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The A&M game is interest because on paper we match up extremely well with this Auburn team, but A&M is also super methodical and sometimes Mond’s play keeps teams in the game. I can see it being anywhere from a comfortable win for A&M or Auburn squeaking out the upset
Nah screw that. A&M gonna bust your bubble and ruin that scenario for you
Auburn A&M will be a must win for both teams. Looking forward to it
I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or if you actually haven’t looked at A&Ms schedule with the “not playing a ton of great teams” comment
I’d bet a lot of money that you’re wrong lol
Just like the refs literally took away a safety from A&M which would’ve given the ball back to A&M without about 2 more minutes. So please you can take your opinion on the refs and shove it
He hurt his calf or ankle in the 2nd quarter. Tough kid
Mond has always been a leader and the kind of kid you want at QB. Just needs to put it all together more consistently
That moment when 1,2,3 and 4 are all on your schedule. Well at least we already got #1 out of the way
Too bad Mond didn’t show up Saturday. Would’ve been a much better game. I think if a team gets any sort of decent QB play they can definitely beat Clemson
Since when is Mond overthrowing everyone good defense?
They really didn’t control the line tho. Clemson only scored 24. Mond is just terrible and Venables didn’t have to respect the pass at all
Well Jimbo the offense looked like it didn’t get off the bus. Embarrassing effort from Mond and the WRs today
Turns out if you play bad you can’t upset the #1 team at their house. Crazy concept I know. Also I can’t wait for that official apology from the SEC on why they took our safety away. That’ll totally make it all good totally
We are gonna beat Clemson a$$ for ourselves not the reputation of others
You bold prediction for A&M sucks I have a better one. We are gonna kick their a$$
That’s one of the dumbest way to possibly evaluate college QBs
F*** Clemson we winning that game 31-27
Pfft this is weak. Only half the top 10 is on A&Ms schedule
I don’t really care who wins the East but if Georgia fans are expecting that Florida team, which looked like they didn’t even practice, than that would be a mistake. Football teams can look a whole lot different in 2 months
Florida had some of the least disciplined play I’ve seen in a CFB game. If I was Mullen I’d be steamed about some of those penalties. Florida is real lucky to have 4 turnovers and still win the game. Gotta get that cleaned up but a wins a win in the end I guess
SDS: Alabama is literally the greatest team of all time Also SDS: When is Texas A&M gonna do anything and win the West? It’s so ez gaw Saban does it all the time
SDS continues to show their incredible bias. Saying Burrow shouldn’t have lost does nothing but make you look like an idiot. They reviewed all the calls and found no fault. I have no problems with Burrow being 3rd team but A&M won that 7 OT game guys as much as you hate to admit it
Uh A&Ms special teams has always been excellent. So yes they can easily duplicate their special teams effort and play