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SDS: Alabama is literally the greatest team of all time Also SDS: When is Texas A&M gonna do anything and win the West? It’s so ez gaw Saban does it all the time
SDS continues to show their incredible bias. Saying Burrow shouldn’t have lost does nothing but make you look like an idiot. They reviewed all the calls and found no fault. I have no problems with Burrow being 3rd team but A&M won that 7 OT game guys as much as you hate to admit it
Uh A&Ms special teams has always been excellent. So yes they can easily duplicate their special teams effort and play
Lmao our schedule is ridiculous. As for A&M vs Bama being a good game ? I’ll believe it when I see it. Not getting my hopes up
Never help those who won’t help themselves...Johnny threw his life away
If Jashaun Corbin doesn’t run for 1000 yards it will be because he got injured just saying
Since A&M joined the SEC in 2012 they've only lost two games to SEC East opponents. Florida in 2012 and Mizzou in 2013. Hopefully we can keep the streak alive but that's a tall task in 2019
Life has been hard for Gamecock fans these past 4 years
In a game played by people who are barely adults there will always be upsets. If Kentucky played Bama 100 times they'd win some. It certainly wouldn't be much but they'd win some
11 on offense and an actual secondary this time
Surprised SDS posted this since it doesn’t fit their narrative of “A&M didn’t deserve to win”
Personally I think it’s gonna be Bama by a lot but I hope UGA proves me wrong
Will be interesting to hear the whole story
Lol ok. Fitzgerald played his best game of the year against A&M and A&M played its worst game of the year yet MSt would beat A&M handily in a rematch? I'd be willing to bet a lot of money they dont
Except the tight end didn't make a football move and it was ruled an incomplete pass on the field and there wasn't even enough there for the head office to review it
The SEC networks yellow line was wrong they even tweeted an apology out saying it was wrong
Good thing for that Aubrn DB is he wasn't wearing my an A&M uniform. He probably would've been banned from CFB if he was
Would be better if we were donating money but I'm sure there's already some student orgs trying to set up a charity event
Seriously was gonna say this. Number 41 is gonna make a lot of money
SCAR definitely has the offense that would give us problems and it’s at their place. Very tough game for the Aggies luckily for us though our offense is also a bad fit for SCAR’s defense.
Ah he’s lets all listen to the worlds biggest T-shirt fan