championship this year. Might as well go ahead and give it to you.
You are correct, @9mmDave. FYI, this is a reply to you. They should have anticipated is being there. Why? Because we are one of the top teams in the nation. Where is Bama sitting right now?
Your killing be Smalls. Therefore, Tiger said "It was never justifiable to tell a person that they can’t earn money from their N,I,L just because they’re a college student." My point is he's acting like they are getting screwed, yet we all know they still got compensated even tho the rule said they could not. Money, cars, houses for family members. So I would not feel too bad for these players. They also get a free education and monthly allowance for food.
Correct. I was just saying that rules were in place but were not always followed. The tiger guy was saying players are not allowed to make money off NIL. I was just saying, yeah that's the rule but they still had their ways of making money and MOST of the time get away with it as well. So it's not like they haven't previously been compensated.
Maybe they weren't supposed to make money this whole time but I think we all know it still happened.
That actually is pretty interesting. But I guess with Rocker and Leiter, not as surprising. These will be starting in the big leagues in a few years.
Probably should not have pulled Hilliard but you never know I guess. Good game though.
I guess we should stop celebrating altogether. Got it. If wright st. had won the same way, imagine how they would have celebrated. It's like when UT sucks at a sport, people can bash us to no end. Then when we are good and win a big game, we celebrate too much or not to everyone's liking and get bashed.
Why is that dumb? What's wrong with celebrating? I guess he should have apologized afterwards for hitting it to far. Give me a break...
It was a grand slam to win the game in the bottom of the ninth in a regional game. This does not happen hardly ever. This is different than a hitter jumping around because he got a hit in the bottom of the 2nd mid season or a pitcher getting a strike out in the third inning in the middle of March.