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The UF NC needs to be vacated because Georgia paid him $50k?
The same players that won the sec. It was just a bad night shooting. They did this earlier in the season and we lost as well. That's the NCAA tournament for you. One bad cold spell and you're out. Great season. It's unfortunate but it happens.
Agreed. He was just providing his analysis. I will say that UK has that target on their back. With all the talent, five stars, etc. Anything less than final four and you will hear they are overrated.
I don't know. Football season has become predictable. Unless your a handful of teams, it's almost already decided you won't be competing for a championship.
Thanks. St Peters did not look like a 15 if that makes you feel any better. I know it won't. They had the best game the could possibly have. March madness for ya.
You and corch were made for each other. Who gives and who receives?
Lmao you are joking right? How's that six win season treating you?
I don't blame you. I've always liked him. Sec has become very competitive in basketball. Martin is a good coach.
Maybe Barnes can break his curse in the big tourney. I am not fully confident. Good game. I was worried Cal was gonna have a heart attack.
Completely agree. There is a recent show that probably millions have watched called mindhunter that does this.
Louisville with Jackson at 20 or 21. Stats need to be overwhelming to win on a four loss team though.
Exactly. They should fire him and hire Rhule. That would be great.
Still on your mind though. And boondock, you have no room to talk.
Feels good to be on the winning side against them, no matter the sport.
That and Florida over TN. Doesn't matter how bad they are they seem to find a way to beat us.