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Derrick Brown is as good as they come. Couldn't ask for a better Auburn man than he is. I hope he makes a buttload of money in the pros.
Wow. He's just a kid. No one is more disappointed than he is. Crap happens and then you die. It wasn't him that lost that game. It was 13 penalties for 96 yards. It was two pick sixes. Alabama was the better team but miscues, lack of discipline and poor coaching (whoda thunk Malzahn got the better of Saban?) that killed Alabama.
Um, well there's Ole Miss and Texas A&M. Don't they count? Miss St is having a down year but has been good the last few years. And of course Arkansas. I didn't say it was perfect. Come up with a better solution than traditional powers. A lot of them may be old-timers but that hasn't been much of a factor in the last decade.
Move Auburn to the East and Mizzou to the West. If that's not enough, put Alabama in the East and move Vanderbilt to the West. That would make both divisions more or less equal.
Personally, I think they should rearrange the divisions. Move Missouri to the west and put Auburn in the East. Maybe Alabama as well and stick Vanderbilt in the West. That would things a lot more even. Yes, it would change traditional pairings but not that much. Alabama would play Tennessee and Auburn would play Georgia every year in the same division and then add West teams as rotating every four years. It could work.
Oops...shut, not shout. Can't edit a comment after the fact.
Oh come on. I used to work in local TV in B'ham. That meant shooting UAB games. On a good day they might get 5000-6000 for a home game. So, ask yourself this. If it was so fricken popular, why did the administration shout down the football program?
Well at least that may be an easy win. Not sure how excited the Auburn nation is to be playing USM but whatever.
So, pretty much everybody on earth, sans that negotiating genius Jay Jacobs, comes to pretty much the same conclusion? I'm shocked...SHOCKED!
Oh My God. Jacobs plows through money like crap through a goose and it rarely pays off. You would think the board of trustees would finally realize that it's not the coaches who suck the life out of Auburn. It's all Jay Jacobs. Looking forward to 8 wins this year! Maybe....probably not though.
Who could forget 5 star Michael Dyer? To go from BCS National Championship MVP to Ark St to Arkansas Baptist and finally being cut at Louisville for grades, Dyer was one of those kids that had star potential. Unfortunately, one bad decision after another almost ended his career. He's landed on his feet, sort of, at Oakland. I hope, for his sake, that he's grown up now.
At least somebody had the guts to call a spade a spade. The Birmingham Bowl is pretty much the equivalent of playing for a winning record. Certainly not a foregone conclusion either. My how the mighty have fallen. I suppose we grit our teeth and hope for better things in 2016.
Maybe your definition of "Bold Prediction" is different from mine.
We'll go with that instead of the three picks he threw.
If character counted Jameis Winston would be working the drive-through at McDonald's.
Wow. That has to be the most worthless video I think I've ever seen. Ever.....
The problem here is that everything is cyclical. Auburn had a few down years while Alabama, LSU and Florida were having good years. Now Auburn is up, Florida is down and LSU is at best, mediocre. Alabama is a bit of an unknown this year. Who would have thought MSU and Ole Miss would be fighting for the top of the West? USC was picked to take the east and they may not even make a bowl game. Georgia is conundrum. The rest are pretty mediocre. There was talk of moving Auburn to the East when Mizzou and TA&M were added. Even though the possibility of playing Alabama twice was added in that would have been the best move I think for the conference.
Hmmm....I noticed this link still hanging around from something I just read 10 mins ago. I realize it's quite a different picture now that they're going to big show but you gotta love so-called sports gurus who turn out to be not only wrong, but spectacularly wrong.
However, in terms of Engagement (talking about on Facebook) Auburn is #1. http://www.auburntigers.com/digital/social_media_top_25.html
Halliday's right. Marshall looked a bit lost and nervous. Just because you can throw a ball 80 yards doesn't make you a great quarterback. I'm going to attribute this to big time college football jitters. If he's as good as we're led to believe good coaching will fix this.
I'm sorry but this stinks to high heaven. When is the last time the NCAA moved this quickly on anything? Hell, if the NCAA HQ was on fire it would take them a year to investigate before they decided to take action ie: leave the building. If there was nothing wrong here then the suspension makes no sense. You are punishing him (tongue planted firmly in cheek) for doing something wrong. Something is not right here...
I am (as my nick indicates) not an LSU fan. But to omit the only stadium crowd to have shown up on the Richter scale?
Have to correct you on one thing. Name the only SEC coach Urban Meyer never beat. Tommy Tuberville. Yeah...who saw that coming?