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Clemson is a really good football team and I would like our chances more if we were playing at Willy B. But if the line can give Spencer some time, I think we stand a good chance.
I still think Rattler can be a stud. The o-line has to do their job more consistently so Rattler has a chance, but if the o-line can protect, Rattler can be a force to be reckoned with. He has a great arm, as we saw against TN.
Pete Lembo was calling the plays. Go back and watch the game, he was constantly in Beamers ear every time we were on offense. Look and see for yourself. Fact
Vols had one of the highest scoring offenses in the nation coming into the game. They had one of their worst offensive performances of the year. SC defense could have been better but considering we were playing 3 true freshmen on the back end, the defense played a hell of a game. If you are not very knowledgeable on football, you probable should not comment and then you would not sound so ignorant.
Congrats Spencer, you played a hell of a game that the Gamecock nation will remember for years to come. I hope the o-line will show up in Clemson so you cam embarrass those clowns as well.
Always liked Pollack, amazing athlete with a high motor. Guys like him you pull for. But you know he was in the studio praying for a TN comeback so he did not have to eat his words.
Yep, but before he did that he was the Vol killer and the puppy dawg killer. Bet you were glad to see him retire.
Just wondering if Pete Lembo had a hand in this? Hear me out. I watched the whole game and I noticed almost every time USC was on offense Lembo was in Beamers ear. I recorded the game and watched it again yesterday and I saw the exact same thing. Since when is the special teams guru , with an amazing mind, so in the ear of the HC when the team is on offense? Don't believe me? Go back and watch the game again. Maybe, just maybe...... and it does not hurt that the o-line had their best game of the year.
Best o-line play all year. That definitely had a say in the outcome.
I honestly hope not. I still think that he is an amazing talent when he has time to scan and throw.
Agreed Satterfield has to go. The Gamecock nation has no confidence in him. But, if he did call the plays Saturday, he should be commended, but too late to save his job.. The other issues is the O-line finally stepped up and did their job, kudos to them, but can they replicate that performance against Clemson? If the o-line comes to play this week, Rattler will pick the Clemson defense apart.
We are mediocre because of people who think like you instead of demanding excellence and accountability. Sit down and let the adults handle this.
Beamer is proving his naysayers right by keeping Satterfield onboard and the defense was ridiculously porous.
Agreed. A win is a win, BUT, it was Vandy and the offense still was not stellar, O-line still had issues blocking, Rattler still missed on too many passes, Satterfield is still incompetent and needs to be fired.
Beamer does not have the balls to make the call to fire Satt. I believe you are right, and we will lose some great talent to the portal out of frustration.
Satt is clueless. Beamer going down with the ship if he does not make some changes. Now. Someone else can assume the role of OC until the end of the year.
Beamer is a nice guy, but so in over his head, which is why he has never been anything other than a position coach. Great cheerleader, nowhere near ready to be a HC.
This is on Rattler, the o-line and Satterfield. May as well say it is on Beamer as well for not being a good enough HC to make changes.
Looks that way until he proves otherwise, sorry to say.
The team that plays the best will win. Any team can have a game where all 3 phases of the game are played flawlessly. Also, any team can have a game where nothing goes their way. My point is this, it is ridiculously stupid to say any team will beat the brakes off of any other team.
It is yet another bad decision on the part of Satterfield to continue to ride the Rattler train while he is struggling mightily. It is time to let Doty lead this team. What do you have to lose by trying it. Rattler has impressed absolutely no one this year.