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Auburn's quarterback is not a very good quarterback yet and maybe will never be. But, we still have winning seasons every year, while your team doesn't. And hasn't for years. Your team most of the time, beats themselves. Year after year. There is a difference in a good defense and a Great defense. You beat my team, and if your team knew the plays, great for you all, but for a fan such as yourself to say maybe for a couple of hours our defense was that good, to me sounds like you feel it was a fluke. And maybe that is exactly what it was. Not taking any credit away from Miss State, they are always tough. Just not tough enough. But, they were last Saturday. And tough enough to beat us.
Who is the 4-8 team?? Not Auburn. I think you have it backwards.. Jus sayin..
You know, I am an Auburn Fan, and I think MSU is one great team. Yes, they lost to us, and yes, they lost to LSU, but in another year or two, they will make their mark. LSU is a hard team to beat. Always. Auburn comes out fighting because of all the bullshit that surronds us every year. Hard to beat that too. MSU wil come into their own. They have a great coach who is gonna to lead them to many a victory. Mark my words. In a couple of years, they will be playing for the championship. :)