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LOL!!! All these comments on Tim's decision to abstain from sex before marriage. It appears that when someone takes this type of "stand", the effect is insults and ridicule from the peanut gallery. I for one applaud Tim, or anyone for that matter, who has that solid of a conviction. Funny how people crack on Christians who don't live up to the Christian "standard". Yet they also want to find fault with Christian who do. Can't have it both ways people. Good work Tim. Keep up the good fight! I may not be a Gator fan, but I am a Tebow fan for life!
NCAA already has pre-set penalties for accepting money. The measly $400 he "accepted" constitutes 1-2 games max! Let him play! At least he didn't steal crab legs or potentially rape someone, for crying out loud! All the haters need to check their motives and accept the fact that with Gurley and Chubb, the DAWGS are a solid National Championship contender!