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Yeah, pretty happy with 29-4. 2 wins vs UK (possible 1 seed), one vs Gonzaga (possible 1 seed). No bad losses. Pretty sure we can brag a bit. Unfortunately we couldn't win them all. But that doesn't happen very often...
No offense, but we just didn't play a good game. To many turnovers and some of those turnovers were unforced. Auburn does have a good team but had we played our normal game it would have been a different outcome. There is a reason we have only lost 4 games this year. Good luck in the tournament.
That's more like it! Just how you were thru the whole football season. Lol!
Read his previous 500 posts and you will see why I said that... He goes beyond just trash talk on a regular basis. He doesn't deserve appreciation. That's absurd. I'm not going to apologize for sticking up for my team.
You talk way too much trash about UT to go on here and say good game. Get outta here. You give your fan base a terrible rep.
We will see. For some reason UT is always doubted but that's fine. Only second loss of year and sounds like we are worst team in sec?
Stage was set before the game started... All I'm gonna say. Nice fixer upper.
Of course they put Duke number 1 with two losses. Not like it really matters but UT will not get as much respect as they deserve. Just keep playing.
There needs to be something in place to control transfers. Otherwise, it's basically everyone signing a one year deal with no restrictions..
He just opened the flood gates if that is the case. Now everybody will be claiming racial injustice when they transfer so they don't have to sit a year.
Agree. Not sure if they do this already, but schools need to also guarantee 4 years of education no matter what happens on the field. That should be there payment. Especially if the player gets hurt. They need to be able to keep scholarship and finish school and the school should pay for any medical expenses due to injury. With that, players should commit to playing at that school and not hitting free agency at the moment of something not going there way.
Athletes are "committing" to play next four years at school. Pretty sure this rule is in place just so it won't be a free for all when it comes to committing and playing for schools. There needs to be done accountability when it comes to choices when deciding where to go to school. Otherwise, it will be a free agency-type off-season for all players after every year. Signing a letter of intent would be near meaningless with minimal consequences. It would get out of hand really fast with players coming and going anytime they please.
Pretty sure he just used that incident to strengthen his case to play immediately. Obvious reason he transferred because Fromm is going to continue to be starter next year and possibly the next. He should have to live with his decision to go to uga knowing the QB situation. Same situation Eason was in. Not fair to grant the waiver to one player and not the other. Ridiculous if you ask me...
Not sure how many other programs can go 4-8 and 5-7 and still pull a top recruiting class. Hopefully our coaches this time around can develop the talent.
I'm with you on this one if all you said is true about unc. I don't know the whole story. But yeah sounds pretty crappy.
Yep, everybody loves them some filet MIGON! I guess that participation trophy is better than nothing...
Not sure who you are referring to when you say"every vol fan" but we had some pretty good numbers on offense when he was with us last time.
Not sure why you would be glad he's gone. Last I checked, uga offense under Chaney was not too shabby. Just a coincidence I guess.
Have to actually agree. Not sure why they are emphatic about shortening the games. I realize now days everyone wants to do everything by yesterday but in this case, just let the game play out. I feel true fans of the game don't have a problem with the length of the game. Need to keep the special teams aspect in the game as well instead of eliminating it.
Eh first loss of year against a solid Duke team. Given the other losses in the week from other top teams i can see that happening.