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yeah I have to agree this is a dumb take from a UK fan. Im going to attribute it to an excited fan who is happy to finally have a chance to kick down at UT. Waddlethewildcat is correct though that major steps have been taken at UK to make our facilities on par with most in the conference, and stoops has certainly done a fine job in recruiting ane elevating the program. I think Stoops is already getting plenty enough praise for that. That being said, we are still YEARS away from being on par with UT as a program. its not even close when you compare the two historically. One thing that I think Waddle does state correctly though, is that UT needs to be aware of where they are in the east right now, in 2021. While UGA and UF are certainly who UT would like to compete with, first they need establish themselves as the legitimate third best team for a few years in order to stave off a few programs that are pushing to compete with them like UK, and Mizzou (we will see what beamer can do at SC). For UT, they need to think of these teams as a rebellion that they need to squash before gearing up to take on UF and UGA. That needs to be the immediate goal that you can build on later. So dont chase a guy out for going 7-5/8-4 a couple times.
Im looking forward to our game with you guys next season as well in Starkville. Miss State should be much improved, and showed some promise late this season. Kentucky is bringing in a new OC and with it, a new philosophy on offense. That is something that has been sorely missing for a few seasons. Looks like we will be moving towards a more pro-style offense. I expect a close one at Miss State next season. Its going to be a really important game for both teams.
I like the hire. He went with someone who can help coach up both the receivers and Qb's, an area thats been severely lacking. A new scheme should help some of the offense problems we have had the past few season. Defense has been solid, but offense has been whats stopped us from competing at the next level. Excited to see if this hire pays off for us. We for sure need to get ST coordinator next. Go Cats. Stoops has my full support.
Rumor is going around that we may be expecting to pick up a few additional players in the transfer portal within the next few days. While this does nothing for the recuriting "Rankings" it should help round out the class.