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Ever since Prescott came out and dominated his rookie year, OM and State have actually gotten along much better. I graduated from OM and love Prescott in the NFL. I know Kelly won't have the same immediate impact, but hopefully in the games he does play in he will give us a glimpse of what the future could hold.
Luckily, Kelly is not near as big of an idiot as Manziel. Kelly has done stupid stuff, no one can argue that, but he won't throw away his NFL career for drugs like Johnny did.
I have an extremely bad feeling that Ole Miss will end up with worse sanctions than Baylor... Baylor deserves the death penalty, but I just have a feeling Ole Miss will basically get the same thing, just not called the "death penalty." I hope I'm wrong, but a a potential 2+ year bowl ban is devesating in the SEC. and god knows people are licking their chops to dig up all the dirt they can.
I logged in just to tell you how stupid that suggestion is. I can't even fathom how you think that would be a good hire. Every single day we hear new terrible stuff from his time at Baylor.
I mean I see your point, but I still don't agree with it. Kiffin would be coaching with %100 effort to win, bc that's just his personality.K iffin would want to get the NC to boost his resume. I do get the thing about Saban not wanting him to, but I don't think that would be true. Saban would be fine with it, bc he knows Lane's offense now. And he has a little something at Bama that Kiffin won't have at LSU named Jalen Hurts.
Why the hell would Lane leave after Saturday? That just doesn't make any sense.. he would definitely want to try to get another NC under his belt, with the offense he has been grooming all year... Think about Kirby Smart going to GA. He coached out the rest of the season and got another NC while doing it. So, I just can't believe Lane would leave, or Saban would want him to..
And LSU can claim all they want they have the same talent as Bama, but they just honestly don't. No one in the entire country has the same talent as Bama. LSU does have great players. And I would give you they do probably have the second or third best talent in the Nation. But it's still not comparable to Bama.
You are clearly a LSU homer if you think Baton Rouge has better living conditions than Tuscaloosa lol.
He can have all the intent he wants, i really still don't see it happening. Don't see why Lane would take the lateral move. Bama could and would pay him more than he is currently making, so to me, it's either new HC job or bust.
Can't help but like the guy. Doesn't give you any reason not to.
This was also before the NFL is starting to look into the use of Medical Mary J. Obv this is recreational, but that leads me to believe the seriousness of it is going to go down dramatically... also just thought about how he could claim it was for his season ending injury haha.
Yeah, it's called the Grove. Once you come, you never want to leave.
Amen dude. As someone who spent 5 years there, this could not be more accurate. I didn't know a single person who didn't smoke.
Yeah, one has 4 National Champions. The other is building a program "brick by brick".
This has literally nothing to do with this... but Michigan needs to start scheduling real games. They are currently winning 78-0. How is that a real test of a teams strength?
Hope this young man recovers and is fine. Scary when a player goes down like that. No matter what team it is for.
I'm just so glad TN didn't win. The luck finally ran out. Although Texas A&M tried to give them every chance.
Ole Miss has actually done very will against the run. Holding the running backs in check. Don't have the exact stats right now bc I currently can't look them up. But it has been the mobile Qbs that has beaten them. And since Arkansas doesn't have that, I don't foresee them having any trouble stopping the run against Ark.
Tennessee wins one game against Fl, then all the sudden they are the best team in the country haha. It's honestly laughable. They are so focused on the Bama game, I think A+M will beat them. Then Bama will roll them while they are down.
I think TN should worry about Georgia and A+M first...lol
I want the opinions of an LSU fan. I'm sure y'all support this, or at least from most fans that's what I've read. So how do you feel about it now that it has actually happened?
Umm... they gave Kiffin and extension. And a raise. Like less than a month ago..
I think people are high on Ole Miss bc they return the best QB in the SEC (honestly probably 2nd best in the country). But just like every other team, they do have questions at different positions.
Dak looked great, wish him all the success in the world.
This is a strange story.. No real coach who cared about his players (current or former) would do this, especially if he was just going for a run. I hope to hear comments from Mullen on this one.
Yeah I agree. Ole miss lost a ton, this will be interesting season. But still, with Kelly they have a good head start at least.
I agree with your assessment of Ole Miss, they lost a lot of starters that will be almost impossible to replace. The only shining thing they have returning is the best QB in the SEC, which will be a big help. But when you have almost all new receivers and an entirely new secondary on the other side of the ball, it may not mean much in the long run.
How is that hilarious? That seems like a very legitimate reason to conclude these things preseason about UT. UT has had great teams for the past few years, but always give away some games they shouldn't. Until they can prove they can finish games, everyone (except UT fans like you) will skeptical of their potential success. I honestly hope the are good this year, but I still don't believe they could beat Bama in the SEC champ. They have a very negative stigmatizim when it comes to Bama.
I fail to see how Saban will go to jail for this, or anything else he has done in his past?