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Jimbo Fisher is pond scum. What an embarrassment he is to the profession. The way he handled his rapist, thief QB in Tallahassee, and now at least three fake injuries in two weeks. He would sell his own mother for any advantage. I would rather lose than teach young men to behave in this manner. The thing is, he loses anyway. I would never let my son play for this man.
haha, yeah comment aged like yesterday's milk left out in the sun.
God bless you, young man. It's just a game. Alabama's qb, defense, and coach did plenty to lose that game.
Another BIG reason they ought to go to a 16 team playoff and eliminate the bowls. No one cares about them anymore. If you think that is too many games, eliminate the games against teams like New Mexico State, Western Carolina, Murray State, etc. No one cares about those games either. I gave up my Georgia season tickets long ago because of crap home games like those. I'd rather spend the money to pay for Jacksonville and SEC Championship game tickets. I'm not the only one. Look at the empty seats all across the country.
Where are the Auburn QB's? Didn't make the cut?