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I don't understand the "puke orange" reference. Makes no sense. But whatever. I don't see an issue with our uniforms at all. I'm biased but still.
The fact you think the virus is the only reason for the volatility in the stock market is foolish. We've been in a bull market for 11 years now. It's bound to correct. The virus has had it affect, but this was inevitable and there are more players in this game.
Saban has taken issue in the past when previous coaches on his staff try to lure away coaches from his current staff. So it may be more about hypocrisy than anything.
Aaaannd in comes corch with his standard "hillbilly" comment. Bring on the entertainment.
Yes but it's too much fun messing with him. He deserves it. The stereotypical bigot that he makes himself out to be.
Lol! What do you consider the past? Please explain and be sure to modify the Webster's while you're at it.
Y'all think y'all? That's not a correct statement. Maybe some fans do but not all. Pretty sure "y'all" do the same thing.
You literally just said it was a swap. The article is about a trade. 1+1=2, hillbilly! Keep up!
If you think that, I have to ask how old you are because you are so far off its not funny.
How long has it been since uga won a Natty, dumba$$ hillbilly???
So we base everything on the past even though you uga fans are saying the past is not relevant? Wait, what? Which is it?
Cussing him out and telling him to go back to Uruguay because this is American are two completely different insults. The latter crosses the line for allot of ppl, especially if it was a black person. Perfectly fine with how this was handled. Otherwise, are fans allowed to tell ever black player to go back to Africa because this is America?
That's true. I was just replying to Dawgs comment.
So because he's not black it's not a big deal? Ok, understood.
"Jones is that integral to the operation down in Tuscaloosa" That's cute.
True. One report and the people being discussed in the story are already guilty in everyone's minds. They may be guilty and if so, they need to rot. But let all the evidence and facts come out first.
At this time, I'm thinking G, Maurer and Bailey will get there opportunity this year. Not surprised if shrout transfers. It will be a heavy run offense for a bit.
I understand your point but uk would have to beat ut before that would be legitimate.
If we can just get solid qb play.. we have the foundation now. Oline is turning around and our D has made good strides.
Absolutely nothing wrong with our uniforms. No way we should be that low.
Big difference is Pruitt can develop players, Butch could not, unfortunately. Not even worth commenting on the champions of life question. Do you know anything about Pruitt?
We all know who the dumb hillbilly is here. Once you look in the mirror you will figure it out as well. Good luck.
It is just a key takeaway, but thanks. I imagine anytime a five star recruit transfers it's a takeaway.