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The spot shouldn't be the biggest debate here. They made the call and couldn't overturn it. It happens. But the strip and recovery for td is another story. No way that should have been called back.
Tidefan stop making blanket statements like UT fans are lowest class, etc etc. There were 102,000 people in the stands. 1% or less were throwing stuff. They should never be allowed to attend a game again. But not all vol fans are this way and every fan base has there "crazies" that do stupid stuff. Shouldn't allow alcohol in the stadium. That would help.
Yeah he was faking. Enough that he didn't finish the game. And the ole miss guys injuries were legit even they they came back in the game one play later.
I agree with you. But given I am a vol fan, it probably doesn't mean that much. He's done very well with the little he has had to work with. I'm sure it will go to Smart, maybe Stoops.
No we're not back. Just making progress. Last year's team would have rolled over and lost 52-9 to ole miss. The players are buying in and that's a start. Now he's got to recruit the players he wants for his system. I agree the investigation will play a major part.
Yeah. I imagined him throwing it about 50 rows into the stands but this was just about as bad.
I would say we had similar impacts with 2 starting OL out along with our starting RB and a few DL. That was huge for us considering our lack of depth. I see what your saying but injuries had a big impact on us. But it will be this way the rest of the season I'm afraid.
What was the explanation on the forward progress where we recovered fumble for td? That was huge. So many plays to sway the game but that one was big. We didn't play our best and still almost pulled it off. Proud of the team for fighting. All we had to do is stop Corral from running up the middle but running qbs always seem to give us fits.
Yes 6-6 should be the floor at this point. Now if we could upset a team or two.
Don't worry about the polls. Just keep winning and it will take care of itself.
Wouldn't expect anything less from uga fan. Nice game Aggies.
The problem will be our oline vs uga's D. I'm pretty skeptical whether our oline can create running room for our run game but I guess we will see. Either way, if we put up similar production against USC it would definitely make me feel better. Mizzou has issues on D so we need a larger sample vs sec competition.
Love it. Sometimes it's good to change things around from time to time. The players enjoy this as well.
Yeah. Probably a good time to go to the spread option.
How are they overrated after losing to a higher ranked team? So both of them are overrated?
Hold that thought and see how uk does against UF.
I feel for you because that's what happened with our D when Pruitt was here and it was not pretty. So far this year our D has played much much better than last year's team and that's minus a lot of players with "talent".
He's probably referring to the Florida game where we lost it in the 2nd half. That's fine. Had a few plays gone our way it would have been a different game. Probably not a win but better looking. I'm not sure I understand the Mays comment though. I really hope Hooker can play is all I can say.
The loses go beyond clock management. Either way this team has shown much more than the last despite the issues that have been stated.
Not going to finish reading this one. It's not been that terrible so far. This team has played much harder and better than any of Pruitt's teams. We didn't expect to be 4-0 right now so why all of a sudden is it terrible that we are 2-2? As long as they keep fighting and clean up mistakes, we can build off that. We have a depleted roster yet are playing better than the roster of last year. That says a lot about the coaching staff.
Has Mizzou D really been that bad? I haven't been able to catch any of the games?