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Florida will always own you. You can’t stop worrying about us even when you win it all. I feel sad for UGA fans.
I bet that’s not the first time leghumper you called another man “Dad”
When I have a bad day. I can always get on here and be grateful a POS idiot like you isn’t a fan of my school, Thank God!!!!
You might need to explain what a “natty” is to a UGA fan.
@“98” totally expected to see a UGA fan comment. Your fan base spends more time commenting on the entire SEC. Kinda makes you wonder…
@dorksofwar using the trophy standard GaTech is the premier program in GA since they have won a natty during the computer age.
@ mrtruth, have you noticed Dawglb is like that kid that keeps trying to sit at the Thanksgiving adult table but no one pays attention to him. Sad
Yeah you’re basically never wrong… Mullen has a spot on his staff for you.
CORCH is a interesting force of nature. So far nothing on Gods green earth can dissuade him from being a douche bag. Impressive!!!
I disagree Spurrier & Urban would have been smiling at the end…. b/c they would’ve won the game!
Obviously there aren’t any drug tests that need to be passed before posting
Kinda hard not to call so many false starts. Not Bama like to have them, but they are easy for the refs to call.
You’re wrong the job was “opened back up” in mullens first year & it looked like Trask would win the job, but Trask got hurt @ practice and Frank’s finished the season. Next year Trask took the job permanently.
Good point on Norte Dame. Their quality win against FSU, doesn’t look so good after FSU failed to beat a FCS team
Gatormandan, in the future please refrain from using reason when communicating with TDOW.
I love it Fl is totally irrelevant and incompetent, yet all UGA fans can do is talk about FL????
You do realize your coach looks like a cross dresser