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I completely agree. We fight til the clock reads 00:00, but.... It would be nice to jump out just once and give us VFL less ulcers and heart palpitations during the first 30 mins of play. I think the Florida game was the confidence booster and the turning point for the entire team. Go VOLS!!!!
Wow. 63-0 on Bama and UK!? Ya. I think Bama will win. But not by 63, and doubtful it's a shutout.
I think the "duck pulling a truck" is the worst saying, but best thing to happen to Team 120. It is something that the will use as a moniker for the rest of this season. Thanks Gators.
I'd say Tennessee did pretty well considering. And just remember, they owned your Bulldawgs in the second half this year, just ran out of time.
We are almost there, but I'm not going to say this year is the year. It will be 2016 when we make our stamp on the NCAA football world!!!