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Hopefully sooner rather than later. Dawg and gator for starters...
Doesn't matter at this time. We won, you lost. Stay classy, gator fans.
Young adult or not. If ppl are yelling inhumane names at you and being disrespectful, you should have the right to defend yourself. Whether we have been here or not previously should not matter, however; we have been here before. They have done similar things to us over and over again.
Wouldn't expect anything less from you. When your fans talk sh$t all game that's what happens. Enjoy the loss.
Your missing the point. And I give up. I left my black board at home.
Yet anytime a name was mentioned in the slightest as UT OC everyone automatically assumed we offered and were turned down.
Lol that is exactly my point! Good recruiter, terrible coach. But thank you for making my point.
Not really. Example, Butch Jones. Great recruiter, terrible coach.
UGA tried to keep him actually. UT just ended up offering more. Then the UK OC turned you down so now here we are.
They didn't have a chance to before he turned it down
Keep telling yourself that. Whatever makes you feel better lil fella.
I was about to say the same thing. UGA did offer. But I don't blame Chaney for leaving considering all dawg fans think he was the reason for everything bad...all Chaney's fault.
Yep...it's a good hire. Why wouldn't we be excited?
Pretty sure ppl watch basketball. Pretty sure we went 5-7 this year. Pretty sure we did embarrass uga bball. Somebody is cranky tonight.
5-7 actually. Not sure why it's so funny those three losses came against top ten teams when clearly we knew we were not going to compete for a championship this year. If he sucks so bad then why didn't uga fire him and why are they trying to keep him by offering more money?
Wasn't the game a whole lot closer in your situation? UGA should have just punted the ball and trusted the D. Bama felt the need to do this being down and having a horrible kicker. Might as well go for it. Only thing is they should have just put the offense on the field instead of trying to be sneaky. Not as sneaky when your kicker sucks. Much different if you really think about it.
Thank goodness for basketball season. Loving today's game.