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Ole Miss did not have a spring game due to stadium expansion in progress. Therefore they have no players on this list. There are up to 6 players on the list that can get ready to be replaced once OM "becomes eligible."
It is utterly ridiculous to publish the story again over a year later. You are just trying to start something and are exhibiting very poor journalism.
Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? That should apply here just like it would anywhere else in the legal world. Or is the NCAA above the law?
Chad "Machine Gun" Kelly, affectionately known as "Johnny Rebel Football!"
Just when you thought it couldn't get any uglier or tacky. The poor grads of this hillbilly junior college will have to live with this stigma for the rest of their life or sentence, whichever comes first.
Besides being hideous, many of these new helmet designed with shiny face guards or mirror finishes on the helmets themselves pose a danger to the players. Light can easily reflect off of these surfaces and temporarily blind a player, making him unable to see or prepare for a hit.
This guy will be nothing but trouble. Typical big-time UT recruit that won't be around but a year or 2. The last time UT had a #1 recruiting class, NONE of the members of the class made it to their senior year. Just sayin!
This is a stupid rule that needs to be reworked. It is being abused and used in ways not intended in its original form. On another note, how could a player be a team player for 3 years, earn a degree, then WANT to go somewhere else and play??? Whatever happened to team loyalty? I guess that went out the window when college football went from a game to big business.
Another reason the SEC rules, day in day out.......dumbass Yankees!!!