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Yeah, SDS did the same thing with the headlines last week with Auburn as well...
I would agree with that I was just answering this person's question.
I wouldn't count on Trask's experience with crowd noise. Kentucky may have been sold out but it wasn't very noisy. I was shocked by how quiet it actually was (My first trip to Kroger field) Even if the Wildcat fans were going nuts it wouldn't compare to LSU level noise. I have been to Death Valley and while I can complain about some of the hospitality the crowd noise was beyond impressive. One of the few stadiums I have absolute respect for...
Neutral site game against Miami and away game vs Kentucky
haha I agree... I would be in the same boat with UGA gear lol
Yeah, honestly it stung a little to see that on the recruiting trip... but hey it is for his son so I get it.
Right... and class and sophistication is what comes to mind when people think of LSU... oh wait no that is corndogs
Yeah the former AD didn't do us any favors with the upkeep of the stadium and facilities. He got us a lot of wins in a lot of sports but its crazy how little they have done for the football fans besides raise ticket prices. The west stand's concourse (Alumni sections) were renovated a few seasons ago and are nice. The student section concourse looks the same it did in the 80's and 90's... (at least the last time I was over there which was two seasons ago) The new AD is making renovations a priority and rumor is the stadium will get overhauled in the next 5 years or so to get more fans to attend regularly.
The crowds have certainly changed in the Swamp over the years. Big games the crowds show up but those crazy fans just aren't as common any more. I think the end of the Meyer, Muschamp, and Butterteeth eras have made the fan base a little testy. It has moments where it reminds me of the 90's, but the fans are about as inconsistent as some of our teams have been. There is always that potential because of the design of the stadium, but the fans just need to take it up a notch.
1st, it wasn't a homicide. 2nd, he was cleared and the shooter was a black male with dreads. 3rd, the "witness" that fingered Hernandez recanted and stated he didn't actually see the shooting and fingered Hernandez because they had a run in at the club with each other.
I was there myself in 95. Went back to Atlanta that night and saw the Braves win game 6 and the World Series, and watched Emmitt Smith and the Cowboys destroy the Falcons on Sunday. Quite the sports weekend in Ga.
DSGB11 - Shouldve went in 94 if you were around.. it was a madhouse. I also got to see the game played in Athens in 95...
Muschamp was 7-6 his first season at UF. He went 11-2 his second season. It's not all about wins and losses though. His offenses were painful to watch and he didn't recruit offensive players well at UF. His 3rd season he went 4-8 because his S&C program was/ is garbage. By then end of the 3rd season we were on our 4th string QB and missing as many as 27 starters. He's a great defensive coach but everything else is suspect at best imo...
Why shouldn't it be a neutral site game? It's tradition and the stadium is split in half. No team has an advantage. No, I don't think the 2020 season is difficult. Difficult schedules are cyclical and that happens to be a easier one that Florida will face.
Perhaps you should read through the other schedules as well. A few teams have only 4 true away games including LSU. That's the nature of a neutral site game one year we lose a true home game and the next we lose a true away game. This isn't anything new with the WLOCP... Kirby is actually arguing it's disadvantage for recruiting...
Mr. Negan, "what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”
Well the only fumble that LSU turned over was a strip sack by the Gators Defense... In the first quarter with about 7:45 left on the clock. The Gators also outgained the Tigers in yardage... So I have no idea what game you are talking about maybe should stick to Vandy or is it Kentucky football?
First Florida's defense caused the fumble it wasn't like LSU just put the ball on the ground. Secondly, LSU was 2 for 2 on their FG attempts. So no LSU should not have won that game.
Yes, that is true but out of those schools and UF which coach runs a system the most like Meyers? It's not hard to understand why it might be best for Mullen. Time will tell though.
Exactly... I mean at least UF vs UCF you at least have state bragging rights and LSU vs UM you have two major schools that have never played each other. I don't get it personally.
Whats the over/under for the number of years before South Carolina hires him?
Amazing insight you had on this game. I was stressed the entire game.
Do we really need an announcement when they are just wearing the traditional colors
I could care less that he shushed those fans that were booing him. I am a season ticket holder and think its ridiculous that the fans are booing this kid. Yes, he is missing simple throws and needs to get a ton better. However, I think you take this thing too seriously if you feel it necessary to boo a kid. I am happy with the progress Florida has shown this season. If you asked UF fans at the beginning of the season if they would be content with a 7-3 record and possible 9 or 10 win season at this point I think they would be thrilled. How quickly we forget.
Florida was a mess too but it was more mental than lack of talent. I think Nebraska is having issues with both.