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Egg Bowl remains in Oxford, while Prescott went crying off the field with his feelings hurt because that was his sole purpose in life... To come back and beat THE University of Mississippi. Dang, must have hurt. Not to mention, stats do no lie, Kelly blew up the board in that division. I know I know, it was emotional because it was "Senior's day" at the Cowpatch... However at THE University's Senior's day, we blew up LSU.
I think it was enough for Colin Cowherd to shut his pie hole. Hotty Toddy!
The stadium went wild when 6'6" 300+ lbs Tunsil took the ball into the endzone, what a play.. even if someone would have tried to tackle him, it would have been like a fly on a horse. So glad they called this play. The celebration penalty was more like when we beat Alabama last year in Oxford, rushed the field and tore down the post.. to which Ross Bjork said he would gladly pay the fine.. I'm still waiting for Colin Cowherd to admit that the SEC IS the conference to beat... will it happen? As soon as hell freezes over!
IF frog had wings.... well Ole Miss would have played and destroyed Florida in the SEC Championship. They don't and we didn't play them again, however we had one heck of a year. Recruits are looking hard at Ole Miss again, and what more could Rebel Nation want? The Sugar Bowl was rocking from start to finish, I would like to know the fan ratio between Rebel Nation and the Cowboys... From where I was seating, there were Plenty of Ole Miss people seating over on the Cowboy's side. Anyone have any stats?
SEC!! Everyone knew that all along, well except for Colin Cowherd!
Treadwell, Thanks for the memories. Wherever you land, I'm sure you will be playing your rookie year. I think back at some of the awesome plays that you have made, and it simply sends chills down my spine. Go take care of your family... well. You are one talented young man! Anyone want to guess where he lands?
We still have 7 spots open, and high on some ballers. Expect The University to climb the polls before its over. Wait, make that 8 now that Treadwell is going to the NFL. Our coaches are remarkable recruiting, and flying around the country to win the hearts and minds of players and parents. Freeze is a man that walks the talk, any player on the Rebel team that is willing to be coached will be a better man, even after football. Ole Miss is simply #blessed by having Freeze and his assistants. Can't wait for the final signing day. Also not to make this an Ole Miss post, but I think we can shut up Colin Cowherd about who is the dominate conference again in college football! #SEC #SEC