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There is are two MAJOR differences that the author has failed to mention in regards to Austin Allen / the WR's for Arkansas v. Alabama defense, citing multiple times that Chad Kelly had a lot of success throwing for 400+ yards and 3 tds; the fact that Chad is a mobile quarterback who is essentially Ole Miss' second RB, and the fact that Ole Miss runs a very fast paced offense. Those two things alone significantly help a talented quarterback succeed against any defense. I would certainly give the edge to Alabama in both categories, although I will say that Austin Allen seems like a smarter quarterback than Chad Kelly and is very talented. I just dont believe that Alabama's defense is going to struggle in the passing game against an Arkansas offense that doesnt utilize the fast-paced offense nearly as well as Ole Miss, and without a dual-threat quarterback. Alabama will also have a healthy Rashaan Evans at lineback to help with the short passing game, and Rashaan is FAST. I dont believe Allen will have the time, nor has he shown the mobility to escape Alabama's pass rush quite like Chad Kelly did. Lastly, did you watch the Alabama / Ole Miss game? Did you see some of the catches the receivers were making? Did you see some of the incredible throws Chad Kelly made? Sometimes you have to look beyond stats and understand that Chad Kelly played an incredible game, and that a young and inexpirienced Allen would have to do the same in order to have an edge over Alabama.
There has also been a trend with two sepcific teams in the '14 and '15 seasons; UT and Arkansas started the season very poorly, then competed with Alabama but ultimately lost, and finished the season strong. Conversely, teams that hard started the seasons very well, when suffering a loss to Alabama, did not play well afterwards. Its not really a 'myth' as to why some teams suffer this hangover - there really is a simple explanation. For the SEC West teams projected to do well, and end up doing well prior to playing Alabama, they know they have to either (a) beat Alabama, or (b) hope that Alabama loses in order to make it to the SEC Championship game. Therefore, if said team walks into the Alabama game undefeated and walks out with a loss, they realize their chances of going to the SEC Championship game is alot slimmer trying to bank on Alabama losing. The only caveat is that in 2015, the SEC was under so much [unwarrranted] scrutiny for being overrated, that each team showed up to their bowl game with something to prove; unlike in 2014 when each team showed up to their bowl game dissapointed.
If you left Minkah Fitzpatrick out of the roster, then you do not truly know the roster.
Funny you mention Arkansas as a program that wont be able to replicate what Alabama does. Arkansas had the biggest offensive line in 2015, in both college and the NFL. Should have chosen a different school to pick on. And I'm an Alabama fan.
Lol. Dude, you need to calm down. Considering the article stated that Fournette should break all these records, you shouldnt feel insulted. Fournette is really good, so was Henry. It was very impressive having 90 carries in two very important games, you can ask any of the backs you mentioned who you think are better, and they will agree. Alabama only got where they got because of Henry. Henry had more TD's than fournette in equal amount of games if you take out the first game and the national championship. Also, the fact that you reference how Fournette did not get the first game of the season as a slant on Henry is laughable, because Derrick Henry had 13 carries for 147 yards and 3 touchdowns against the #4 rush defense in the country at the end of the year in Wisconsin; therefore, Henry would have been respected more for his performance against Wisconsin, than Fournette's performance against McNeese State... Fournette's time will come, calm down man.
Also, no disrespect to you grnadmother, I am sure she is a lovely lady, but Alabama doesnt need new uniforms to get people excited to watch the games, and if you are using your grandmother's opinion as a reference to a majority of Vols fans, then you need to get out of the woodshed in the Tennessee mountains and lay off the meth.
I think if a recruit is picking a school because of the helmet design, then Nick Saban does not want them to come to Alabama
I mean.... Absolutely not. People need to stop thinking of ways to change Alabama's uniform and helmet. Alabama is all about tradition, and this is garbage for an Alabama design. Looks like the Stanford helmets they wore earlier this year.
Clearly this is talking about potential SEC candidates, on a website dedicated solely for SEC football news. Also, Derrick Henry is going to declare for the NFL draft. The Article should have made a "other who could be in the running" based on potential or ability to contribute due to a position loss. I think one could be Bo Scarborough - another could be the QB at Alabama if Lane Kiffin sticks around.
Ok, well Cyrus Jones did nothing to invoke what Demarcus Robinson did. Robinson waited until the whistle was blown, looked to see what the ref was doing, and then tackled Cyrus Jones to the ground, got on top of him and attempted to try to get under his helmet and stick his fingers in Cyrus' face. Cyrus didnt even swing or anything maliscious, he simply tried to get Robinson off him, and when they got up, he simply pushed a pursuing Robinson away. The refs got it right because of Cyrus' defensive push at the end, but Robinson started the whole thing and was the only one acting intentionally and maliciously. Second, Cyrus is a very important component of this Alabama team. He is a leader on the defense, and the top senior corner - not to mention the most experienced member of the secondary. He is more than just a punt returner.
The interceptions and fumbles are cumulative over the past two meetings****
Im really glad these Ole Miss fans are happy about "winning" the Alabama game, even though in the past two years they have failed to BEAT Alabama. If you need 5 interceptions and 4 fumbled kick return / punts to win the game so be it. But anyone who actually watches and understands football knew Ole Miss couldnt make it through the season after the Alabama win. I was more confident in Ole Miss losing twice than I was Alabama getting through just the month of October - but now all those teams arent ranked now so they werent any good, right?
