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Good point. If they want players to stick to there contract (aka scholarship) then coaches should have to do the same OR go thru the same transfer rules as players.
He's just trying to find someone to argue with and blames the TN fan base. That's fine, have Mays sit a year, but all these qb's should have to sit as well. Interconference or not should not matter. A transfer is a transfer. If your so worried about one player changing teams there might be a deeper issue to worry about.
How the he// did you get all of that out of a definition? Please tell me. I'm not debating I just have you the definition, please catch up. I'm also not calling anyone names. Stop making up these arguments in your head. I don't have to provide the reason or circumstance for the waiver. I'm not the lawyer. Apparently he had a good reason, the ncaa approved it. Finally, if you don't think a pandemic is a good enough reason to allow all transfers to play immediately then I guess there never will be a good reason in your mind.
Waiver: An action that sets aside an NCAA rule because a specific, extraordinary circumstance prevents you from meeting the rule. An NCAA school may file a waiver on your behalf; you cannot file a waiver for yourself. The school does not administer the waiver, the conference office or NCAA does.
From what I've seen, most fans want all players to get waivers THIS year. Send me your polling numbers that backup your statement above.
Not begging for anything, we would be fine without him. It's the idea of doing the right thing considering what this year has brought us so far.
At least our coach stands behind his players and when they transfer try not to block it from happening. Nobody here is whining except you. Everyone else gets granted a waiver and Mays didn't at first for some reason. If he was on your team you would probably be scratching your head. But because he's on an opposing team you have to come on here and cry about it.
Let me get you some tissues. My understanding is that losing one player from your roster is a non-issue as you can just go next man up. So time to move on.
Your rationale for Daniels does not constitute getting a waiver either. The only rationale is that he plays the quarterback position.
I see. But why should the opinion of the school they are leaving play a factor?
So Gatewood can get immediate eligibility transferring in same conference,but Mays can't? What is the excuse now?
Lol you're now making a clown of yourself. I guess we will see won't we? Saving face? Seriously?
Find another name to call us other than hillbilly. That's truly ignorant on your part. Get some new material.
"if only he was a quarterback" is not a reference solely about Daniels, obviously. Unless you've been living under a rock you would know that throughout the years, qb's seem to get waivers more often than other positions. Another obvious answer is Mays would make an immediate impact on our team, Gibbs maybe, but not as much as Mays. That could be why more ppl are upset about it and that's just the honest answer. If the tables were turned and you had a player that could make a big impact for your team, you would feel the same way so calm down. Finally, this year is definitely a different year and unlike anything we have had to go through before. With everything going on I honestly don't think they should deny anyone's immediate eligibility this year.
Eh, that's fine but I think you will see "most" or "many" do not have him too 3. They were also banking on him going up against sec this year.
I'm still wondering if he started thinking he was not going to get the nod.
"most NFL teams view him as a developmental Day 3 prospect right now." That from cbs sports report.
I don't know allot about either yet, but I would say you will be fine with Daniels with the little I know about him. You guys could just have a game manager and rely on your D and run game honestly.
Yep, I realize the no contact. I didn't think he was practicing at all.
I was going to say that maybe he saw that Daniels was taking over the starting spot, but sounds like Daniels has not practiced yet. Interesting timing.
He is implying the way they voted was based on politics, but it should but be determined that way.
Still no solution or even ideas. See my point? Doesn't matter, there will always be disagreements and we will never be able to completely get on the same page. So either play the GAME you have the blessed ability to play or just cancel it all and go get a normal job like the rest of us.
So what do you suggest? I'm truly asking. Bottom line is the human race is never going to completely get along. Especially when people make it political for there own benefit. So what are we supposed to do? BTW, NFL may be fine now, but that may not last forever.
My point is this sh&t happens all the time. I realize it's more than one instance and didn't mean to phrase it like that. But from now on when this happens no matter what the facts will show, it will be automatic that it's racially charged. So fine, if you want to stop and protest, let's stop everything we do until it gets fixed. Just cancel it all.
I will still watch the games, but he has a point. Do we need to stop everything after one incident that just got more exposure than the other issues that happen EVERY DAY?
Not sure he necessarily went against the schools, but he went against the AD's. So he got there input and then discussed with the Chancellors. Either he totally disregarded the AD's want to play or the Chancellors said no thanks anyways.
So because Daniels got hurt and Mays didn't is the rationale? You seem a little salty.