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Previously tested positive for COVID. Heart issues can be an after effect.
He’ll probably have an extra year to get used to it.
Lolz. You wouldn’t know a Marxist if it came up and slapped you. Fox is using the term to scare older white people and it’s working.
That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. An opinion is, “I don’t think they’re trustworthy.” A fact is that they’ve constantly pushed unloved and bogu conspiracy theories to help the White House and various other Authoritarian regimes. Fact.
Considering they’ve been labeling the BLM movement and their supporters, i.e. the players, terrorists, yeah, I’d be pissed too.
OAN as a conservative news channel is a misnomer. It’s a propaganda tool utilized by Trump.
They peddle in baseless conspiracy theories, any of which harm those are suffering through traumas. They’ve also peddled Russian talking points. Claimed Syrian rebels were faking chemical attacks, despite evidence of the weapons use. Equating the white helmets to a terrorist organization, when they are first responders to Assad’s attacks. They defended Roy Moore and tried to spread conspiracy theories against his accusers. They even claimed he swept the election and congratulated them, and he actually lost.
"This wasn't about a T-shirt," Holder, OSU AD, said. "This was about a lot of things. The missing link has been a more personal relationship with their head coach. They respect him as an excellent game-day coach, but they want more coaching on a personal level. This crosses all racial lines. To a man, our players want a better connection to Mike Gundy. They view him as a difference-maker, and they want him to help them grow as leaders."
Don’t be surprised when you’re called a xenophobe for acting xenophobic.
There was a better replay where he had his hand on the guys chest and pushed off. Quit trying to gaslight.
Wasn’t built to take turns that quickly, it’s pretty narrow and top heavy.
Cause they chose the puddly UGA game instead of The corn dogs and gumps.
Considering Notre Dame hasn’t played Clemson, so... no?
So.... 1 good game, and a lot of uglies.
Yeah cause the Swamp is a lot more intimidating that Kyle Field....
Yeah, I still like that term than Bama, Bama is a 4 letter word and all...
Wonder where that silly Gator fan has gone, since he claimed UF was going to win since ESPN’s FPI said UF was favorite.
What’d be bonkers is if LSU beats Auburn, SPUAT beats LSU, and Auburn beats SPUAT. They win all the other games. The tie breaker would be who’s ranked higher at the end of the regular season.
Loved the UGA announcers “appears Auburn is going through their 3 year magic cycle”
You’re drunk if you think a Todd Grantham defense can keep scoring that low. Malzahn’s offenses aver 40 points a game and over 200 yards rushing against Grantham.
Someone needs to tell the coach to get to the stadium they’ve already played a half.