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I'm sure you could find something better to do with your time. Then again...
Agree 100%. For him to be a defensive genius, he sure could not make any adjustments for the 2nd half. And the change in offensive scheme will not change much for us. Last year we could not generate first downs anyways so we were 3 and out with D back on the field. At least maybe this year our offense can get a first down or two.
No surprise on either. Although I liked Gaines' hustle when he was in there.
He shouldn't be able to play until Fulkerson can play. There is your teaching moment.
Knoxville is actually on the list of top places to live,but we all know facts are not relevant, right?
Well I'm not sure how UGA or other schools handle these situations, but when a player is charged with domestic assault there is a good possibility that will be dismissed from the team.
If that's the case then why commit and sign to a coach who put us in this mess? Your logic makes no sense at all.
Lol very dramatic. How did Auburn contact him before he was released from his NLI?
I'm sure that's what many clemson fans first thought about Dabo as well. Just a no name.
Too bad we don't have G anymore. He could really get thru progressions quick and at a high rate. No, I'm not serious. But seriously, why is Maurer never mentioned in these articles?
Doesn't look like he is taking credit. Just stating a fact. It's stupid either way.
Who said Brooks could not get a release? Or are we just making this up as we go?
The cupboard is not bare like it was a few years ago despite the transfers. Their are still plenty of pieces intact. At this point, I would take those close losses you are referring to in his last year at UCF compared to getting blown out by 3tds because we decide to run up the middle three times instead of letting our qb throw a pick six. Qb is now gone and so are the coaches. We will see how it works out.
Nothing like sucking at your job and also cheating and yet still trying to get millions of dollars. Wish there was some way to cap these salaries as they are wayyyy over paid in all sports. Furthermore, you get compensated extrafor making a bowl game, winning conference, natty, etc. You should lose some of your salary if you suck and have a losing record. Paying these guys millions to coach a GAME is bad enough. Paying them to suck at it is incomprehensible.
Don't worry. He will be here once Kirby allows him to get off his knees.
Just imagine if we played the non conference games. That probably put us to 6 wins. I don't think there would have been as much heat. Especially not enough to fire him.
Just like 75% of your fan base does as well. It is what it is.
To be fair class of 94, your post is not relevant. But thanks for trying to take another jab at us while we are down. Congrats.
No, he is saying that everyone does it. It's not just tennessee and he's not wrong. How do you get that being a pathetic losers take? LOL.
I heard that same story, actually. Regarding the helmets.