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Actually should have been replaced his freshman year during National championship game .
Jalen isn’t in the same discussion as Tua when it comes to QB talent. Great guy but not even close to the talent of tua
And if Bama wouldn’t have shot themselves n the foot in the first half they would have probably won by 4 touchdowns
Avoided . Lol you think bama schedules sec games themselves. You’re embarrassing yourself
I’d take bama 4string q.b over Bo Nix . Gus playing daddy ball the only reason he’s still taking snaps and cost Auburn a win last night .
They are supposed to put the 4 best teams in and if you don’t think bama is one of them you know very little about the sport your commenting on.
I could care less for either Alabama or LSU but love college football . If anyone who knows football watched that game Saturday night thought the better team one than you don’t know football. Tua’s fumble without being touched as he’s heading in to the end zone takes away 7 off the jump , punter drops a snap that hits him in the hand in LSU field goal range spots LSU 3 , official makes dumb call on catch on the 1 yard line that gives LSU 1st and goal instead of a field goal , tua throws pick right before the half , LSU capitalizes and 7 more . Point is LSU played flawless and deserved the win but when bama finally woke up they dominated whole second half out scoring LSU 27-13 in final 2 quarters if you don’t believe that they dominated just check second half stats . I’m not trying to take anything away from LSU they have a great team but if Alabama plays 4 quarters they win by14-21points
Punched in the mouth? Lol .. LSU played great and deserved to win but don’t kid yourself if Bama doesn’t turn the ball over 3 times in the first half they win that game by 3 touchdowns. And when they make the playoffs that’s what will happen