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Well that’s just like your opinion man
It is what it is at this point in the season. Might be Monds worst performance of his career. At least no one got hurt
Number one biggest concern: getting the team out safely when we win
Gonna look really funny when we ruin that perfect season O. Can’t wait to hear his excuses at SEC Media Days
Yes because being confident in yourself is cocky. Dude is the furthest thing from cocky
Gonna be real funny when we ruin yalls season
A&M has more first downs more total yards and more time of possession. “Dominated the game”. Sure dude
If A&M played the teams ranked 20-25 they would be favorites in all of those games. That’s the definition of underrated
I mean there’s such a thing in this world that it could be both lol. It’s not one or the other
UGA defense is as good as advertised. A&M is very underrated, it’s just a shame how many calls went against us today
Gadawgcarney so you’ve never seen a QB get hit while throwing? They almost never call that grounding. It’s only if he sees the blitz coming and just throws it away while he’s falling to the ground
You realize that if the QB is hit while making the throw it’s not grounding right?
The A&M game is interest because on paper we match up extremely well with this Auburn team, but A&M is also super methodical and sometimes Mond’s play keeps teams in the game. I can see it being anywhere from a comfortable win for A&M or Auburn squeaking out the upset
Nah screw that. A&M gonna bust your bubble and ruin that scenario for you
Auburn A&M will be a must win for both teams. Looking forward to it
I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or if you actually haven’t looked at A&Ms schedule with the “not playing a ton of great teams” comment
I’d bet a lot of money that you’re wrong lol
Just like the refs literally took away a safety from A&M which would’ve given the ball back to A&M without about 2 more minutes. So please you can take your opinion on the refs and shove it
He hurt his calf or ankle in the 2nd quarter. Tough kid
Mond has always been a leader and the kind of kid you want at QB. Just needs to put it all together more consistently
That moment when 1,2,3 and 4 are all on your schedule. Well at least we already got #1 out of the way
Too bad Mond didn’t show up Saturday. Would’ve been a much better game. I think if a team gets any sort of decent QB play they can definitely beat Clemson