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Auburn lost because Harsin does not know how to make adjustments at half time. He depends more on analytics than common sense. The players played hard, but they have to be given the tools they need to be successful. Much of the deficit can be attributed to having VERY inexperienced coordinators, but whose fault is that? Harsin ran off the good ones that he had. Let's hope the next coach pulls everybody together rather than pushing them further apart.
As a TRUE Auburn fan since 1966, I can tell you emphatically that THIS Auburn fan would NOT be on board with hiring Freeze. Deion Sanders would be a good hire. I don't want any part of a dirty coach.
If he doesn't win 8 games this year, he may get to do that sooner than he wants to.
if Harsin's job wasn't on the line it would make way more sense to start Holden Geriner. Nix was able to come in as a freshman and do a passable job. Geriner has a better temperament than Nix did.
Finley is a statue. He can't move in the pocket and will get killed by good defenses.
That's pretty funny since he's been in 2 national championship games in the past 7 years, The last time uga was in serious consideration for a national title was when Fred Flintstone was still a little boy. The biggest problem with uga fans is that they think they are supposed to win a national championship every year. Y'all are already calling for Smart's head on a platter and just fired a coach that won 10 games a year. Enjoy your delusions. War Eagle!
Joe, I think the word you were looking for was CACHET not cache. I'm also wondering how moving Auburn to the SEC East would enable the travel involved to Virginia Tech "make more sense"? Are you planning to actually move Auburn farther east?