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Ohio State learned from the Clemson game that they do better when they have 27 days to prepare.
Here’s my take. OSU played their top opponents close, not winning in relatively impressive fashion - IU, Penny St, NW. solid team but not world beaters. Clemson underestimated them, and was looking past them. In the minds of OSU players, they were out to avenge their loss in a close previous meeting and they were disrespected by the slight of the #11 ranking by Dabo. The difference in the game was the 21 point second quarter. And there were 6 passes in the game by OSU that were low percentage passes that were all caught and made more than the difference. Fields had a hot hand and everything went right for them, except the one end zone interception. But in the next game against any opponent it would be unlikely Fields would connect on all 6 of those same passes. Make no mistake Bama will have to be at its best and play great football against OSU. But Bama has a loss against OSU to avenge. And they saw what happened to Clemson. Bama will not take them lightly. And it will likely be close. Bama 34 - OSU 27