Go Dawgs!

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Yeah if Georgia had made 2 more passes and didn’t fumble twice it could have been way worst though. Georgia didn’t play a perfect game against Tennessee either. In just watching the game though it was clear the better team. Hooker didn’t make those throws because he was under pressure the entire game. It’s not because he was off or wasn’t ready. You have to have like a Bryce young or Tua to beat Georgia and I don’t think HH is that good throwing when he’s under pressure. That being said if Tennessee gets in they probably want to play Ohio State they would match up good with them and possibly win. Anything can happen though that is why college football is so great. We won’t know until the last week and playoff committee announces rankings.
It will be Uga Mich/Ohio state Tcu Oregon What Oregon and Tennessee both have is same loss to Georgia and they aren’t going to judge how pretty the loss was. Then Oregon has an extra win in the pac title game they get in over Tennessee. Also if Michigan loses to Ohio state they might put Tennessee or Michigan in, but what if Georgia loses to LSU? It will be Ohio State TCU Georgia Michigan/Tennessee/Oregon It’s gonna be a mess but Georgia is probably the only one that is in no Matter what as of now but we will see.
I love how Georgia’s defense got better as the game went on despite the horrible reffing crew. It’s almost like in the 4th qtr they figured out Tennessee’s GIMMICK offense and got comfortable on defense. That series in the 4th late in the game was absolutely dominating. I think Hooker got sacked 6 times in 8 plays. If these teams play again Georgia will dominate even harder so good luck with that.
I’m waiting too gwhite. All your gaslighting stats didn’t amount to anything. You got dominated. Georgia coasted the whole second half and just ran that clock out it was beautiful. Kirby smart is the best defensive mind in college football period. Also Jalen Carter is now legally Hendon Hookers daddy.
It’s already starting off bad right out the gate.
It’s gonna be like Tennessee 2 hires ago but maybe worse. Why would anyone want to work there? unless you back the brinks truck up. but it’s still gonna be hard to get someone.
Think maybe Arkansas dropped too much but we will see.
Week 2 is always really weird. That being said A&M fans should be beside themselves with good reason. Jimbo might be an ok coach but he’s also a great con man. There is zero reason they should have lost to app state. Also bama better get their oline and defense figured out pretty quick. Florida fans… we tried to tell you. AR is a great athlete but so was Emily Jones. They don’t always make the best QB’s especially what Napier tried to use him as last night.
Wasn’t Brian Kelly talking earlier this week how his tight end was going to be like Brock bowers. That was one of the worst offensive performances I’ve ever seen.
I’m from Georgia but I learned about the Missouri compromise for the first time when I was in Memphis. I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard this phrase. ?
It’s pretty amazing what bmac has done with our receivers over the past 2 years. A lot of the guys that had to step up because of injuries were not considered elite 5 stars but bmac has them playing at such a high level. He will be hard to hold onto so let’s try to keep paying him until we can’t and he takes a HC job or OC job somewhere unless he ultimately replaces monken as OC. Which I still think could be down the road.