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Would be better if we were donating money but I'm sure there's already some student orgs trying to set up a charity event
Seriously was gonna say this. Number 41 is gonna make a lot of money
SCAR definitely has the offense that would give us problems and it’s at their place. Very tough game for the Aggies luckily for us though our offense is also a bad fit for SCAR’s defense.
Ah he’s lets all listen to the worlds biggest T-shirt fan
A&M had 390 yards of offense to Kentuckys like 170. I don't see your logic
This win was so ugly. The fact that Kentucky hadn't even snapped the ball in A&M territory all game until overtime just kinda shows how much we dominated tonight. It was as if A&M was trying to play A&M and almost let Kentucky win embarrassing
Theres a reason why we play the game. Should be a fun one. Both teams matchup well with each other
It's not the football team. It's the media and people trying to negatively recruit against A&M
Big game coming up. If there’s anything A&M can do well it’s stop the run. Should be a great matchup. I look forward to greeting the UK faithful in College Station.
That was one of the worst played, sloppiest, and poorly ref'd games I've seen. So of course it was your average A&M Arkansas game
The thing is we CFB at the highest levels is all about exploiting matchups. We had no chance in this game because Bama has a qb named Tua now against the weakest thing about our team. Our best pass rusher was injured and our secondary is our weakest link. Any other year and this game is probably a 4 point win for Bama.
The Bama stats are nothing to be worried about if you’re a Bama fan. Contrary to popular belief A&M actually has a top 15 rush defense this year. We also matched up horribly with Bama. Our best rush defensive end comes back from injury this week and our secondary is our weakest link. You give a Bama team with someone like Tua and you give him time...well that’s just gonna be a clinic in the passing game. Bama is the best and everyone knows it at this point the only thing beating them is Tua having a rough game
Rough game. Lots we need to fix but we didn't quit like old Sumlin teams would've. Glad to see no injuries. Good luck the rest of the way Bama but you likely won't need it
He’s probably a T-shirt Bama fan you might as well try arguing with a goat
We have a 9% chance? So you’re saying there’s a chance
Wow this is one of the most disrespectful articles I’ve read in quite some time. I have no expectations of a win obviously but this program is broken? That’s just down right rude
Lol only Bama fans would feel disrespected from another fan not giving up on his team
Well many people on the LSU side tell me Aranda is what holds things together not Orgeron. So I think it's fair he gets paid a lot since it basically seems he's the co head coach
A&M donors measuring their d1cks right now. Would be hilarious to get Aranda. Heck we would still probably lose to LSU since they have our number so bad. Gonna need some voodoo to get rid of it
We all like to complain about how bad SEC officiating is but that was some of the most incompetent officiating I've ever seen. A clear touchdown taken away, a clear targeting not called, and one of the most egregious PI's not called you could almost warrant an investigation into the game being fixed or not. It's a shame because this bowl was really entertaining and for it to be tainted by bad officiating sucks
Lol Fournette didn't even play? If you're counting injuries the Texans are basically fielding a badminton team with how many they have but yes Clowney should probably not be talking
Young man just ruined his life for nothing. Goodbye NFL opportunities...I hope he can come out of it ok
This article is the epitome of why college football is easily the most pretentious of all sports and I love it. In no other sport is there this illogical rationale that certain schools don't deserve to try and better their program than in college football. That they should accept their place. In no other sport do sports journalist and writers put as much weight into history which is exactly that...in the past. This sport is overly pompous but it makes for very fun rivalry games. loving the salt though keep it up Crist and might begin to actually enjoy your articles.
That cow school has far and away more money then Bama has ever had. Might wanna show some respect. If you wanna talk about football teams fine but if we are talking schools it's not even close
Nothing personal, but 4 straight years of underachieving, less than .500 conference record, losing pretty much every conference home game, consistent November meltdowns, and not even being competitive in big time games has lead to this. People wanna look at the record and question this decision but it's really padded by an easy OOC schedule. 4 gimme games every year. Good luck to him he was a good man that just never fit in this conference. I hope he has success in the PAC 12 or something