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You must be disappointed in the lack of response.
I take more pleasure in seeing Boone replaced. Nutt needed to go. But Houston didn't end "from dixie with love" or create that hideous Ole Miss Rebel Louisiana Black Bear...
My God...like a moth to the flame.... If both of these teams were unranked I would still tune in to watch the fans.I remember an LSU fan wearing fetal pigs around his neck (think formaldehyde pig necklace) at an Arkansas game in the late 90s. And that was back in the DiNardo days.
I would agree that some Missourians think they are Southern. KC? no. STL? no. Sikeston? yes. Springfield? yes. Joplin? yes. Columbia????Either way, I wish we could solve this problem by just letting Clemson, Georgia Tech, and either FSU, Tulane, or UNC in... I know it won't happen. Too bad though.
Yep... I bet things were a little more Mizzou-centric a few years back.
Living in STL right now... CWE. I see the kids going to Mizzou... but I still see it as a pro-sports town. ESPN radio here is dominated by pro talk... it just doesn't have that SEC college feel.
@calicocapAs a confirmed southerner living in yankee land I must respectfully disagree.I have lived in AR, MS, TX, and am currently a resident of STL, MO. The second largest Mardi Gras is a symbol of its French heritage not Southern. But it is a lot of fun and if you get the chance to come up to STL (the Soulard neighborhood) check it out.And STL bbq? STL short ribs don't count... any decent bbq in STL comes from Bogart's or Pappy's and they are both Memphis style. KC? burnt ends are great... but they really are all about the sauce.Anyway, I was not saying that Navy was South. I don't think either team is a cultural fit. Maybe that is because I see the pictures of Mizzou undergrads with baggy shorts, flat billed caps...
Love it on a fedora...Hate it on everything else. It just looks a little weird...
politics be damned...I remember reading an article on this site a few days back preaching quality over quantity. I must agree. Why should we add teams that do not fit any category on the checklist other than new tv market?Are proponents of the tv market approach suggesting that we would still take a school in college station even if it wasn't A&M? No. Otherwise we would just take Rice. I don't think Mizzou has the "pull" in the STL and KC markets that others assume. I just don't see them working out.I would rather have a league of 5 Alabamas than a league of 20 W. Virginia's in various TV markets.
As for cultural fit...Mizzou (at least Columbia) is on I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis. It is very Midwestern. It is not in the Ozarks or in the Boot.Navy: Annapolis (as has been previously pointed out) is in Maryland, albeit southern MD. It was a border state... true. But anybody who has been to Virginia in the past 40 years can tell you that if you are north of Richmond then you might as well be in Pennsylvania. Northern Virginia is Southern in name only.
I think the old Naval Air Station in Millington, TN is still technically a naval installation...I don't know what KY has.
To allow our young men of the Southeast a chance to compete on the gridiron with future officers of the US Navy and Marine Corps would be a great opportunity. They won't be winning any SEC championships but who wouldn't want to watch that triple option in action against LSU's D. Sounds like good times....
I am glad that they are donating the auction proceeds. Great move by the University.But they are still ugly.
Terrible. Why not donate proceeds from the game to the USMC wounded warrior project? O wait.... that would mean actually GIVING money to help our troops... rather than MAKING money off of them. We can't have that now can we? Why doesn't Under Armour say: "In an effort to promote awareness about the wounded warrior project we will donate dollar-for-dollar everything we spend in advertising for the SCar game to the WWP."
Don't pick up Missouri for the market share:I grew up a huge Arkansas fan (promising year so far) and eventually went to Ole Miss for undergrad (I know... rough year). I then moved to Austin, TX for a few years for a job and now live in St. Louis. I thought I would let you know a little something about Missouri (the State not the School).Cardinals, Rams, Blues, Chiefs, Royals, Sporting (okay so its a MLS team but you get the picture). St. Louis and Kansas City are pro-sports cities. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of Mizzou fans around but the TV "markets" are really geared for professional sports. We already get the CBS SEC game of the week. Notre Dame has NBC, and ABC usually picks up a random Big 12 or Big 10 game.But really it doesn't matter. Everybody watches pro-sports in the metroplex. On our St. Louis ESPN radio station all of the talk is about Cardinals and Rams, maybe one show here and there talks Mizzou football but nothing too major.And, on another note. I know people talk about markets but think about what we stand to lose when we water down the SEC. At least TA&M has the corps, 12th man... I just don't see Mizzou fitting in culturally. I know Missouri was a border state in the War. But people let me tell you... this place is decidedly Midwestern.
c'mon men... suit up for a picture like this. Nutt looks like a freakin' apple, leather jackets, shades, team gear....Who the hell would have guessed that only Miles, Mullen, and Saban would have had the common sense to actually suit up when they represent their school in an SEC photo op.
As an Arkansas fan and Ole Miss alum the BYU game was all too familiar... 4th and 10. Game on the line. Deep drop... screen... blown up... 11 yds shy.Reminded me of Arkansas 2001 vintage. 4th and 9... full back in the flats, tight end dump pass, or maybe a rb screen. Now done correctly and at random these might work. But when it goes to the same TE (Joe D. Davenport for example) every time... it becomes predictable. And it stops working.
I don't like it... leave our traditional SEC uniforms alone. Maybe bring back the 1980s powder blue Ole Miss uniforms.... so ugly they're nice.The shock/cool factor is lost on me. Maybe that is why I like the uniforms of the Alabamas and Penn States of the world.