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Its impossible to compare pro sports to college sports. Pro Football players don't have to worry about classes, finals nor staying healthy so they can get drafted into the NFL. Within college sports itself, its almost impossible to compare the numbers between football and the other sports merely because of the physicality of football compared to the other sports. Lot easier to play baseball or basketball 3 days in a row versus football games 3 days in a row. The main issue with the playoff is "where does it end?" 2 teams, #3 and #4 complained about being left out. 4 team playoffs and now #5 and #6 are complaining. Expand it to 8 teams and then #9 and #10 will complain. Where does it end?
And numbers 9 and 10 will complain that they got left out. The same thing that #5 and #6 do now.
Any other schools that could say "We fired our coach for our outstanding recruiting results" without seeing the irony in it?
Colon Cowturd proclaims "the dynasty is over" at least 3 times a year. I think he truly wants Coach in the NFL so he can truly claim "Sabans legacy at Alabama is over".
Exactly. Coach isn't in the NFL because he doesn't want to be there.
You must have watched a different game than I did after half time. The first half was all Alabama. The third quarter was atrocious on both sides of the ball for Alabama. Florida plays the entire game like they did second half and we would be discussing how Bama managed to lose that game.
Whose strength of schedule was stronger this year? Ohio State or Coastal Carolina? An argument can be made against OSU.
I don't doubt that they will change the rules so that the babies will get to play. But, they shouldn't be allowed to play in a game they aren't qualified to play in. What would the uproar be if the SEC said you had to play 10 games to qualify for the SEC Championship Game and then made an "exception" if Alabama (or any other SEC team) only played 9 games? The other conferences would NEVER shut up about it.
We couldn't be that lucky. Gary's problem isn't his ignorance. His problem is he is too ignorant to realize just how ignorant he makes himself appear.
"If they lose to Texas A&M" to which Paul replied as to the "feelings today"? Is he too ignorant to contemplate that the "feelings" will change if the premise of the question is satisfied?