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Hurts looked great the whole season. There is, however, one person involved in college football that didn't look good this season. Even looking quite bizarre at the SEC Championship. I'm talking about Brad Nessler. Is it possible to have makeup so bad you look like you smeared on a mixture of mud and soot?
Amen, yet I can't say it was a good game for AU. Anytime your offense helps the opposing team win there is a breakdown in the collective play and coaching. I'd say the offense is stuck with signs of brilliance overshadowed by poor play calling and execution. I feel the offensive talent is not being wickedly utilized which I put on preparation and coaching more than a lack of skill and potential. That said there have been some unfortunate breaks apart from coaching. Georgia is a well rounded and strong team no doubt.
Joint displacements can deliver extreme pain yet they're quite recoverable. Let us hope this will be the case. That said there has been the sneaking suspicion Tua was rushed back into service. Though, perhaps, in no way related to his ankle recovery there was just a hovering feeling of vulnerability which has now played out. This is a time to see if both Saban and the team can step it up under duress. The mettle of this year's program is about to be tested beyond the LSU loss.
First, let's all hope the young lady is going to be fine with no lasting injuries. After this let's hope Gary has to make an apology and in the process realizes the value of humility. Like many I find his style to be quite unlikeable overall. I'd rather have a CBS Sports TV personality that is personable such as ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit who is equally knowledgeable and imminently more likable.