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As a guitar player myself, his air guitar skills aren't that bad. I thought it would be worse. But as a music fan, the most cringeworthy thing about the video is not only that he's playing Creed but he's actually doubling down on rocking out to Creed. But whatever, to each his own.
So just so I'm clear, by 2028 TNT will be airing 8 CFP games? This seems weird. "In addition to the first-round games, TNT Sports will add two quarterfinal games each year beginning in 2026 and running through the 2028 season" So they start with two first round games in 24-25, then in 26 they'll add two more, 27 add two more, 28 add two more. So by 2028 they'll be airing 6 of the 8 quarterfinal games. Why would ESP N sublicense 75% of its quarterfinal games to TNT? (although I like Chuck and wouldn't mind seeing him do some games).
And in case it wasn't obvious, I meant I wish the kickoff for UGA/CLEMP was at 3:30
Agreed. But I wish the kickoff was 3:30 instead of noon. That makes it a 6am game out here in Hawaii....but all good, we call these "bed games" out here. Watch the first half in bed, make breakfast at halftime....although I doubt I'll be able to sit in bed instead of pacing around
Eh.... - Atlanta and Columbus are both pretty decent cities. They're not for everyone, but there are definitely much worse cities out there - Not really. Just enough people who didn't like the incumbent - This is true, though. Good job. 1 out of 3.
Yeah I know, I get it. Kirby would've done the same thing in regards to UGA players. I still couldn't help feeling that Nick was throwing shade though. But at the end of the day, who cares. Teams draft who they're gonna draft regardless of what any commentator thinks.
My comment has been awaiting moderation for like 6 hours so maybe I said a bad word. I'll try again. I actually felt Saban's draft coverage was pretty bad, but I’m biased of course. The way he talked down about Kamari Lassiter was really disappointing, as he’s one of my favorite dawgs over the past few years. Such a great player from Tuscaloosa, and Nick’s acting like they didn’t even want him, like he was somehow lacking the bama standard or something. I get that he’s going to be excited when his guys get drafted, but it definitely felt like he was trying to negatively recruit other schools, especially UGA. And that’s not even mentioning how disrespectful his comments were about Amarius Mimms who went first round. Talking about Mimms like he was going to be a bust. Frustrating to watch. Just curious, because I didn’t watch the whole draft (it got way too long and drawn out and boring), but did Saban make a negative comment about any bama player? Any negative comment at all? Just curious.
Idk, if he's not going to the falcons, then why not the Jets? Be a top-10 pick, living in NYC would be pretty fun right out of college, big market, get to play with AR a year or two. And selfishly would give me a reason to watch a Jets game, a team I have absolutely no interest in otherwise.
In the thumbnail for this article, is Brent Venables taking a hit from a spliff during practice?
My intel says he wants to be a dawg......
Ehhh....Beck's coming back. Dylan wouldn't have started next year anyway. It's a bummer but not the end of the world. Plus we all saw this coming. I know I'll get trolled for saying I don't really care, but honestly I don't really care. Beck coming back is the bigger news.
Haha, yeah I know, been around a long time. No surprises here.....just....*sigh*
"...and ascendant North Carolina State, which moved up 3 spots after being North Carolina..." "...adding a ton of intrigue to the already exciting SEC Championship game on Saturday at 1 p.m. in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta..." Double sigh....
Despite being a gator, Neil is probably the most talented writer on the SDS staff. Good article.
Was an amazing halftime speech. I still listen to it to this day to get me pumped
"The Bulldogs will also have the challenge of playing in the Swamp on Saturday." I know that SDS's journalism standards are pretty low, but please, please just get the basic facts right. Just a simple intern who can proofread your articles. Having said that, while I think we should blow the gators away, I'm a little nervous for this game.
"the game should be an easy one for the Bulldogs and they should win the game handedly" I HOPE that it's easy and we win it handily, but UF will be amped for this game, could make their whole season to knock us off. I expect a tough challenge for the dawgs. but definitely hope we crush them
That's a good question. If it's two-deep, it should be 44 for both sides of the ball. Or does it just mean the 22 starters? Please clarify Neil, thanks
Per SEC rules (Sec. XII, clause 7): "If three teams remain with identical records, and all three teams have one win over the other, then the tiebreaker goes to the team with the hottest cheerleaders."