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Look i bleed orange and will till the end and i want the vols to go undefeated every year. Losses hurt and some more than others ....but somehow ,especially in southern region, fans and sports writers and everyone in between seem to forget or dont care more often than not, these are young men just getting started in their lifes journey. The majority of which as soon as clock ticks zero on their senior season will never play competitive football again. We seem to disregard that college football is an activity pursued by some while THEY GET AN EDUCATION in order to further their careers. Yes as coach your main job is W's and how many and how often you get them. But a less glamorous part of the job is the burden of teaching young men values and lessons for life. To lead ,to help , be accountable, honest, proud yet humble....all through something that is nothing more than what used to be a way to have fun and be a part of something a little bigger than yourself. Coach Jones (like him or not you cant deny fact he not only bleeds orange, but he bleeds for these kids more than our past couple or even alot of coaches nationally) sees and knows their disappointment and he damn well knows the viciousness media and fans can show the team....and in an effort to find something to remind and encourage these YOUNG AND SOMETIMES EASILY DISCOURAGED BY NEGATIVITY......ABOUT THE BIG PICTURE...Hmm... A coach realizing things didnt work out as planned and hoped, that hey you know what....you're gonna be fine and this will pass, weather the storm and and never forget those things learned that transcend the game of football. Never stop fighting never give up ..believe in one another, because against all odds well you can stun some gators and break a bulldogs heart with a Dobbnail boot....even take ACC runner-up and #wtfa...if you prepare execute do things the right way(the list goes on) nothing and nobody can keep you from your goals....base principles to being productive members of society.....ah yes its much easier to get that quick internet views and likes blasting someone for reminding his guys of bigger picture in life...then to write that back page paragraph on how a coach is instilling solid foundation in players. Cause that's where we are in these days...Judging Ws and Ls on the field is no longer good enough... Now we gotta try and demoralize even further...yes how dare coach jones or any coach for that matter to defend their players and try to keep their heads up in the midst of disappoint and scrutiny.... cause football is god and all else exists and matters only as a technicality...cause somebody has to keep the world running till next season... None if this really matters...just message board rants and jokes...just as this.... Such has life become