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back to back top 10 finishes and in a great position this season I would say they are well on there way. Just to be clear the name goes back to the McElwain days and I just cant change it...
it was penalized and I have no issue with him checking on his player but when he starts running his mouth at our sideline he is out of line. The whole point is that it was taken care of on the field, unlike what happened in the situation with Trask. Mason was the one that started that situation during that game. The fact you cant even own that shows how hypocritical you are.
Now do the same thing with both teams and winning National Titles...
Hate how some fans are... Franks isn't a great player but he played his butt off and is a good kid. I wish him all the best...
Oh you mean the game where Vandy's coach walked over to Florida's side of the field and started yelling at Florida staff first while Mullen was arguing with the refs...
I mean I agree Kentucky is better than most the "experts" are saying but they are currently 0-2 and should not be in the Top 25... They will probably end up in the Top 25 but do not deserve it right now.
They are crazy expensive compared to normal ticket prices... they discounted the cheap upperdeck seats in the endzones to 110 per
I think it means the individual effort from Miller.
Yeah, I do not understand the value of adding two more teams.
I think most believed that Franks had a higher ceiling for his talent as compared to Trask. Also, Franks was a better fit with Mullen's system. I think Franks still had issues with stress and the pressure of the moment that is holding him back from reaching his potential. Trask also had issues in the beginning with holding onto the ball too long. Trask's first 2 or 3 games he fumbled quite a bit because he wasn't willing to throw it away or take off running either. He has gotten better and time has proved he is the better QB of the two for sure, but as UGADAWG78 said "Sometimes you never know how someone will play until you put them in."
I think Florida beats Oklahoma in a match up this season. Trask would be able to move the ball through the air with ease against their defense. I think Oklahoma would score too, but I think Florida's defense (if healthy) would make enough plays to win the game.
I mean opinions vary but same thing was said when Florida started out the season in the Top 10...
I started cursing the second I read he was calling our game
Yeah, it is the mobile website... it lines up funny on some phones. Mine looked like it was saying the Gator Bowl as well at first glance.
The noon kickoffs suck... I find myself conflicted about pulling for FSU to finish strong... I do love their misery but at the same time if they finished out strong we may not finish the season with another noon kickoff...
See South Carolina is copying Florida once again... Next thing you know they are going to fire Muschamp and hire Butter teeth
I don't believe it is really regressing if in 2 out of 3 games are top 10 opponents and are in 2 of the toughest environments in all of college football. I think he is playing like a true freshman... There are going to be bright spots (especially against weaker competition) and rough patches when he is truly challenged. We are too quick to anoint or condemn young QBs based off a handful of games. Time will tell if he can develop and get better.
For only the sake of accuracy Mizzou only ate UF's lunch the last two years. 3 Years ago UF won 40-14
According to their own Dawgnation website they fly out of Athens every year the day before the game.
OBC is allowed an error or two. I blame it on his time in South Carolina.
I disagree with the sentiment that its basically a home game for the Gators. The stadium is split in half. As far as travel goes, obviously yes it is closer but Georgia flies and Florida takes the bus so it is about the same travel time. For the fans yeah its closer for the Gators but I would also argue there are more Georgia fans in Jacksonville area than there are Gator fans in Atlanta (from my experience).... All that said I would have no issue with a Jacksonville/Atlanta trade off every year... I think the city of Jacksonville is going to give up everything it can to keep it here for the revenue it brings in though.
Yeah, SDS did the same thing with the headlines last week with Auburn as well...
I would agree with that I was just answering this person's question.