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While generalizations are dangerous and Booger could have chosen a better way to make his point, if anyone thinks his motive was anything other than trying to help other kids from repeating the same mistakes, I think they are just looking for issues. Too many people think it is their mission in life to critique everyone else's words and presuppose their thinking. Many of the same people who pride themselves on championing diversity, sure seem to detest diversity of thought.
As it relates to Mullen, will he turn him into world class shoe thrower or world class jerk (like he is)?
Seems a classy and mature statement, recognizing that Auburn has moved on and they cannot change this fact, only how they let it impact them. Obviously the contract settlement can take a bit of the sting out of the bad news. While neither a fan of Malzahn or Auburn, best wishes to the Malzahns and to Auburn, not so much.
BRFR82, the response was clearly to another post that complained that in typical SEC fashion the officials did nothing about it. Because everything in the SEC Office is about Alabama, it is understandable that you might think everything on this board is about you. Sorry
Talk about your classic cry baby! Not condoning what looked bad in slow motion, but since we are going Nancy on the game what about the low shot out of bounds on the Arkansas QB right in front of the officials? Of all teams with justication for complaining about officiating, last would be the Tide. When officiating an Alabama game the crew should wear houndstooth instead of stripes.
If the referees have a protocol for addressing and chose not, then the coach is supposed to do what? Run laps, public flogging, scholarship revoked?
And what something would you expect the coach to do, he did not break any law or take a cheap shot at an opponent. Yes, he exaggerated the push, but it started with a push. The rule is first a warning then a foul, so get over it.
It is nice you have such loyalty for your Coach, but I wonder if you are not the victim of selective memory. Not saying Butch is the same as Lane, but seems to be there was discussion of less than a team full of boy scouts this summer and fall that the University paid handsomely for it to go away. Butch seemed to take some hits over this as well.
Nutt is his own worst enemy, in addition to allowing his ego and self importance to convince him that he did not need to work at recruiting, he was extremely insecure. He inherited some talent when he took the Arkansas job which led to some early success and it seemed to convince him that he was more than he was. You can see the same pattern repeated at Ole Miss.
Narduzzi might be right, but I suspect some in Knoxville and Fayetteville might offer dissenting opinions.
Come on Rebel/Bears, if you want to be holier than thou, you first have to be a little holy. Hugh rolled the dice on this guy and while they haven't totally stopped spinning, it is looking a bit sketchy at this point. Could the due diligence done on Kelley have had more to do with his stat sheet than his rap sheet?