Auburn grad/NC Wilm grad. Love football, love the south but live in AZ.

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Could be the best 2-loss team at this point. Auburn should move up in the polls.
Auburn grad/Auburn fan. To Coach Malzahn and the team: prove it or pack it up.
What the heck is wrong with people? The court needs to make an example of this guy.
The one who threw the bottle should be prosecuted and banned from attending future event. The one who threw the bird? Pheh - freedom of speech is allowed.... even for idiots.
They play the game for a reason. Oh wait....that's revenue. I'm not overly hopeful but stranger things have happened....in a galaxy far, far away...like Auburn! WDE anyway.
I can't help but admire a guy who made the most of his second chance first at Binn and then at Auburn where before anyone knew who he was, he was volunteering at a local school. Cam also returned to Auburn, year-after-year, to complete his degree. Third, as every NFL player should do, he supports a multitude of charities in both NC and AL. Perhaps your kids need someone to teach them forgiveness and the meaning of 'second chance'? Until then, he's hoping he keeps kicking the Titan's collective asses up and down the field.
I didn't get to see the game but, even as a huge Cam supporter and Auburn grad, viewed in a vacuum, I thought he crossed the line. But, if he was giving back what he got from the other team, more power to him.
Only a proud member of (insert hated SEC team name here)'s "sidewalk alumni" would consider $30 to be outrageous amount for parking. $30 seems be a tad bit higher than market rates in Phoenix for example but not outrageously so.
I doubt that Cam had any idea that the kid had lost his father but Cam always seeks out a kid to hand off the ball. That's the classiness on his part - someone that realizes how fortunate he is in life and does his best to give out small blessings to others. By all accounts, he been doing this since day 1 at Auburn before anyone knew who he was by visiting and volunteering at a local elementary school. I love that he's proven all the haters wrong - he earned his degree by returning to Auburn and has done pretty well in the NFL. Hate him if you want but he's matured into a good man and a good QB.
I'm guessing that he's not an English major.
Quality win by Auburn. I'm happy to see JJ make the most of his second chance.
Cute...but I think the backfield was in-motion. :-)
What's your take on the "incident" when it appeared the UGA players rushed Alabama as they ran onto the field? Much to do about nothing, just enough to piss off Alabama or ???
Yes. But on the other hand, I'm not sure 20-25 Texas Ranger twitter followers were all that upset.
Good job UGA. I'd like to think that every SEC team would act in the same manner but UGA left no doubt.
You can throw in a month or two for Auburn, Arkansas and ...perhaps after this weekend, Bama fans.
Congrats to MissSt - good, solid win on the road.
Two schools of thought: 1. It's Tuscaloosa - what do you expect? 2. Lighten up - put your big girl panties on...it was a joke. Either one works well but my personal preference is #2. I thought it was funny...and appropriate for Auburn's current situation. I'd rather be an Auburn graduate than an Alabama 'sidewalk' fan.
Two point deduction for not sticking the landing - damn Russian judges.
I suspect that incidents like this have always occurred at one time or another. Now, with the interwebs and digital cameras, we hear about them more often and think it's an epidemic. The horror...the horror.