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Well, to be perfectly honest agdawg, it sure seemed Mizzou and the Dawgs were doing their best to give the game away. In the end, Mizzou fumbled their way into the loss. Good Job to GA for sure for holding on, but that game was ugly anyway you look at it. ;)
I don't agree, Bama is playing some pretty good football. And based on how Florida has been playing lately, if Bama is getting a butt whoopin... It won't be coming from Florida...
I predict that Mizzou will find it's offense in the 4th quarter of this game .... Haha.... Kidding.... The Vols are going take this one easily....
We lose thanks to our offensive stats... Our defensive stats are just fine... In fact look at the 2014 Florida vs Mizzou game stats.... The offense was terrible but we won by a very good margin.... All defense and special teams
If you wanted to be bold, a breed approach would have been to say that the Mizzou offense breaks out of its funk and scores a touchdown....
Haha ArmyDawg.. He did say they would be from the defense ; )
Kentrell Brothers Tackles Solo: 42 Asst: 49 TOTAL: 91 Tackles for Loss: 5.5 Sacks: 1.5 Interceptions: 2 Punt Blocks: 1 Why would ESPN not acknowledge this young mans achievements?
Who knows... But both of those calls proved to be pretty significant. One would have been 4th down and long, the other as 3 points... Oh well... It is just that kind of year
Agreed, Vandy's defense is pretty stout. Not sure we are going to see a bunch of points hung on them.
Or Missouri.... #sad fans are sad#
Every game provides valuable experience for Lock and that will pay off dividends in the future. As for Saturday... I'm Practicing my sad face .... haha
We get to find out if are correct this weekend for one of them Curtis. What I don't understand... Michigan State JUST gets by the Boilermakers and Ohio State nearly loses to Indiana... and yet they still show up at the top of this list... the Big 10 is a league of mediocrity at best.
Let's not get carried away ; )) but he does hold immense promise!!!
That should make October 17th a very interesting game. I am guessing you are licking your "chompers" haha. Hope you guys have an answer for Fournette. No one else has to date :) Good Luck! :D
Disagree. The Vols are a very good team loaded with some scary good talent... As I see it, some bad luck mixed with less than stellar coaching is making the difference. Don't get me wrong, Butch has moved the team forward, but I don't know if he is the final answer to bringing Tennessee back to national prominence.
And Mizzou fans too...
I think Brad meant to write the "first overly hyped league opponent" ; )
Not if it was Bob Stoops saying it... haha
"Ugly as a bowling shoe" that's hilarious and pretty close to the truth! : ( we have no offense and I don't see that changing anytime soon untill Hans-Man is back... And even then, I fear we will be a one dimensional attack... At least we have the defense to watch.
Georgia will play Bama and Auburn soon enough... take care of business like I think you will and that will shut up the "Bammers/Westers"...I think the real litmus test would be Georgia vs LSU.... I think that would be a great match up and a great game... perhaps the SEC could happen! FYI... I will not wish for an Ole Miss vs Georgia game... just sayin... ;)
Thank goodness for Brothers and the defensive unit! They are fun to watch! And because Mizzou fans love DEs ... Miles Garret is a beast and also lots of fun to watch!
I think that is insulting to dumb comments ; )
Might be interesting to add a metric showing % of stadium capacity.
I think we all knew that the Auburn hype didn't add up. Not sure anyone thought that Ole Miss would be bad, more of a case being an unknown. If we switch Auburn to Ole Miss and Johnson to Kelly then we are in business... Well cut the hype in half at least! ; )
Agreed, but don't worry. Georgia is the real deal. They will be top 5 in a few weeks no doubt about it.