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I think most Dawgs fans aren't making excuses (excluding Corch, but you gotta ignore him.) We lost fair and square.
Congrats to Florida. No excuses, we lost fair and square. I would say good luck against Bama in the SECCG. But I just can't bring myself to say it. It's pretty much impossible to root for either team in that game though. If only there were some way for them to both lose, lol.
Some of the other UGA hype videos have been hit or miss, but this one is sweeeeeeet.... Should be a great game, as always.
Does anyone else think Jordan Rodgers sounds exactly like Greg McElroy? It's really annoying to me for some reason.
I wasn't sold on Mizzou joining the SEC at first, but I'm glad ya'll are here now. Great fans and usually solid teams, competitive. Maybe would make more geographic sense if you were in the West, but whatever, it doesn't really matter. Looking forward to this week's game.
Slowing these guys down is going to be an epic challenge, but I wouldn't trade our D for any other D in the country. I'm much more worried about our offense simply because the Bama D has been taking a beating all week in the press and I'm sure they're extremely fired up to shut us down and reclaim their swagger....I feel confident in Bennett but am more concerned about getting our ground game going. But we shall see.... Aloha
As a Georgia fan, Saban contracting Covid had to be the worst news I could hope for. Terrible. For the simple reason that no matter what the result, it's a lose-lose situation for Georgia: Win - And the victory is diminished as we didn't actually beat Saban Lose - And the defeat is enhanced as we couldn't even beat Bama without him. Sure, the stakes are still huge and the game's gonna be epic (IF it gets played, which I'm hopefully optimistic about). But the timing couldn't be worse. Regardless, just happy that we have a meaningful college football game at all this weekend. Although I have no love for Florida or LSU, it must be terrible to be a fan of either team right now. You just came off devastating losses and then aren't even given a chance for redemption. You have to wait in purgatory for another week (at least). If UGA had lost to Tennessee, and then UGA v. Bama got canceled, it would be pure agony. An extra week of listlessness and pain. Much aloha from Hawaii....
I think it was a pretty fair article. If it seems pro-Bama it's probably because the best games have been the in the last decade and those always ended with Bama wins. During the Saban dynasty. It sucks, but it is what it is. As to the editors/writers: Yeah, I'd definitely like to see a good writer who's a UGA alum. Too bad Schlabach is under contract with ESPN as his articles are great.
Trask looked really good. Compared to what the Dawgs displayed on Saturday, I think Florida fans have every reason to be optimistic to take the East this year. But it's a long season. Who knows what will happen.....Maybe Daniels is the answer, maybe Stetson will have one of those weird, out-of-the-blue miracle seasons.... Still, it's fun to have both Georgia and Florida in the top 5 at the same time. It seems like it's been a while since that happened. Hoping we're both still there on Nov. 7.
Shocked that they have us beating Miss. State 88.1% Doesn't seem right
Definitely not feeling confident about this one. But I guess it's sometimes better to have a shaky opener....it's good to be humbled. Makes for more intense week of practice. Hoping the Dawgs pull out the victory, but not going to bet on it. Hopefully it will be a great game.
Regardless, it'll be fun to watch TG3 toting the rock with the Dirty Birds
Laura Rutledge is great and all, but I'd go with Maria Taylor any day. And I'm of course being totally objective here.... :)