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LSU keeps lurking. I hope they jump USC above them. Nothing like extra motivation. Win out and they’re in regardless of everything else that happens.
LSU should just forfeit the SEC championship game to Georgia right now right? Clearly they have zero chance to win. Hmm. Lol
Some Tennessee fans are feeling very privileged right now. So if LSU beats Georgia in Atlanta they’re in the CFP. Tennessee won’t be rewarded for not winning the SEC East division and watching the SEC championship game from the couch. Only Alabama and Saban gets that golden parachute. ?
Simply put LSU wins out they’re making the CFP. Tennessee fans think their school is Alabama. They’re the only team that can watch the SEC championship game from the couch and still make the playoffs.
Didn’t Texas A&M suspend Manziel for only 2 quarters for signing autographs? Ridiculous. Lol
An Alabama fan talking about another school cheating? Ridiculous. Loll