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Im still holding out hope for Jacksonville may not happen but then again it might
The Salty post from fans of teams we used to dominate shows you that their ass is still butt hurt...Don't worry it wont be long before you millennial fans will soon see the same ass kicking your dads remember from the Vols!
bring on the fighting Stacy Abrams I mean libtards I men bulldogs.... just like a blue state already name calling.. long live 1980! gonna get run! Hillbillies aint scared
we will over throw them so no harm yall are good
The 1980 trolls A.K.A Bama B*@tch's need to worry more about trying to beat the other school with boring AZZ colors as UGA in USC...
Says the all dominant South Carolina Game Goobers!
Gators will be in Ktown on feb 10th gonna be fun to watch.... I have this feeling they may not be trolling after that game ask KY
I’m here celebrating also!!!! UF isn’t going anywhere sit down and take that ass whipping next week... Nothing better than seeing UF drop two in a row! Cant wait
Bruce will always be a Vol at heart and I bet he would jump at a chance to come back if that chance ever presented itself. Auburn got a good one with him
Good God!!!! poaching from Missouri???? new all time low on Rocky Top.....Coaches please!!!! just stop it!!!
everybody is a Bama fan right now... that poor ass state has a college football team and that,s about it....oh wait and walmart and waffle house.. that old man from West Virginia wont be there forever.