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It's definitely all you know. You posted it on at least three threads. Roll that bs over to the Aubie boards, frickin Gump. The Nicktator is probably gonna hang it up after this next ring. LSU's time is nigh.
Scholarship move. We need the spot for other nerds. Plenty of d-line guys on campus and committed.
24 sacks. 57 hits. All the stats in the world mean nothing if he gets hurt like Luck.
Bright shiny object! Bright shiny object! Let's not jump ahead. Myles is an upperclassman, put up good numbers, and deserves to play the season out. We have an embarrassment of riches in talent across the board and it was on display on offense last night. However, I think Johnson and Brennan would have done basically the same thing to lowly SC. Freshmen do freshman things and given the schedule ahead, experience and numbers should win the debate. 11 is a stud though. The QB room now and in the next several years is loaded. Geaux Tigers.
Hope that young man balls out. 2 and 6 go for two td's apiece and 4 and 17 get one as well. Geaux Tigers.
If Kirby keeps on going strong, maybe he can parlay the Georgia job into a better one, like say, DC for the Jets or maybe the HC gig at Kansas when they let Les go.
Does he not understand how much we hate Florida? Play Neck chant loud and proud for their grandmothers as they leave after a demoralizing slaughter, for all I care.