Its funny how the nation wants to see high-scoring, 50+ point games, or else the media doesnt give a team credit for a dominating performance. I remember when Clemson played NC State and the final score was something like 56-41 (I know NC State scored 41 because that is pathetic for the #1 team to allow that many points; probably because they arent really the #1 team its just the Clemson media train that has swept the Nation because Dabo dances and is a blabbering fool). I know this is an SEC website, so I dont expect too much negative feedback, but am I the only one that senses that the media has started to reward any kind of play opposite of Alabama and good SEC defenses? It seems like a score of 92-80 its more appreciated than a 38-10 domination on the road against an undefeated ranked opponent. Yes, that was a reference to the Alabama-UGA game. The media has listened to the fans outside of the SEC, and has bent-over and taken up the agenda that any kind of football that is not played in the SEC is the best kind of football. Anything the SEC did is overrated. Any team in the SEC is a product of the "SEC bias" so therefore they are not actually a good team. Any team outside the top-25, whether they are #26 or #126 must be equivilent. "Leonard Fournette was never really that great" is a comment I read in a recent sports article proclaiming that his success was a factor of the SEC-bias and ESPN's agenda to make the SEC great. FROM A PUBLISHED JOURNALIST in a prominent sports magazine. Its truly unbelievable. And I have heard about the proclaimed "SEC bias" this year more so than ever... Even though it is the exact opposite. I've only found one member of the media who has said there is more anti-SEC stuff out there than there is pro-SEC and that was after the initial CFP rankings, and Ryen Russillo said it because Danny Kannell was doing his daily trolling. I had to rant about this somewhere. Now I feel better. I'll get back to my life now.
While Jalen Tabor and Hargreaves are truly special, the article cites statistics of Alabama secondary players ranking at the top of the SEC, as well as Nationally, in certain categories. Its hard to trump that when the whole analysis is backed by statistics and not "eye-test" or NFL ability. I think a push is fair. Alabama: Minkah = 5* (tied for lead in SEC in pick-6's with Eddie Jackson - who also leads the nation in int. return yards); Marlon Humphrey = 5* (2 int's, 11 more tackles than Hargreaves); Cyrus Jones = 1st team all-SEC corner, leads SEC in punt return td's; Eddie Jackson = leads SEC with 5 int's. Its a push, not in favor - even though the stats would point to Alabama having the advatage over the entire secondary if you consider there are two more 5* corners sitting on the bench in Tony Brown and Deonte Thompson
This is evidence that either there arent 5 flaws that could keep Alabama from winning a National Championship, or you arent creative enough to think of better flaws. This article is comical. (1) offensive line play in pass protection (2) offensive line play in pass protection (3) turnovers (4) offensive line play in pass protection (5) offensive line play in pass protection.
I really dont like how the media finds a trendy topic, and tries to exploit it in any way possible. The SEC is not the only conference that does this. Clemson and FSU both have done it in years past. The past five years, the winner of the Iron bowl has competed for, if not won, a national championship. Moreover, the paycheck that goes to the FCS school is incredibly beneficial for the program to stay afloat and to cover costs and expenses of the year. Its not great television - so what? The are so many more positive things that come from these FCS games that could be reported, but the media neglects to do so. In the SEC, more specifically the SEC West, all the the teams are relatively even in talent and anyone can beat anyone on any given saturday. In the ACC, on the other hand, there are teams like Clemson and FSU, sometimes Louisville or GT (but not consistently), who can compete, and then the talent drop-off is significant. I would love to see Wake Forest play Charlseton Southern, because I bet it would be a heck of a game. Clemson played one, ONE, ranked ACC team their entire schedule. [Regardless of where these teams are now] Alabama has played five, FIVE, ranked SEC opponents throughout the year, and a sixth in week one. My point? When Clemson beats their one ranked ACC opponent, there is no more opportunities to risk their ranking, and there are no more games that could potentially be a "close call" unless Clemson plays bad. Lastly, Saban has pushed for a 9-game SEC schedule for years with no luck. So to say the SEC does it to preserve rankings at the end of the year is just comical.
Alabama did not load the box on a majority of the defensive plays against lsu. More often than not, Alabama played its base defense aginst Fournette and did just fine. But that was a great game by Arkansas, finally realizing the potential of the team.
I am an Alabama grad, grew up and currently live in Charlotte, NC. #1, maybe #2, and an argument could be made for #3 of the reasons why I hate Clemson is the fan base. Seriously, from the large gorup of Clemson fans that I have the unfortunate priveledge of knowing, they are the most obnoxious, ignorant, and willfuly delusional fans on earth.
It would be good to note that, in addition to freshmen and added experience, the defensive line is getting alot more pressure on the quarterback which is causing rushed pass attemps and poor throws, as well as the inability to have time to wait for a deep route to develop.
Firstly, this isnt a list of excuses. It is merely a demonstration that UT is better than their record shows. Being an Alabama fan, I was offended at the trash the sports media is putting out there about the Alabama / UT game, labeling Alabama as "questionable" and "inconsistent" because they defeated a below-.500 UT team. I mean, the media's use of "click-bait" headlines and material is laughable at best. UT is a very talents, well coached team, with a very difficult offensive scheme to defend. Alabama might have been tired, but I had been fearing this game the whole season. Its time to acknowledge that this program is not only in the right direction, but is just one-or-two plays away from being a top 5-10 caliber team.